• Akanthinos
    The First Law of Biology: all living organisms obey the laws of thermodynamics. A corollary of the First Law is that life requires the temporary creation of order in apparent contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics. A second corollary of the First Law is that an organism at biochemical equilibrium is dead.

    The Second Law of Biology: all living organisms consist of membrane-encased cells. A corollary of the Second Law is that the cell is the only structure that can grow and divide independently of another life form. A second corollary of the Second Law is that all life is programmed by genetic instructions.

    The Third Law of Biology: all living organisms arose in an evolutionary process. Two corollaries of the Third Law are that (1) all living organisms contain homologous macromolecules (DNA, RNA, and proteins) that derived from a common ancestor, and (2) the genetic code is universal.

    - https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11270-008-9925-3
  • Rich

    So we have life that works opposite of entropy to create. It's that a Law?

    And everything is on constant motion.
    The Second Law of Biology: all living organisms consist of membrane-encased cells.Akanthinos

    That's not a Law. It's a simple observation and becomes totally meaningless once one looks deeper for boundaries.

    The Third Law of Biology: all living organisms arose in an evolutionary process.Akanthinos

    In have idea what this means. It's not a Law, just some ambiguous statement about things happening and changing.

    The rest is utter speculation. A good story. And in total explain practically nothing about the nature of life. You are, shall we say, getting over-enthusiastic about some simple observations. In other words, you are just making things up. Nothing that you call a Law (other than thermodynamics) is considered a Law in any literature. That you should choose to claim that they are is your privilege because it is your story. You are free to make up stories. The choice is always yours. No one else has chosen to do this. (Just illustrating the nature of Choice).

    Please try to me more rational. Your over-exuberance about some some observations tends toward the irrational and quite emotional. Rather religious-like in my estimation.
  • Harry Hindu
    What do you mean by an "I" having an effect? This is the question. Determinists stubbornly insist on a rather schizophrenic description of life, using concepts such as "I" and then turning around and denying it as an illusion. I have no problems with anyone choosing to adopt such a position, but why the heck do they insist that others have no choice to adopt a different position? We all have choices on the way we wish to live our lives. That is what life is all about.Rich

    :-} I never said "I" was an illusion. You're going on about something I never said, and decided to ignore 99% of my post, where I asked you a question that you keep avoiding. You really need some help in staying focused.
  • Rich
    You entirely missed the point of my responded. Until you get your arms around your schizophrenic use of "I", everything else you described is nonsense. Do you really believe in the myth of Determinism? If so, then fully embrace its implications. Or, is this just a game of pretend?
  • Harry Hindu
    Then why are you referring to me as, "you", and refering to your post as, "my"? It seems like you don't even understand yourself. Dumb, dumb, stupid-dumb. Stop avoiding my questions.
  • Rich
    There is a You and I. It v is the Observer/Mind. It is it very, very real. It is creating and exploring and evolving. This is how everything evolves through duration.
  • Akanthinos
    That's not a Law.Rich

    Yup it is. A contrario, it means that no living being are not composed of membraned-incased cells. I mean, you are free to fret about weither or not its a Law, but you might want to reserve that argument to someone who doesn't his Law degree :P
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