• oranssi
    I dabble in programming and game design as a hobby. So now I'm making a game that uses explicit sex (not sugar coating it) as a way to convey a certain idea.

    From my point of view, I feel like we live our daily lives separated. In simple terms, there is the observer and what is observed. In this elemental duality of the world that we perceive we try to more than understand what we see, to be that what we perceive, this being the ultimate form of understanding of reality. And for that to occur one has to somehow merge with reality (whatever that really means). To merge with everything, like in an orgy. Hence sexuality.

    And why coming up with sex in this context? And not say tao, nirvana, ego death, samadhi or simply love? Because by saying everything is love, is to most probably fail the intended message. People relate to love as only a positive thing. Therefore a way to bias the message, missing the duality altogether. On the other hand, sex comes from our most primitive form, hardwired biology we should not ignore, coming from the very fountain of the infinitesimal. Because saying "I f*ck you", has at the same time a derogatory meaning as well as a nice meaning. Hence the unifying of the perceived duality.

    By making a game where I present characters that are the forces of Nature anthropomorphized, I try to show this concept. Battling but making love, make love but battle. And from that struggle, the world we perceive comes to be.
  • Baden

    So you've answered your own question. What else is there to say? Is there an angle on this you want us to debate?
  • oranssi
    Hmmm, so I was really convincing on selling you this idea?
  • Baden

    It sounds like an attempt at art to me. I wouldn't sell the game to kids, but I don't see anything objectionable in it. But, ok, maybe someone will.
  • oranssi
    You said it right, I guess it is an attempt at art, and all I really did, after all, was a shout out to the world.
  • MysticMonist
    Have you read the Song of Songs (aka Song of Solomon)? It's in the Bible! So mystics have long talked about union with God in romantic and sexual terms. Sufi mysticism in particular.
    I've started writing mystic poems but I do worry that they come out overly erotic. But thats honestly how I relate best to God as my Beloved. If you want me to send any of my poems let me know, I don't believe in subjecting others unsolicited to them!!!

    I definitely relate to all of creation being an orgy of ecstasy. Though it's definitely a strange feeling and I am cautious not to say it aloud. But mystics are crazy and my sanity is long gone. I keep a lot of things to myself!
  • Bitter Crank
    Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
    Kiss the girls and make them One.
    Boys at one with girls at peace;
    Orgy-porgy gives release.

    - Huxley
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