• Punshhh
    You have misread the situation, I can only surmise that it is due to a cultural difference.
  • Tim3003
    Anyway back to Brexit, Stormont is back, I didn't see Johnson's speech, but I expect he will be encouraging them to rejoin Ireland, intentionally, or not.Punshhh

    Isn't it odd how the DUP - now that they no longer have any influence with the Westminster govt, have swallowed their allergy to the Irish language, and the NI Assembly is working again? ..
  • alcontali
    I can only surmise that it is due to a cultural difference.Punshhh

    By keeping the child away from its relatives, it will never become a true member of the royal family. It will not properly bond with the other children of the family, such as the ones of prince William. It will never really learn how to think like them, speak like them, or behave as expected from a Mountbatten-Windsor. She is now actively creating a cultural difference in the next generation instead of diligently overcoming hers. In the end, it is she who married into the royal family and not the other way around.
  • Francesca
    if you can't fix it....brexs it.
    Brexit is a rouse to keep people occupided from the real issue that draining England.
    With this many posts, they've done a great job in missleading people. Wake up islanders!
    The real problem is right in front of you!
  • Francesca
    You know who brexit from England.... Prince Harry. He officially desolved his relationship with the royal family with the queens approval.

    You know why?? ... he can't sleep because they killed his mother.

    The deal was that if he shut up about what happened ... he could leave. My guess is that he will die accidently in a hunting accident.

    Harry! Canada is not safe!
  • Punshhh
    the real issue that draining England.
    Do you mean draining money from England?
  • Punshhh
    Yes, they have all fallen into line, there is talk of a bung 2 or 3 billion. Also the people in NI are demanding Stormont should sit, anything is better than Blojo.
  • Tim3003
    I see the EU are already hinting the UK will have to keep the trade goalposts unmoved for a trade deal, meanwhile the US are saying BJ should support a new Trumpist Iran nuclear deal if he wants a US trade deal. So far the Tory rhetoric is that the EU will back down when the hard talking starts. It will be a tricky balancing act. We'll see if Boris's diplomatic skills have improved since his time as Foreign Secretary.

    Wouldn't it be a shame if the 'Bung a bob for Big Ben's Brexit bong' campaign fails ?! I'd say the moronic Populist phrasology alone should be enough to end that idea. Other events are planned - so maybe the funeral march should be played instead?.
  • Punshhh
    Yes it looks like we're going to get a pincer movement between the EU and the US. No surprise there, but who are the Populists going to blame for that lack of foresight, I wonder.

    As for the bongs, it looks like Farage is going to throw the party in Trafalgar Square, I'll be watching for the fisticuffs.

    P.s. It's been confirmed that the bung for Stormont is 2 billion.
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