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    The fundamental difference between computers and the brain are neurons are designed differently from computer memory. Neurons, at rest, are at highest potential. When a neuron fires it lowers potential. Computer memory works the opposite way. At rest, computer memory is at lower potential. This is useful for long term storage.

    If computer memory was designed like neurons, it would not be stable in storage. It would be subject to spontaneous change, as the chemical potential attempts to lower. The brain has a way to deal with this, allowing spontaneous creative change using the laws of physics and chemistry. At the same time, it maintains high energy continuity.

    For example, say we designed a future computer using high energy memory. We would need a backup version of the memory, using traditional low energy memory. We allow the high energy memory to be triggered, so it spontaneously lowers potential. This movement of potential rearranges the furniture, so to speak. We then compare the two memories, to filter out any useful change. We then rewrite the high potential memory back to the starting point, while adding useful changes.

    In this scenario, the change in the high energy memory is not based on computer instructions or software, but on the physical pathways needed to lower chemical potential. This gives the memory liberty to find the best paths, which may not be part of any previous logic; creativity. We continue the cycling, until the pathways reach a steady state; maximizes energy flow.

    Next, we add a secondary high energy memory, that will use the energy change profile of the primary as the trigger to ignite the spontaneous change in the secondary memory. Now we are getting closer to self awareness. The brain does this through well worn ancient genetic pathways in the primary, that trigger a wide range of self feedback; feelings, sensations, emotions, etc.This occurs at the same time it triggers spontaneous change in the secondary.

    The energy flow is based on free energy which is composed of enthalpy and entropy. Free energy has a natural logic, based on the laws of physics, which are universal. This flow does not need manmade language. Although, manmade language impacts how the high energy memory of the secondary moves the potential around. This helps to create a disconnect with the secondary; consciousness. The primary cannot turn the secondary into a clone of itself, due to manmade language. One becomes self aware of the separation while still feeling overlap.
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