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    Roger continues to say that the cosmology community have yet to affectively respond to his evidence of the 6 'hawking points,' he has identified in the CMB. I think the Planck and WMAP data back up the existence of these 'hawking points.'

    From https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/36137:

    Recent analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) by Roger, Daniel An, Krzysztof Meissner and Pawel Nurowski has revealed, both in the Planck and WMAP satellite data (at 99.98% confidence), a powerful signal that had never been noticed previously, namely numerous circular spots ∼8 times the diameter of the full moon. The brightest six (Figure 1) are ∼30 times the average CMB temperature variations seen at precisely the same locations in the Planck and WMAP data. These spots were overlooked previously owing to a belief that the very early exponentially expanding inflationary phase of standard cosmology should have obliterated any such features.
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    Yeah that is interesting. I suppose he can plausibly say that CCC should be preferred to inflationary models since inflationary models have never had predictions corroborated observationally. And doesn't the existence of dark matter sort of naturally follow in CCC as well?
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    And doesn't the existence of dark matter sort of naturally follow in CCC as well?busycuttingcrap

    Well Roger's candidate for dark matter is the erebon.

    You might enjoy Sabine's opinion of CCC given in the clip below. She mentions the erebon. It's only around 15 mins long.
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    I think I've seen this one, but I'm not sure. Worth a rewatch in any case. You ever read any of Sabine's books?
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    No. She is good at employing lay terminology, which helps interested amateurs like myself, gain a better understanding of physics/cosmology. I did buy Sean Carroll's recent book 'Space, Time and Motion,' and I intend to buy the other two books he intends to release, in this series of three, he is planning.
    I don't know of any leading edge work that Sabine is or has been directly involved with.
    I would certainly read book's by Sabine but I would need to add her to my long list.
    I tend to go back to books and read them again to try to maintain and deepen my knowledge of their contents. I am currently trying to re-read Brain Green's 'Elegant Universe' and Carl Sagan's 'Demon Haunted World.' Too many great books, not enough time!
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