• Bartricks
    As we are in a prison, then death is removal from the prison. But that could occur for all manner of reasons. If someone kills themselves, then they have escaped the prison. But that was foolish, because this is God's prison so they obviously won't get far and will simply have to start over. If, instead, someone is killed by something or someone other than themselves (and of course, there will be grey cases), then presumably they get a parole hearing where it is determined whether they have served their time and no longer pose a danger, or haven't and so must go back to the prison. After all, I don't think God is going to spend much time thinking about us while we're doing our time - I mean, why would he? We don't deserve the attention. The world is a place created, I suspect, to dump us in - to place us away from his concern, where what happens to us is determined not by God, but by chance (which is what happens when God turns his concern off). And - again, speculation, but informed speculation - I suspect that God does not turn his attention to us and assess us until we leave the prison. Until that time, we are left to our own devices to stew among those who have behaved as abysmally as ourselves.
  • Anand-Haqq
    . Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning has not to be discovered: it has to be created. You will find meaning only if you create it. It is not lying there somewhere behind the bushes, so you can go and you search a little bit and find it. It is not there like a rock that you will find. It is a poetry to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced.

    . Meaning is a dance, not a rock. Meaning is music. You will find it only if you create it. Remember it.

    . Millions of people are living meaningless lives because of this utterly stupid idea that meaning has to be discovered. As if it is already there. All that you need is to just pull the curtain, and behold! meaning is here. It is not like that.

    . So remember: Buddha finds the meaning because he creates it. I found it because I created it. God is not a thing but a creation. And only those who create find. And it is good that meaning is not lying there somewhere, otherwise one person would have discovered it -- then what would be the need for everybody else to discover it?

    . Can’t you see the difference between religious meaning and scientific meaning? Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity; now, do you have to discover it again and again? You will be foolish if you discover it again and again. What is the point? One man has done it; he has given you the map. It may have taken years for him, but for you to understand it will take hours. You can go to the university and learn.

    . Buddha also discovered something, Zarathustra also discovered something, but it is not like Albert Einstein’s discovery. It is not there that you have just to follow Zarathustra and his map and you will find it. You will never find it. You will have to become a Zarathustra. See the difference!

    . To understand the theory of relativity, you need not become an Albert Einstein, no. You have to be just of average intelligence, that’s all. If you are not too much retarded, you will understand it.

    . But to understand the meaning of Zarathustra, you will have to become a Zarathustra -- less than that won’t do. You will have to create it again. And each individual has to give birth to God, to meaning, to truth; each man has to become pregnant with it and pass through the pains of birth. Each one has to carry it in one’s womb, feed it by one’s own blood, and only then does one discover.

    . Now, you ask me: Why can’t I see any meaning in life?

    . You must be waiting passively for the meaning to come ... it will never come. This has been the idea of the past religions, that the meaning is already there. It is not! Freedom is there to create it, energy is there to create it. The field is there to sow the seeds and reap the crop. All is there -- but the meaning has to be created. That’s why to create it is such a joy, such an adventure, such an ecstasy.
  • Bartricks
    Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning has not to be discovered: it has to be created.Anand-Haqq

    Well, top marks for a) contradicting yourself within two sentences and b) pronouncing rather than arguing.

    What is it with you people? You seem to think you already know the meaning of life. No proper investigation. No reasoned reflection. Just pronouncement, as if the world and its purpose is in your gift. You won't learn anything if you start out thinking you know it all.

    The contradiction first: you have said life has no meaning and then you have said it has a meaning. Good job!

    And the rest is just more of that stuff creeps say to try and impress people in bars. Again, my b/s detector is giving a 'pure' reading.

    First, what on earth does it mean to say that life's meaning is to give it meaning? That's a meaning, right - a purpose. So who gave it that purpose? You? How? Did you create my life? No. So how did you give it that purpose? did you create your own life? No. So how did you give it that purpose. Think. It. Through.

    So, no, life's purpose is not to give it a purpose, for if that were life's purpose then we wouldn't have to, becasue it'd already have one. Plus you'd owe us an account of how it got to have that purpose (you pronouncing that it does ain't that account).

    And you cannot give your life a purpose, for it's already too late as its up and running already. Your life's purpose is the sole preserve of its creator, not you.
  • Anand-Haqq

    . You seem to be a scholar ...

    . If you cling too much to logic you'll never be able to be part of the living process that this existence is. Life is more than logic: Life is paradox, life is mystery."

    . I want you to understand this ... Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved ...

    . Your thinking about life is just like the thinking of a blind man about light. You go on thinking ... but you'll never reach the truth. Because to know it ... you need eyes, not logic ... my friend ...

    . I'm in this forum to show you ... the truth ... slowly slowly ... you'll get it ...

    . I'm here ... to show you that your so called philosophy is like a blind man on a dark night, searching for a black cat wich is not there.

    . So ... only ... stupid people, really mediocre people ... the so called intelectual, but never intelligent people ... such as sages or zen masters ... are keen on philosophy ...

    . Philosophy should be called Foolosophy, the art of the idiots ...

    . The mind is a great philosopher ... But ... Life is not a philosophy ... Life is a reality. And philosophy is an escape from reality. Philosophy means thinking ... And ... Life is - there is no question of thought ...
  • Bartricks
    like I say, pure unashamed b/s. You're a wannabe guru and you want people to accept your authority over that of Reason. First step - invite people to agree that reason can only take us so far (which most will happily take as it means they don't have to try and be smart and can just make shit up). Then persuade them that happiness is the most important thing and that material possessions are an encumbrance and so they better give them to you for safe keeping. Then persuade them that the key to happiness is not thinking as that way they hopefully won't recognize that you are a b/s merchant and you've got all their possessions.
    It's helpful to achieve these ends to wrap yourself up in the garb of some eastern religion or tradition (but not essential), as people will think you are in touch with the ancient wisdom of people who knew less about the world than a contemporary 10 year old.
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