• Varde
    When something physical dies, I propose it becomes dishevelled - like food.

    A piece of meat is a dishevelled object, depending on whether the skin still breathes in and lives, it appears this way to the eye.

    Proceeding further, dishevelled physicality can then become cooked; the next in sequence: dishevel - cooked.

    When the spirit(what some name consciousness) dies, does it become dishevelled? Is the spirit physical in any way?

    If so this discussion may lead to greater understanding of life and death.

    If, per se, it becomes dishevelled, then it may become cooked by a chef(perhaps this is a way to the next life; you die, your spirit is weak-form, it is made weaker and is consumed(in the way minds consume(by a judge of spirit?(this wouldn't explain re-incarnation but I assume you can be identified)))).

    To conclude, I know that dead physical things become dishevelled and sometimes are cooked. That the cooked state is next in sequence to dishevellment. I do not know if the spirit is physical in any way or if it becomes dishevelled at death. I theorize if it did a death-procedure of becoming weak-state, and then weaker-state.
  • TheMadFool
    Decomposition of the soul? Why not?
  • Varde
    Yes. Agreed.

    I've had a rattle about and some think that there is no spirit, others, if there was a spirit, it wouldn't be physical.

    I think that the spirit is both physical and mental, for, as well as it's essence; which from my observations of essences, are physical-form, like smoke, and incense; is it's logical identity, always unique across all spirits.

    There is how a spirit is a unique identity, the experience-r, and how the spirit is experienced - the experience of self. These are the two mental aspects of spirit. Physically, an association with energy is made, we push/pull/weigh/accelerate/etc from our spirit, and there is also an association with matter; we are conscious, we are inspire-able.
  • TheMadFool
    Socrates, while he was awaiting execution, had to prove the immortality of the soul to his clique of devoted followers. He first went about proving the soul must have existed before birth (knowledge is recollection) but that, apparently, wasn't enough. His task was only half-complete. He then had to prove the soul survived death. He did this by showing that...memory failure, sorry. :grin:
  • Tom Storm
    You don't have to be dead to be disheveled. Trust me. And if you've ever met my uncle Frank you'll see that decomposition can happen to any man who hasn't had a new idea since 1965. Spirits or soul however - I don't accept as a thing. They seem to be suggested to make us feel better about the inevitable trajectory from cradle to grave and oblivion.
  • TheMadFool
    cooked by a chefVarde

    We're in God's kitchen, inside his microwave oven to be precise. See :point:cosmic microwave background radiation (cmbr)..

    The current temperature of the universe -270 C. I maybe wrong but we still have a long way to go before the universe hits the consumption temperature (the Goldilocks zone).

    Global warming though is likely to make earthly life just warm/hot enough to eat! Floods, cyclones, droughts, the list goes on...God's already taking a few bites.

    Maybe we were in God's fridge all this time! Cool fridge!

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