• lucafrei
    A summary of today

    Currently, I see our globe in a near mayhem – especially when it comes to geopolitics; as nationalism thrives, nations are growing apart, while the very poor drift even further down. This is not only true for developing countries that in many cases lack the resources or knowledge, but also of many Western countries. This is manifested in many ways, one of which is the increasing number of homeless individuals. But how can this happen today? We have never had this much money circulating in the economy, we also have never been as productive as we are right now. The gross domestic product is rising everywhere, but the profit only goes into a couple of hands. The inequality of today is bigger than it was in Ancient Rome when slavery was still a total normality.

    What kind of grim paradox is this?

    In my opinion, we as humans have to escape the illusion everyone lives in, try to see the bigger picture and maybe remember where life started, because strictly speaking we are all related to each other, it does not matter if you believe in science or in any religion. We are a “being family”. Empathy has gotten lost or it may have never been around in the first place. Therefore I am not happy with our world even though I grew up in Switzerland where you can say the welfare is extremely high. No one has to suffer in terms of essential needs and everyone gets help if its needed. You cannot relate this standard to the majority of the countries. The world needs new, less self-centered leaders in politics and economics. This change has to start in schools and universities. Empathy has to be taught. A teacher or professor has the biggest impact on a student, on a generation - and therefore on the society.

    What I am trying to say is that our system that we have created still has a lot of room for improvement, in the sense of being inclusive and thinking on a wider scale. In the present world our great minds think about, how do we make more money? Or how can we raise the gross domestic product? Or how do we get more clicks on Instagram? But this shouldn’t be question. Why don’t we think about how the human family can live together in peace, sharing knowledge and thoughts? Imagine we include the brilliance of every human individual and put this together. I see humanity working with nature, as if they were one, I see humanity exploring space, making new discoveries, extending their knowledge. I see humanity as one nation but still with different cultures.

    Who feels the same way?

    What do you think brought us to this state?

    And how can we make a change?
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