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    Jacque Fresco often spoke of designed obselecance, as well as:

    "Plowing over": where allegedly if the price of a specific grain or food drops, companies will plow down and destroy crops to raise the price back up.

    He also spoke about the Kimberly Diamond Mines of Africa finding so many diamonds that they started burning them away by the tons to keep the demand high. This is a cheap and easy process that uses oxygen and nitrogen boosted flames; no doubt cheaper and easier than storing, witholding, and protecting, such massive supplies of diamonds, let alone having to defuse the bargaining, ridicule, and political power projection of various corporate and goverment clients that might gain knowledge of such a supply, and bargin or demand for a drop in price.

    I spent a 15min break researching for evidence of such events about 6-8 months ago but didnt find much at all on either subject aside from how diamonds are burned. As a nomadic cyclist who usually works 40+hrs per week to survive, and trains, eats, showers and sleeps with the remainder, I have little time left to spare on such research, but that doesn't mean my curiosity doesn't deserve to be fulfilled; and its not that I haven't put sufficent time into the research, these are hard subjects to find information on, but what a man can do, a man will do, and logically, the methods above seem effective enough at securing easy means of profit for multiple decades at a time. I can easily see why they would have been done, or even perhaps have been necessary, but I can also see the motive to cover up such actions from the public eyes gaze.

    So yes, maybe I'm hunting for smoking guns, but I don't see myself as a conspiracy theorist, im not looking for justice,( I might choose to use any number of these methods if I was in the position to use them). I'm looking to correct humanities thinking about the sustainability and ethics of the monetary system. I just need specific examples to show that the monetary system is flawed, as this behavour described above is obviously not garenteed to be as sustainable for humanity as other options. It creates tremendous amounts of non-recyclable waste, dwindles forests and topsoil at alarming rate(rates far faster than they can be replaced), ect.
  • XanderTheGrey
    More on Jacque Frescos knowlade of automations initial and or current effects on industry and the working class within a monetery system as opposed to whats theorized to be achived within a resource based economy.

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