• Drek
    Have you read On Generation and Corruption? It is amazing how we've come along scientifically. This goes back to Thales. And just what a microscope does in terms of advancement to society. Sub-atomic now and the cycle continues. My head exploded finding out they thought of it this stuff.
  • Noble Dust

    A good layman's book on philosophy is Luc Ferry's "A Brief History of Thought". It certainly won't help you argue or defend your beliefs, nor will it aid you in "intellectual self-defense", though.
  • Amity
    That's a good idea to turn what you've read into an essay...Drek

    Other than writing essays to show your understanding of what you have read, have you tried to write an article?
    I think there comes a time to take head out of books. Use what you have learned or experienced to start thinking/writing for self. I am still working on that one...

    This forum might be a good place to start developing writing skills in argument.
    Here's an example. It also reconstructs arguments in to logical structure. Premises and Conclusions.
    How great is that !?


    How interesting would it be to ask the author about the whole philosophical process.
    From initial idea, reading, note taking to end product.
  • Drek
    @Noble Dust
    History is good! A historical perspective is definitely needed! Thank you!


    At Oxford they actually explain things, such a good professor.

    My logic class didn't go over some of this: Lebinz's Law and Argument from Analogy, how to narrow down an argument there's actual steps, explained inductive reasoning a lot better "Uniform Law of Nature".

    deontic logic sounds great!

    Awesome stuff! Only half-way!

    Supreme tips from from that philosophy note taking link... Most I never found anywhere else. Definitely taking better notes.

    I get what you are saying totally, I'm very immersed in books atm. It's nice to get your head out of it and experience life too. Blog maybe? That would be worth it.

    I know what you mean about asking the author. The whole process is foreign to me.
  • Amity
    I know what you mean about asking the author. The whole process is foreign to me.Drek

    Thanks for inspiration. I've started a new thread:

  • Amity
    Blog maybe? That would be worth it.Drek

    Yes. Interesting idea.
    I did think of that once but never quite worked out what to do. Or if it would be worth it.
    Why do you think it would be worth it - what is your experience of blogging ?
  • Drek

    Like you were saying, getting yourself down on paper and write for yourself. I have a blogging account somewhere... I have used it as more of a journal I do use Evernote mostly for my journals though now and summarizing what I learned that day. But if you got something going on blog it or vlog it.

    After you have refined it, go public or something...? It kinda got to be popular too...
  • Amity
    It kinda got to be popular too...Drek

    Yes I did notice.

    I'm pretty poor at keeping journals. And haven't studied for a while. So not been particularly motivated to keep notes with a view to writing. Taking notes while reading can distract me.
    Your way of using Evernote to summarise what you have learned shows discipline.
    [ Might look at using that when I tackle Plato ! ]
    Best wishes.
  • Wmhoerr2
    A lot of people have their own websites these days where their ideas are summarised.
    Drek, Amity, Not, do you have your own websites? And books you like? Maybe a list would be good.

    Mine is evolution-path.org
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