• DingoJones

    Its not ok to dress up as Mr T?
  • T Clark
    Its not ok to dress up as Mr T?DingoJones

    I guess it's ok to dress up as Mr. T, but it's not ok to wear blackface unless you're ok with pissing a lot of people off for no good reason. It's definitely not ok to wear blackface if you plan to run for the Governorship of Virginia.
  • Noah Te Stroete

    As an aside, I remember when Eddie Murphy did white face on SNL years ago. It was hilarious, but the history of blackface is tainted with a diminishing of black people, portraying them in an unfavorable light.
  • DingoJones

    I understand, but it still seems silly to me. Its ok to dress as Mr T, but not all the way? Gotta pretend Mr T wasnt black? What about an Asian guy, can HE wear blackface? What about dressing up as Bob Marley? Would someone be permitted to wear dreads, but no black face? This sounds like the concerns of someone who is looking to be offended. (Not meaning to imply you are that someone).
    I get that there is a history there, but we do not judge people by the actions of long dead people/racists and historical events they had nothing to do with aside from an irrelevant commonality of skin color. The use of blackface by a person should be judged by their use of the blackface, not someone else's.
    We do not treat someone as though they are racist based on the actions of completely unrelated and long dead racists. Or for the color of their skin. Can we agree on that?

    Edited to clarify: “we SHOULD not treat someone...”. I understand some people do.
  • DingoJones

    I remmber that, pretty funny. If any white people were offended, then they are looking to be offended, they are acting like children. I dont see why it would be different for any other race.
  • Jake
    I bet you would take at least some offense at this personal attack.Noah Te Stroete

    I often take offense at things people say on forums, but I am not promoting such reactions as a wise strategy.

    The logic here is as follows.

    If the focus is on changing what other people say, one has billions of people one has to try to control.

    If the focus is on how we hear what other people say, one has only one person to try to control.

    I'm talking about online, and agree real world is a different situation.
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