• vraj
    Hello everyone!

    Greetings from India! :)

    I hope some of you have read / listened to UG Krishnamurti.

    I am 39, and while I have been wondering here and there in search of meaning of life since my teen age, I came across books and videos featuring UG around a year back.

    I read and listened to and read and listened to all that is available about UG. The more I read and listen to him, the more i get drawn towards him. I have read him so much that probably I have exhausted everything available on internet.

    Now the situation is that - after UG, I no longer find anyone interesting, clear or simple enough to read or listen to (before UG i had read a few of philosophers and guru). This is a good thing. However, my quest for meaning and purpose of life is not yet over.

    Does anyone there who is in similar situation? What did you do?

    Note : sorry for my poor English. I hope i have succeeded in putting my point across. Thank you very much.
  • ChatteringMonkey
    Hi Vraj

    Yes, Nietzsche spoiled my taste. His writing style is great, and despite his reputation, he is also one of the best philosophers, technically.

    What did i do? I stopped reading for a while... and started writing more myself. But maybe i'll give Krishnamurti a try.
  • vraj
    What is there to write, sir?

    Try to sell the same thing in a new box. That is the same thing a millions of businesses are doing to the billions of people on the earth.

    I am glad that you came and posted here. Thank you!
  • ChatteringMonkey
    I just write for myself Vraj, i find that it helps me clarifying my thoughts.
  • tim wood
    Try to sell the same thing in a new box.vraj

    Are you the same thing in a new box? Or even in an old box? I kept a knife in my drawer for years. Then I took it out and started using it. It is not the same knife.

    As an exercising in writing - actually in seeing - try describing some simple thing as thoroughly as you can. Try for a hundred pages (no danger of actually getting there, but it's nice to reserve the space). You will tire long before you have exhausted the descriptive possibilities of the thing. Which is a clue as to where your malady lies.

    It is a life to be lived, not a body of knowledge to be mastered. Go and do something!
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