• Maureen
    There is a big difference between accepting death and wanting to live forever, and that is you can have the desire to live forever, but still accept that death is inevitable and we are all going to die at some point. Moreover, we are all going to die whether you accept it or not, so it really doesn't do any good not to accept it or matter if you do or do not accept it. For the record I am a Christian and I simply accept that death is inevitable. I also do not have the desire to live forever or not to live forever, because I already know that everyone is going to die at some point and so it really doesn't matter what I desire or what anyone else desires.
  • Maureen
    I posted this mainly because someone messaged me asking me if desire unending life, and I felt like they were trying to make a judgement based on my response and possibly ask other people the same thing subsequently. The fact is that I could desire unending life, but I know that I will still die at some point along with everyone else and therefore I do not have an opinion either way. There is simply no reason in my opinion to desire unending life or place judgement on those who do, when at the end of the day we are all doomed to die at some point regardless of what anyone desires or feels.
  • Merkwurdichliebe
    I think, for many who consider the 'early exit', the despair and angst over the infinite possibilities of life is unbearable. It becomes so intolerable that it comes to supersede the fear of death that the non suicidal often posesses. That fear of death is based in angst and despair, but instead of toward life, its over the infinite possibility that death poses.
  • Daniel Cox
    hi, this subject is my life's work. I've been beyond and back three times. Once was the Gift of Rapture, once was God taking me out of existence after being put to death in the electric chair, a lucid dream and then third was watching the movie Miracles are from Heaven on opening day March 16th 2016. I went with the little girl to heaven as she went in the movie, extrovertive mystical experience. I make soaps and one was in my pocket. I make them and give them away. I tried ferociously to give that one away before I got to the theater but God had another plan. He took that soap in my pocket and gave it to me along with the feelings from thousands of recipients of my free soap. He gave me every feeling every one of those people felt across a period of time each of them had those feelings of appreciation. God took all of those thousands of people's gratitude, every feeling from receiving the soap, taking it home, showing it, sharing it, feeling the joy & what not, thousands of people times a half dozen feelings or more, and God put it all on me in a timeless moment.

    It was like going beyond and back. The Rapture was the best, the soap experience 2nd, and being taking out of existence was million times worse than how hell is described. Eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has in store for those of us who love Him. Happy Palm Sunday.
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