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    This is a collection of my writings over the years. There are still some spelling and punctuation errors that will be dealt with in the final copy.

    National Socialism, is the biological, sociological, and primitive inclination towards the ideal formation of a state based upon the aforementioned sentimental values. These values, driven and motivated by the fundamental state of man and his continual progression, past the regressive structural power of the Jewish interest in men. i.e., the state in which man has been subjugated by Jews.
    However, such a simplistic dogmatic approach to the inner-consciousness of man, and especially that of the Nordic race, is aimed at the perversion of man's pragmatic elements. I.e,. Racial-Consciousness “Racialization of Man.” Biological Determinism, the determining faculty of man in his primitive I.e,. “natural” state” has been systematically eradicated by a foreign element. The encroachment and cynicism of this foreign element, is only furthered by its desire to eradicate all natural faculties of man. These faculties include the separation between “determining” ideas that are fixed faculties I.e,. naturalistic, determining, intent, and progress. And those ideas that preach “regressive” faculties that are not fixed. I.e,. Destruction, Regressive Determinism (2), material desire. Both “Determining” and “Regressive” are obvious examinations of human behavior exclusively instead of animalistic behavior. (5). Determination itself, or exclusively, is the cognition and motivation of man towards the propitious. That which does not lie solely on this faculty as a principle, is an egregious statement.
    Primitive behavior heretofore, has been in its progressive state. The barbarism drawn from man and his material needs is vanquished. All forms of material embellishment, satisfaction of material need, and material gratification from the object as material rather than human in nature are past. Naturalism, as a primitive form, is the exposition of man and his natural desire to cultivate for his own means, a society free from materialism as the determining desire for man. Immediate material satisfaction from the object, is the improper trait of man. Instead of immediate material satisfaction from an object, man desires a contemplative explanation of the complex nature of that object, instead of its direct representation as an object. This is the fundamental principle of National Socialism in regard to the principle of Naturalism and Determinism as the main drive for man. This sociological position has been uplifted today, even by the position that man himself has faced domestication as a being. His faculties have been erased and replaced with only his physiological representation as being. Man and his representation as cognition is manifested through his faculties. The mere representation of man as simply in the physical world must only be in direct correlation with his form of cognition. If a mere physical representation of an object is shown without the necessary faculties of cognition, it is a false judgment of representation. It is only the dehumanization of man to view him as a mere representation. His main purpose, only being the immediate satisfaction of a material desire.
    The proper representation of man through cognition, is a posteriori. Any abeyance to this fundamental proper truth is a pernicious falsehood. Man only determines the meaning of an object based upon its empirical or otherwise subjective meaning or truth. That is, if the object in question, is a direct result of nature. If the object in question is a human creation in which only the physiological or material representation is accounted, then this object is an extended material function. If the object in nature holds an extended meaning to its existence as more than just an object of materialism and extends further in our mental processes, then it is an extended function of consciousness
    When the object is both pragmatic I.e,. serves its material and mental purpose, it is an extended function of man. These forms of functionalism all contribute to the collective desire in determinism.

    Man and his fundamental desire to “determine” objective and subjective meaning in organic physical representations or mere objects. Extended material functions can be ascribed to sociology. The stratification of extended material functions, originates primarily from the cultivation of the purpose in a function. The immediate material satisfaction gained from an object in its extended form, is dependent upon the value held by it as an object of purpose. If the purpose of this function lies in the natural human faculty I.e,. primitive faculty, with the inclusion of its representation, then it is an extended material function. The purposiveness of a material object, is reflected by its outward representation as a faculty of human use. The fork, for example, is an outward representation of human use. Its faculties intrinsically and pragmatically present themselves as useful. The tines (prongs) that are an additional representation of the fork in its material sense, also carry a purpose and a function. The purpose being to satisfy a non-material necessity for man, hunger. The function of this material object, is to satisfy. The end result is satisfaction.
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