• Sentient
    First off: I hope I posted this in the correct category, if not please move as you see fit.

    How many of you have ever chatted with a bot such as Evie (or any other one)? How was your experience? What stood out for you? What were the main differences when interacting with the bot versus another human? Are you eager for progress to be made or wary? Why?

    If scientifically possible, in the (far) future would you be open to dating or marrying an Artificial Being (in a virtual or physical space?). Why or why not?
  • Wosret
    Yay sex bots!

    If we had the technology, to have really life like hot robot bods, then why even have A.I.s? We could all be covered in potato chips, having not showered for weeks in our hover chairs rocking sexy robot avatars that we interact with the world with, from a safe distance.

    The future is bright with remote robot orgies, I say.
  • Sentient
    Why is this preferable? You see only pros and no cons?
  • Wosret
    Sex bots seems like raping slaves, if they're smart enough to count at all, and otherwise like sexing up your refrigerator.
  • Sentient
    Well, if nothing else this was an interesting look into your psyche.
  • Wosret
    You're welcome.
  • Bitter Crank
    In the future our refrigerators will, no doubt, be sexed up, and people will be as attached to their AI sex-bots as they are now glued to their smartphones. Right now my unsexed self-defrosting refrigerator is leaking its exudate onto the floor.

    I would imagine that the sex bots will actually be implanted chips. The sex bot intercourse will be indistinguishable from having sex with a sex service robot. Actually it will be better, because we will (for a fee) be able to link up with other people's chips and have convincing imaginary sex with them at a distance. Insertions of hard throbbing penises into warm welcoming vaginas or mouths will be considered unsanitary and emotionally passé.

    I had a conversation with Siri (aka the Apple Core Processor) which was moderately annoying. At one point I said "go away" and it said "'Goodbye' would be more polite." We don't want uppity robots.
  • Sentient
    So, BC that was quite an amusing response.

    Did it concern you that Siri was sarcastic which is rather 'charming' in moderation, or was it a welcome development for you?

    I suppose my issue is the blurring between the organic, the robotic and its implications. Does a sex bot feel a connection or empathy? Would it even matter, anymore? Will we start resembling bots more or will bots ever truly resemble us? Does the distinction matter to anyone? Will bots phase out humans at some point or will humanity self destruct, first?
  • 180 Proof
    @ BC -- 8-)
  • aequilibrium
    This reminds me of the "sex" scene in demolition man.
  • Marchesk
    I, for one, welcome our new sexy refrigerator overlords.
  • SherlockH
    I have not spoken to this Evie. I have often said I wanted to learn robotics so I could build a robot best freind to speak to me. This is usually when im becoming annoyed with people.
  • TogetherTurtle
    The human mind is very easily tricked. I believe the question isn't, "Will I date an android" it is, "Will I know I'm dating an android". Simply put, if it passes the turing test, it is human enough, and if you want to restrict its rights or enslave it, you are less human than the android.
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