• god must be atheist
    don’t flow free like the air and stone.Raymond

    They don't have to. They are MODELLING it, not replicating it precisely. Much like the HO train set in your childhood was not really pulled by steam locomotives with real people, however tiny, sitting inside the wagons.

    There are some real, but really grave displays of misunderstandings of physics in your post, which may be a valid explanation why you are having a tough time with the concept of modeling.
    The air molecules and stone move freely and once in a while collide with each other.Raymond

    That "once in a while" is 6.35*10^24 every tenth of a second. That is, 63500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 every second.

    Gravity is no force.Raymond

    You would get expelled from school anywhere in Europe and put in the "slow" stream if you uttered that. You are not slow, actually, you are only unaware of what reality is because of your schooling. But I bet you know what the Book of Job is about, or why Geisheida did her severing of the veil in front of
    Beutheunes' stone sculpture.

    the process on the chip, the bunches of electrons on the tiny wires, representing abstract aspects of the real process, don’t flow free like the air and stone.Raymond

    How does 3.5 gigahertz sound to you? That's the speed of computer clocks. That means that they perform 3.5 BILLION instructions per second. So... can you make out a difference with you naked eye, whether it's a continuous motion, or a periodic motion? Heck you or any other human being can't even see the frames in the movie theatre, and they move at 40 hertz to 50 hertz.
  • Ennui Elucidator
    The state budget of New York state on education that comes out of taxes is 2.4 trillion dollars.god must be atheist

    Source? You appear to be orders of magnitude off, even for the entire US spend. NY seems to be around 80 billion for total spend/revenues in 2020. And that is inclusive of all state and federal sources of revenue.

  • god must be atheist
    Absolutely. You're right, EE. I got the numbers out of the air, reasoning that nobody will check, and if somebody checks, then they perhaps will be nice enough to correct my figures. I'm glad it worked. Thank you for your diligence.
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