• Ciceronianus
    The Holy Spirit/Ghost is a person. What is a person?Agent Smith

    A good question. Ultimately, though,whatever a "person" is, those three persons are supposed to be in essence a single God.

    The early Church faced a problem. It made claim to the God of the Old Testament. However, it wanted Jesus to be God. Since Jesus wasn't around while God was parting seas, hiding in burning bushes, talking to Moses, etc., there were those who thought, quite reasonably I think, that Jesus came into being later. But that might mean Jesus was created by God, and therefore subordinate to him in some sense, as a human or as a lesser God. That wouldn't do, since there was supposed to be only one God, and Jesus was God. So the God of the Old Testament had to be Jesus somehow. The Spirit of God is also mention with some frequency in both the Old and New Testament.

    So the Church wanted one God but had to explain why Jesus showed up when he did and how that took place, and the separate references to the Spirit had to be explained as well. I think the Trinity is the rather clumsy, somewhat tortured, solution to the problem of reconciling the desire to have a single God but account for Jesus and the Spirit as described in the Scriptures without being seen to worship more than one God.

    The three Persons all have the same substance, was the answer. I think of the Persons as being expressive of the different functions or purposes of the single God as interpreted through Scripture. It makes no sense to me.
  • Agent Smith
    I'm not interested in the Trinity. Thanks anyway.
  • Ciceronianus
    I'm not interested in the Trinity. Thanks anyway.Agent Smith

    That's okay. I'm not interested in the Holy Ghost.
  • Agent Smith
    That's okay. I'm not interested in the Holy Ghost.Ciceronianus

    That explains why there are few discussions/threads on the Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost is a minor figure in the Sancta Trinitas.
  • Agent Smith
    The Holy Ghost is a ghostly figure in The Holy Trinity! You have to make an effort to see it.

    In case you missed it:

    The Holy Ghost!
  • baker
    Of the Sancta Trinitas, I've seen (independent) threads and debates on the Son (Jesus) and the Father (God) but never on the Holy Ghost/Spirit. Why?Agent Smith

    Actually, the Holy Ghost is the most immediately pertinent for the people, and thus should be discussed the most, for it is the Holy Ghost that grants people faith in God (or withholds it).

    For people, matters of God begin and end with the Holy Ghost.

    It's a shame that so often, he gets so little credit.
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