• ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    I still think you need to read more if those laws does not seem unfair to you.

    Most of those laws, that you mention with such beautiful description, do not apply to lesbian women, for example.

    I thought MmeGazelle was a fanatic. I was wrong.

    Now I am sure I am talking with one.

    I will stop replying to you before you start insulting and all that you all do.
  • RogueAI
    I have a "negative" (in quotes because I don't think it's necessarily negative) opinion on women because the most common behavior I have seen on women is manipulation. More specifically, emotional manipulation.ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    Don't feed the incel.
  • ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    Your mom is the one being fed. :monkey:

    Do you want some?

    I am talking about love, obviously.

    My incel heart is full of love. I can definitely give you some, but only if you let me.
  • Alkis Piskas
    Are full-time employees or employers more important in the economy? ... there is a greater probability of survival for the economy the more there are employeesithinkthereforeidontgiveaf
    Good example. This is one aspect of the case. There are more. For example, an emloyer can do the job of the employee if needed. (It happens when his business cannot afford hiring more employees to cover its needs . But the opposite is rarily the case. E.g. in a farm, workers know and can do only their job --plowing, harvesting, animal caring, etc.-- but they don't know or can manage the whole farm, they don't have the money needed to maintain the business, etc. In other words, the employer, as the owner of the farm can do everyting if needed. Withoud him, most probably there would not be a farm. In a case of economic crisis or other adverse factors like Covid lock downs, those who get unemployed are the employees. The employer/owner of the business usually is still working and earns some money. So, who is more valuable: the employer or the employee? And in prosperous times, who is the one who is the only who offers jobs to people so that they can maintain themselves and their families?

    Anyway, in actuality, we don't think or talk about who is more valueable or necessary: we assume that both employers and employees are equally valuable and necessary for a prosperous economy. The same goes with men and women in the field of reproduction. And I think this is fair.
  • Agent Smith

    In the good ol' days of yore known as damnatio memoriae! Nothing to see here, move along, move along! :grin:

    There will be no glory in your sacrifice. I will erase even the memory of Sparta from the histories! Every piece of Greek parchment shall be burned. Every Greek historian, and every scribe shall have their eyes pulled out, and their tongues cut from their mouths. Why, uttering the very name of Sparta, or Leonidas, will be punishable by death! The world will never know you existed at all! — Xerxes
  • Agent Smith
    My incel heart is full of loveithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    :clap: :grin:
  • javi2541997
    Don't feed the incel.RogueAI


    My incel heart is full of love. I can definitely give you some, but only if you let me.ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    :eyes: oh boy
  • Cuthbert
    I thought MmeGazelle was a fanatic. I was wrong.

    Now I am sure I am talking with one.

    True. Another difference is that MmeGazelle is making clever and insightful points whereas I am just being randomly sarcastic.
  • ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf
    I have the answer to my question. Biological differences have nothing to do with legal concerns.

    In the good ol' days of yore known as damnatio memoriae! Nothing to see here, move along, move along!Agent Smith

    You know what? You're right.

    Thank you again for all your answers. I found what I was looking for.
    Have a great day.
  • chiknsld
    Women are more necessary in biological terms than men.ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    What are you talking about, every woman alive today was made from a man. That's the most fallacious argument I have ever seen.

    Not to mention you say that evolution only cares about procreation whilst making value statements on behalf of "evolution" (women are more important)...

    So, they somehow have to have more chance of survival. Reason being that a woman can have 1 child in a year, while a man can have more than 1. So, women are more important for survival of the human species.ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    And then go on to tell others that value statements cannot be made about evolution...

    Evolution itself is not intelligentithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    So are you picking and choosing what value statements get created about evolution? lol

    "they somehow have to have", lmaooo totally half-assed attempt here buddy...if evolution understands that women are more important than men (because they take 9 months to reproduce whereas men do not), then I would say that is highly "intelligent".
  • Agent Smith
    I found what I was looking for.ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf

    Yourself? Like this time when I was searching for my keys...I wuz desperate...sweating and all...the keys were in my hand all the while.
  • Alkis Piskas
    employees are more important. Both are necessary, but employees are more important because of that. (Because the more of them there are, the better, i.e., the more probability of survival for the economy)ithinkthereforeidontgiveaf
    Have you thought that the more the employees the greater the unemployement?
    Hasn't overpopulation, periods of economic crisis, immigrational floods, etc. shown that?

    And on the contrary, that the more the employers the less the unemployement?
    Hasn't a flourishing and expanding businesses and economy, business investments, etc. shown that?
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