• Robert Lockhart
    Whereas in practice most people, by definition, find the circumstances happening to characterise their own personal situation in life, when compared with those arround them, to be of an ‘average’ quality, at either end of the spectrum of possibilities regarding how the ‘Human Condition’ – or, ‘Fortune’ if you will - is capable in principle of producing a situation for a given individual lie experiences which are either - at least in the eyes of external witnesses - benign to a degree which is surprising or which constitute, ‘The Pits’!

    Regarding this routinely observed dichotomy, I like the - albeit somewhat hackneyed phrase - ‘Beautiful illusion’, with its’ disdainful implication regarding how ultmately extemporaneous in reality is even the good fortune of the most successful and apparantly entreprenaurial, together with its’ implication of the paradox that subsequent ‘negative’ experience, acting to disillusion such naivety, can ultimately serve to confer on an erstwhile serendipitously fortunate individual a more objective concept of reality!
  • Numi Who
    I am the first to reply because your statement is incomprehensible (but let me try again... one moment please...)

    I believe you are contemplating the 'usefulness' of illusions. The answer is illusions can be used as a useful tool.

    Example: One 'use' is 'self-motivation' - which is the way successful entrepreneurs may use them. Another use is deception, for example being used to debilitate entrepreneurial competitors.

    Now we get to survival, and here illusions are not a good tool to try and survive with, reality being endowed with so many 'teeth' and 'sharp edges' (where it is better to go about with a good grasp on reality).
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