• Darkneos
    I wouldn't say nothing exists.
  • Banno
    We spend so much time wiping our behinds, I don't see how we can't know that we each have one. If, then, we each have a behind, it follow there's always one behind us.Ciceronianus

    Hmm. While the philosophical point stands, I'm not too keen on the use of collective pronouns here. You are on your own as far as arse wiping goes.
  • Darkneos
    As is obvious to the reader, contrary to what we've been thinking all along, we don't have a definition of existence if perception is our standard/measure. Odd that!Agent Smith

    Except that we do. Also good work showing how useless this sort of thinking is in day to day.

    Looking back at the guy in the answer he's obviously wrong. Mirrors aren't an illusion, they show behind us because we can't see it. The part about memory doesn't change that either. Just because we can't remember what was in front or behind doesn't mean there aren't such things. not to mention is there is no behind you a car would never work.

    Plus like I said before, there are dire consequences to thinking like the the guy in the quora answer. Break real hard on a busy highway and see how well that holds up.

    It's actually kinda interesting how divorced from day to day reality a good deal of philosophy is, at least this topic anyway. I can't believe I took it seriously.
  • jorndoe
    How do we know there is a behind us?Darkneos

    :D Might just turn around and take a look. Has this ever failed you? (Would you expect something more than that?)
  • Darkneos
    that was my initial response to what they said, however after further thought I have no reason to take the person in the Quora answer seriously.

    No amount of skepticism changes the fact that I haven’t been failed by “recognizing” there is a behind me. If anything listening to that person actually hurt my ability to remember stuff and almost caused a few accidents
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