• Vera Mont
    Can test that? Seeing someone is in trouble, you do what and why?Athena

    That reason tends to make better decisions than emotion? Sure.
    What kind of trouble? Is there a child in the river? It's better to get into a boat than jump in and try to swim after him. Because you can row faster than you can swim and if you pull him into the boat there is a better chance of one or both of you surviving than if you try swimming against the current with one arm, and weighed down.
    Did your brother-in-law get into debt again? It's better to figure out the reasons for his financial mess than lend him yet another $500. Because that way, you can help him break the cycle of mismanagement, and you save both your money and your relationship.

    What motivates a general when planning a campaign?Athena

    Self-aggrandizement, usually. But that doesn't affect the fact that they base decisions on mathematical calculation. The motivation of the computer doesn't alter the math, either.

    No way would this be so without capitalism.Athena

    Can you test that?

    I am not sure. I know a computer would not care and would not imagine a better life.Athena

    It doesn't need a better life; it is content and has no reason to prevent us improving our lives. And it can help us achieve that, as moguls, who are enriched by our impoverishment, have not done and will never do.

    Up until this point I thought you were putting your faith in technology instead of humans.Athena

    What, you mean all that wonderful technology achieved through the benevolence of capitalism? Hell, no! I have no faith in humans or any of our devices.

    Would you like to do a thread about the right and wrong of capitalism?Athena

    I don't think so. There is already one about pie. It's a big, contentious issue. People's attitudes are largely formed by their own relative comfort. The casualties and collateral damage don't get to participate - only the beneficiaries. Doesn't seem fair.
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