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    Disclaimer at the start - I am just being to think about this, it is interesting to me, but I may not add much depth to the discussion. I am sure others have more understanding than I. So I am starting this more as guestion from a student, than as a champion of an idea.

    HUD Hudson's proposition in his book "the fall of hypertime" is the following.

    There is a conflict between a literal reading of the bible, and science only if one assumes that the hypertime hypothesis is false. Basically it is saying that all of these arguments are metaphysical and not scientific.

    He bases this on the theory of hypertime, and the growing block theory of time. Basically, if these are possible, than all realities are possible. So then the conflicts we perceive between science and the Bible may only be valid on our space time plane, and not universally valid in another slice. Therefore all all arguments become metaphysical

    Now add to that quantum mechanics' entanglement which basically states nothing exists until perceived to exist. Our perceived universe is much like a movie screen projected in an infinity of space and time.

    I was thinking this projection could easily be viewed as the slice of space time block.

    Could quantum mechanics actually lead us to an all possible world?

    Sorry the scattered thoughts interested in what others think.
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    I would reference my question on "How quantum macanics affects the libertarian vs. Determinism argument?" But basically possibility could be argued ether way. Also yes it the hypretime theory is true God is irelivent. And no the all possible would should not be possible because we're of and in the world therefore restricted by those limitation.
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    Also yes it the hypretime theory is true God is ireliventhachit

    Sorry my ignorance, why is that self evident? Can you explain?
  • hachit
    sorry, sometimes I don't see the errors in my sentence untill someone says something. It should read: yes, if the hyperthime theory is true then God is irelivent.
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    thanks was not correcting that minor error, why would it make God irrelevant
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