• Benj96
    When one says “universe” they denote the entirety of things stuff and possibilities. The maximum. The final boundary. The issue with multiverse theories is they simony replace an entire whole with sub- types high somehow are meant to surpass the the original concept of entirety. They don’t resolve questions like “what is beyond the boundary of the universe” they simply replace it with an extension to which the exact same question can be posited - “what is beyond the boundaries of multiverses?”

    Another thing to note is that if energy cannot be created or destroyed it must be finite. It can’t become more or less. Then we must accept that if the “universe” denotes the entirety of finite energy how can there be “multiverses”?

    If the law of conservation of energy rings true then their cannot be “infinity” in a quantitative sense. But there can be in a qualitative sense. As energy is the ability to change and if it cannot be destroyed then the capacity for change must be infinite in time. But not in space.
  • 180 Proof
    Just as a year structurally consists of 364 days unfolding, the universe structurally consists of N branches unfolding. "Multiverse" refers to differentiated, causally-divergent, worldlines constituting the universe and not "other universes" branching or bubbling off of this one. Nothing more is created, just this universe transformed, increasingly differentiated (disordered) at the quantum / cosmological scale. "Multiverse" =|= parallel universes any more than "364 days" =|= different years.
  • Tex
    I have a couple problems with the multiverse.

    First is in the way it's presented. For the multiverse to be true, then everything that can happen will happen. It's presented very benignly. For instance in this universe you wore a blue shirt today but in another you wore a red shirt and in yet another you wore a green one. That's all fine and good until you realize that in one universe you were a serial killer and in another you strangled your family to death with your bare hands and in yet another you are a child molester.

    Second is that there has to be an infinitum of universes just to explain our one universe.

    It's a fun theory I guess but not very attractive.
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