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    I'm trying to avoid fallacies and other errors of thought while writing this to write with correct logic. I write this using a thesis statement because that way, the writing is more like a debate, something that seems more "official."

    Our thoughts come from a wheel or pool of thoughts that retrieves thoughts of currently living individuals from this universe (a collection) and possibly even from other universes if you're lucky and if God allows that, we browse thoughts like the internet to move them towards what we want to think, browsing and editing the sounds, visuals and feelings, this browsing also means that we have free thought, and we can improve the skill of observing thoughts.
    Being a wheel or a pool, the source of thoughts pushes through like a calm wind. Our thoughts come about in collections in form of sounds and visuals, which knit together like a woolen shirt, something in between, or a mess of woolen threads.
    For us to experience thoughts come and go, we only have to interact with the world or direct thoughts by focusing on different points of input. By focusing on different points we can create new sounds, edit visuals, or create a mix of both. Feelings also go with thoughts to create a fuller experience. The felt experiences are of course edited just like the sounds and visuals. This editing makes thinking great experiences, something that memory retrieves and connects to older thoughts.
    We browse winds of thoughts like we browse the internet in freedom to choose. By changing the course of thoughts in form of editing sounds, visuals, and feelings we have freedom to choose; otherwise we would just follow a ready made slide show of sounds, visuals and feelings to follow through. Without editing, life is just about following a trail that is being made by something like a knitting machine that combines sounds, visuals, and feelings (electrical and chemical signals).
    The improvement of observation of thoughts is possibly by the practice of meditation or an alternative of treating thoughts as "knitted" sounds, visuals, and feelings that can be metaobserved. Metaobservation is realization that we do observe and also that we can observe the observance process itself.
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