• Filipe
    It may be logical to some people but I only thought about it today.
    Before continue I would like to give a disclaimer this text is more focused on the Cristian eternity (Because I have more experience with it).

    First of all, I would like to put it out there, I am terrified of Eternity because the longer you live the bigger is the loop.
    Time in itself to a human perspective is a loop because things are limited. And if you have "All the time in the world" it is categorical that at some point you will reach the limit of existence.
    But now the Cristian perspective says that the just will go to heaven and live throughout eternity exploring the universe and everything else...
    But not the eternity problem comes and even if you have 5x10^24 people to meet in 3x10^80 places and spend 10x10^7 with each one you will reach your limit of existence and yes you could start again and then again but eternity is by definition limitless.
    Another point to contemplate the eternity problem is that Time is ambiguous to the age of the observer because as long you live the percentage of each year becomes smaller and smaller so time seems to go faster, to a 2-year-old child 1 year is half of her life but to a 50-years-old 1 year is 1/50 of her existence so when you deal with things as "big" as infinite time becomes insignificant and even if you argue that our year is simply the time that the earth revolves around the sun but now you just made my point to me because time is simply too arbitrary.

    The very definition of infinite is arbitrary because there are infinities bigger than others and now the eternity becomes as small as a moment.
  • god must be atheist
    What I read is that you are saying that people run out of things to learn in a non-infinite time, yet they have to keep on living endlessly.

    This causes a problem of not doing any positive learning.

    But there is one factor that saves mankind in heaven: forgetfulness. Our brains (or minds, if we are bodiless) has a limited capacity, and HOPEFULLY this limit is smaller than the amount of learnables in the heavenly life. Therefore some things need to be pushed out of knowledge, and hence, never any shortage of "brand new" matrial, or what seems to be like it.
  • Filipe
    My point is that, as long as there are "things" to learn and do they must be Finite and if you have an infinite amount of time it is categorical that you run out of things, so the only way to not face that problem is to have an infinite capacity and that would make you God.
  • Arne
    and therefore. . . ?
  • Arne
    I am uncertain as to whether eternal and infinite are synonymous. I suspect their relationship to time may be different.
  • TheMadFool
    The very definition of infinite is arbitrary because there are infinities bigger than others and now the eternity becomes as small as a moment.Filipe

    You're right unless time as we experience it is simply a subset of something even bigger.
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