• christian2017

    This is a fascinating article that if it does not summarize the book "Sapiens" by Noah Harrari it certainly compliments it.

    In the article above it basically says religion and the concept of soul are evolutionary products that enabled human survival up to this point in history.

    Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

    "Not all scientists are necessarily adverse to grappling with religious concepts. Recently two quantum scientists have claimed that they can prove the existence of the soul, a quantum entity that acts as the program for the computer of our brain, and exists independently of the physical body after death. One psychologist says that the concept of soul is merely an extrapolation we make based on the duality that we experience between body and consciousness."

    "The Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith goes further and suggests that not only is our collective unconscious inherited, but it is in fact a genuinely altruistic instinctive orientation. This, he says, is the source of our moral guidance, the voice of which is our conscience, and which we have learnt to call our ‘soul’."

    "With regard to religion, Wilson says bluntly: “Religion can never solve the riddle. The creation myth is a Darwinian device for survival.”

    Before you post i would suggest you read the article. The article is fairly short. Please let me know what you think.

    (Philosophy of Science is the topic category)
  • thedeadidea
    If religion or religious apologetic has come to the grounds of confessing it is a fiction there is hope for our species, although I doubt any religion in all sincerity is willing to be or wanting to be contextualized as a natural phenomenon to deal with the difficulties and struggles of life.
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