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    If all language is meaningful, and all reality is composed of medians in the respect structure exists as an extension of a center, is language connected to reality as both exist through a point of center? Can language and reality be viewed as one and the same, because of this, leading to a premise of one does not necessarily presuppose the other?

    And what is language but a form of meaning through use, to loosely reference Wittgenstein, considering it is the use of language which gives meaning to life as it effectively exists as a limit through which we not just structure our own perceptions and those of the group, but effectively structure the environment through which the individual or group exists?

    This transcendental aspect of language effectively unites and gives structure, which in itself is positive through the boundaries it gives, or is divisive and causes seperaration, which in itself is negative through the absence of boundaries it necessitates.

    This positive and negative aspect of language, as both unifying and seperative in nature, reflects the neutral qualities of language as a limit of not just the human condition but an universal element of definition which gives premise to existence itself. Language as neutral, is language as a median of being which gives directive properties to, through, and from the observer which inherently self directs to language as a form of movement itself, with movement being the foundation of all being.

    The definitive properties of language in itself observes language as not just universal to all elements of being regardless of there state or degree of comsciousness, but effectively presents itself as a median in itself. This property of "meaning" within language in turn extends to all of aspects of meaning necessitating a degree of oneness with them.
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    Can language and reality be viewed as one and the same,eodnhoj7

    What is the case, is the case regardless of which language is used to express it. We make sense of what others say by maximising our agreement.

    The world is always interpreted; that is, understood in terms of language. In this sense language and the world are one and the same.

    Davidson put it is "the world is always, already, interpreted"; Wittgenstein as "The world is everything that is the case" and "the limits of our language are the limits of our world".

    But I am not sure of your use of "median".
  • eodnhoj7

    I agree with all the above.

    Median, is strictly a center limit from which all "being" exists.

    One may observe two extremes, lets say emotion for the sake of simplicity.

    Joy and Despair effectively are relativistic duals of the other.

    Joy, as an emotion, may be directed towards despair and despair may be directed towards joy. We observe these emotions effectively directed, one towards the other, due to the inherent movement within them as a form of change. This direction of one towards the other effectively acts as a boundary in itself where the median, as what exists between two extremes, effectively exists as a limit with this limit existing as directed movement.

    Now, where we may observe this relativistic aspect of one extreme being projected towards the other under a 1 directional limit, which is linear in the respect it is synonymous to time as the form of change considering the directed of one emotion to another exists through time, when viewing both extremes directed towards eachother simultanously it may be observed they are inherently connected through the limit itself which is interdimensional (ie a means of simultaneously projection both ways).

    As connected, these extremes effectively as "one", observe this meaning as an approximation of unity where this boundary acts as a negative dimension which seperates "the one" into two extremes of joy and despair with this "one" effectively existing through itself as itself as evidence by these extremes directing themselves towards themselves through the opposite.

    In these respects meaning acts as a unifier and seperator where meaning itself is a limit of both a postitive and negative nature. One of unity and one of seperation where meaning effectively is "limit" in itself reflective of a geometric origin in both form and function.
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    I read both "Godel, Escher and Bach" along with "I Am a Strange Loop", by Hofstadter, and they are good reads.

    This issue of looping is not just limited to Hofstadter alone as it stems not just through language but various civilizations and culture which give foundation to language. This directive capacity of culture forming language and language forming culture follows this same form and function looping-cycle-alternation where cultures and their intellectual foundations reflect:

    1. Pythagorean Monad / Hindu Bindhu.
    2. Sun and/or moon Worship in Various Cultures, observed with the Egyptian Aten.
    3. Presocratic and Socratic emphasis on the Divinity of the circle.
    4. Stonehenge
    5. Taoism
    6. Muslim Dome of the Rock
    7. Circle dance of many cultures, specifically Jewish culture and 3rd world tribes.
    8. Philosophers such as Hall, or the Occult book the Kybalion.
    9. The 24 philosophers definition of God, with one as sphere.
    10. Marcus Aruellius meditations.
    11. Platonism
    12. Book of Ezekiel Wheels within Wheels
    13. The golden rule / "you reap as you sow".
    14. Reincarnation
    15. Moderation as cycling of extremes.
    16. Nichmachean ethics.
    17. Ecclesiastes "For everything their is a season".
    18. Moral reciprocation (to give x is to receive x)

    This is further reflected in natural and artificial phenomena.

    1. Orbit of planets and stars.
    2. Atoms
    3. Circulatory, Respiratory and Nervous system.
    4. Alternating current.
    5. Seasons and weather patterns of nature.
    6. Migratory patterns of birds.
    7. Hunting/foraging patterns of wolves, deer, Turkey, etc.
    8. Ocean currents
    9. Reproduction as cycling of genetic material.
    10. Movement of water to clouds to rain.
    11. Alternation of emotions.
    12. Personal habits
    13. Standard conversations.
    14. Wheels
    15. Flying Saucers
    16. Various dance and martial art moves.
    17. Cycling action of semi automatic weapons.
    18. Ball/puck/marbles
    19. Various sports.
    20. Mirror Effect in psychology.
    21. Eyes, breasts, buttocks, various facets of human body, specifically female. Joint movement.
    22. Economic exchange in cultures and between cultures.
    23. Alternation of common traits amidst various people (personalities, physical traits)
    24. Evolution.
    25. Genome.
    26. Political Spin.
    27. Revolver, rolling, bullet spin.
    28. Centrifuge.
    29. Gyroscope.
    30. Movements of elements.
    31. Tornado, whirlwind, whirlpool.
    32. Forms of liquids, solids, and gases.
    33. Bipolar disorder.
    34. Multiple personality disorder.
    35. Various rolls for meals or desert.
    36. Etc.

    X. ALL triads, dualisms, and monads.

    To cycle back to the premises:

    1. Isomorphism in math and logic.
    2. Godel's incompleteness theorems
    3. ALL definitons in dictionary cycling back to previous defintion.
    4. Addition and multiplication.
    5. Wittgenstein observation of sets.
    6. Subject-predicate looping in paragraphs.
    7. Noun verb alternation in paragraphs.
    8. binary code
    9. Word through word as sentence, sentence through sentence as paragraph, paragraph through paragraph as page, page as page through book, book through book as volume with all cycling back to words.
    10. ALL numbers as cycling of 1, 2 and or 3.
    11. ALL languages looping through each other.
    12. Set through set, definition through definition, concept through concept, etc.
    13. Etc.

    The problem of any projective linear space follows the same..."form" considering a line projecting away from a point is directed towards a point. In a separate respect a point is directed towards a point through a line.

    Even the line as an extradimensional structure, exists through a looping effect as a localization of it.
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    Fluid theory (Reproduction/Feed/Reasoning) decanted selfmultidimentionalover...
    The simultaneity polydynamics of the movement (Reproduction/Feed/Reasoning) generates pseudo-autonomy as material property, of the autogenous phenomenon; existing.(...)
    Simultaneous as my unidimensional variability...
    unidimensional variability = live-beings
  • Carlos Vitor
    Fluid theory (Reproduction/Feed/Reasoning) decanted selfmultidimentionalover...
    The simultaneity polydynamics of the movement (Reproduction/Feed/Reasoning) generates pseudo-autonomy as material property, of the autogenous phenomenon; existing.(...)
    Simultaneous as my unidimensional variability...
    unidimensional variability = live-beings
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