• Daniel
    When you select (highlight) a portion of a comment in a thread, the option to quote such selection as a public comment in the thread appears. I do not see the option to start a private conversation with the poster of a comment by selecting (highlighting) a portion of their comment. I think it would be very helpful for the fluidity of (most) discussions/threads if the Forum allowed users to start private conversations with other participants in a thread by selecting the portion of their comment which interests them and which they would like to discuss further in a private way; such selection should be quoted in the private message in the same way it is quoted in public comments. I am unaware if the option exists, and I believe that the alternative way it can be done (copy-pasting the selection on an email directed to the poster of the comment) is just too much for the lazy folk. It would be pretty neat if the quoted portion in a private message would link to the original comment the same way it does when a selection is quoted publicly in a thread. I am also unaware if the topic has been brought up before or if there is a valid reason not to have the option. In any case, I just wanted to bring it up.
  • Paine

    If you click on the three horizontal dots to the right of the swoopy reply arrow, you have the option to 'share.' When clicked, an address pops up which can be pasted into your private message and hyperlinked. It isn't as precise as the quote function but lets the reader go to the post where the quote appears.

    I will do that to your post: https://thephilosophyforum.com/discussion/12984/starting-private-conversations-through-text-selection/p1
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