• Is Karma real?
    If Karma applies to only intentional acts, the influence of non-intentional acts (acts from ignorance, compulsion, nature) make the concept muddy/incoherent.

    All intentional acts rely on a vast array of non-intentional processes for which the agent is mostly ignorant of.

    Suppose we're all perfect in our intentions but nature just seems to always interfere with the act to produce and multiply harmful results. Or we're all perfect in our moral intentions (from our collective point of view) and an asteroid comes down to block out the sun from its dust impact and we suffer a while until death... where is the karmic justice in that?

    Maybe most of the harm/suffering in the universe, by karmic standards, is really unintentional and the outcome of either incident or ignorance.
  • Fall of Man Paradox
    Do you believe that the set of all natural numbers exists? Is it reasonable to stipulate its existence? If infinite sets can exist in some realm, why can infinite dice not exist in God's realm?keystone

    Infinity is an unreasonable stipulation and whether or not numbers "exist" is not all that relevant to me. The natural numbers definitely have a limit of physical representation and there'd be an infinite amount of numbers beyond that limit.
  • Fall of Man Paradox
    only a finite number of outcomes were lower, yet an infinite number were higher, making the serpent's probability of beating him exactly 100%.keystone

    We are just concerned with the finite numbers that appear on both dice and which is greater than the other. Sounds like 50/50 chance.

    Once the player knows what the serpent threw, there will be an infinite amount of numbers greater than that number and a finite amount less than, and therefore chance of winning against the serpent approaches 0. The limitation of possible representation is still an issue here; there must be a finite maximum magnitude for the game. Infinity cannot be a stipulation.

    You could fix the problem with doing away the limit of natural numbers and including the negative integers to infinity. Chance of 50/50 seems locked in here, even after the player becomes aware of the serpent's number, unless the chance is actually undefined here. Maybe it's undefined for the natural numbers also.

    If the serpent pulled 42 on a number line of integers what is the chance of throwing a higher or lower number? Does it even make sense to ask?
  • Fall of Man Paradox
    There would be no way to read the numbers because any of them could appear to be unlimited and by the physical limitations of the universe would therefore be impossible. Most numbers wouldn't fit in our universe.

    If the numbers cannot manifest, if they aren't allowed, then the dice cannot be infinite.

    I guess you could use compact symbols though but you'd come up against some limitation of discernment, where what conveys one number is indistinguishable from what conveys another. The capacity for subtle discernment would have to be infinite also.

    The serpent would end up disagreeing with you what number is on the face of the dice and you'd have to bring in a third party (God, if you trust him) to verify.
  • Asexual Love
    Valentines Day ought be about more kinds of love.Moliere

    Sounds good. What do we do now to reconstruct the public's ideas around Valentine's day. If you use Valentine's day as an excuse to tell your friend how much you love them, you might get some awkward looks/confusion. Then you'll just have to explain to them: that "Valentines day ought to be about more kinds of love." I'm sure it is for some folks, who are not so culturally repressed.

    Cultural construction is a tall order.
  • In defence of the Mediterranean products and farmers
    This is not true. Another filthy lie coming from them.javi2541997

    As they say, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bunch and to stoke resentment. Agricultural fraud is rampant where folks stand to increase their profit by manipulating consumer perception and can get away with it. Some French are no doubt passing off Spanish wine as French wine. This behavior transcends national identities.There is a great series on Netflix, Rotten, which covers global fraud/corruption related to specific agricultural crops/resources. Both olive oil and honey are also major adulterated/mislabeled commodities.

    But why do they sabotage our products?javi2541997

    So that the governments of both countries, or whatever EU political body, is forced to address their grievances. Throwing this tantrum of blocking highways, piling dung at the capital, sabotaging the competition as a statement, is a means to their end.
  • In defence of the Mediterranean products and farmers
    Here is an article which pertains to comparative (dis)advantage between France and other EU countries, due to France's own agricultural policy. It says that because of the EGalim law, 'French food prices are on average %15 higher than the European average'.

    There is also the impression that sometimes non-French products are being marketed as French products to take the price advantage of the perception of quality/origin. This has been a known concern in the wine industry, where there is a very French label up front on a wine of Spanish origin (or wines of mixed origin). Similar protests and sabotaging Spanish wine is a precedent, and no doubt fuels the mistrust of farmers toward imports for the ongoing crisis.
  • In defence of the Mediterranean products and farmers
    Please don't buy the lies of the French lobbies. It is obvious that a farmer from Rome, Andalusia, Porto or Athens does their job correctly.javi2541997

    It's a classic tale that the small farmer stands in opposition to the economic forces of global trade. Go big (and cheap) or go home they say. Costs are way up and if the public can't afford the French quality produce, while cheaper imported produce is available, then more local farmers will cease to be. Farming is generally recognized as very difficult capital intensive job.

    Lying and propaganda is/was always a part of political theater, seemingly more so then ever. Do the means justify the ends... maybe food for thought. Should we permit ourselves to exaggerate and propagandize from fear, suspicion, to get what we want. Whatever would stop us stretching the truth if we didn't already have the sense ( or ethical principles) to stop ourselves.
  • Trolley problem and if you'd agree to being run over
    It is probably more productive to discuss actual moral dilemmas.BC


    Like my rhino beetle problem. Do I save palm trees by using imidicloprid drenches at the cost of killing more of the honey bee population (and other pollinators), or do I let the trees die at substantial cost to my employer. It's another version of the tragedy of the commons, assuming imidicloprid use is becoming widespread to combat the problem.

    I'd much rather let the trolley run over the palm trees. But this isn't the topic... blaaaaaa!
  • Manifest Destiny Syndrome
    Mass shooting is a suicidal expression of resentment. Many of these kids probably anticipate their own death by self-infliction or law enforcement. The life circumstances that may lead to such an event are complex, multidimensional. Video game violence may play a role but it can't be any less than visual film, if these two types of media are self-reinforcing. You'll also have to include the social contagion effect of these shootings as covered by the media.

    Goethe's Sorrows of Young Werther was attributed to cause copycat suicides after it was published in 1774. This was a book. Film is much easier to consume by comparison.

    In my experience, online PvP games are more addictive with respect to psychological highs and lows. Competitors can send mean/inciting rage bait messages, which can stoke resentment. It's possible that sometimes the resentment could trigger an event out of the blue. But it's likely other life circumstances are implicated.

    Violent video games are likely the ethereal pebble that breaks the camel's back. The total amount of pebbles, contributing to the event, is what counts. Violent video games may be one pebble, or a piece of sand, among many other weighty contributors.
  • Who else thinks sponge candy is awful?
    So this thread caused me to buy a Violet Crumble (toffee styrofoam) and I'm revising my evaluation.

    It was much tastier than I recall. I give it an 8.5/10.
  • Manifest Destiny Syndrome
    Mass shootings by young men are likely a consequence of a kind of social alienation, or a shit life syndrome. Just watch interviews with Trump conspiracy theorists and you'd get a feeling how totally fucked up a large proportion of Americans are. The hate, fear, despair, deluded paranoia is palpable. Add in the oceanic supply of guns and no wonder it happens so often.

    If anything, violent video games might provide an outlet, an occupation of otherwise idle time. Take away violent video games and idle hands my find worse things to do in our shit world.
  • Fear of living and not living at all. . .
    What we don't have awareness at all is about what happens afterwards. When the dark pit of death finally catches us...javi2541997

    Yes, this is more of what I mean by death is not an experience. Dying is an experience but one cannot be dead to oneself, presumably. If by some strange turn of events we are aware after death with memory, there will be a continuity. If there is no continuity, there will still be 'something it is like to be', some level of awareness/being.

    If the universe is mostly empty of being/awareness in its own time, it's a wonder I'm here now. An infinity of time has no duration (content) for the unconscious. So inevitably, awareness happens.
  • Fear of living and not living at all. . .
    Since death as a total cessation consciousness (nothing) is not an experience, the only alternative is 'what it is like to be something'. In this sense a version of Samsara (cyclical life) is true, just without any individual continuity of the small self incarnation (soul memory/identity). Death is just a phenomena of radical transition and renewal. I suspect soul continuity (reincarnation) has become a crutch to give hope that good works in this life carry over to the next. Such an idea likely bolsters practical morality.

    If we could devise a way to functionally forget ourselves, without damaging the capacity to renew our sense of the self, then maybe immortality would be an easier prospect. But the challenge of entropy, bodily degradation, programmed cell death, erasure of memory makes it all moot. We become world weary when physical/mental maladaptation/dysfunction make daily requirements of living monotonous and uncomfortable/painful.

    Give Bryan Johnson a disease, or other intractable mental or material difficulty, and he may revise his desire to live a long life.
  • The objectively best chocolate bars
    Then once the waxy sensation is gone eat from a bar like the one below, youll notice they dont leave a nasty wax coat of fats.Vaskane

    I think pure chocolate, with no added fats or other additives, can suffer from the ubiquitous waxy problem. I've had local farm single ingredient chocolate that is waxy. It's probably an issue of crystallization of the cocoa butter. Industry additives probably improve the mouth feel.
  • Above and beyond. Where does beyond start?
    Relative to whatever boundary or place marker you're concerned with.

    Where is the topographic feature, the limit, the declaration, by which we can wonder what lies beyond.
  • The objectively best chocolate bars
    I like the chocolate covered Payday currently. Peanuts and chocolate married together in harmony, followed by black coffee. Whowza! These candy companies need to make a luxury version where they lower the sweetness level a bit and increase the quality of the chocolate. Often, shelf peanut products taste a bit old.

  • New Words
    Enpuddlement, or to be enpuddled, though I'm not sure how to give it the proper prefix without a professional linguist. Latin suggestions are instagni/instagnum.

    Literally means getting stuck in or physically/mentally captured by a puddle. Elephants get stuck and die in sinkholes, as youtube shows us. Insects trapped in amber to be fossilized into gems have been enpuddled.

    Philosophers are continually enpuddled by problems (puddles) they can't help stomping around in, like children stomping around in puddles.

    Be careful stomping in a puddle. You never know how deep it is.

    Never dive into a puddle assuming you've guessed its depth. The seemingly shallow can be deep and contrariwise.

    For some unlucky organisms, to be enpuddled is to be annihilated/entombed.

    I guess the term partially stems from the childhood fascination for being stuck in quicksand.

  • Who else thinks sponge candy is awful?
    The stuff they put in a Violet Crumble candy bar? This is the only local product that contains honeycomb candy. Only ever had it once. Not great but not terrible either, which is something I might say of all commercial candy bars now a days. I notice it often when I see it on the shelf because I like the reflective purple wrapper.

    Honeycomb toffee sounds like a better formulation than the styrofoam version coated in a thin layer of chocolate.
  • What does it feel like to be energy?
    I vote that the remainder of this thread ought to be devoted to explaining Melvin Vopson's strange hypothesis, that information is a form of matter.

    Hopefully it's actually quite simple, maybe something like when computers process/erase information, particles (matter/anti-matter pairs) make a brief appearance. This would be compatible with his information catastrophe idea, possibly.

    The mass of information, however it comes into being, seems negligible if it comes by way of electrons.

    In practical terms, when considering the mass of a hydrogen atom, you can often neglect the mass of the electron compared to the mass of the proton. The mass of the hydrogen atom is essentially the mass of the proton. — ChatGPT
  • Is nirvana or moksha even a worthwhile goal ?
    In fact, you are more likely to find the worst aspects of us in them (monks and yogis).Sirius

    A hasty generalization. Though there is plenty evidence of hypocrisy/exploitation of gurus/teachers over their devotees. The worst part is when devotees are taught to put their teachers on a pedestal, to have absolute faith in them as if they were gods/kings on earth. This sometimes seems like a legacy construct of controlling/exploiting folks.

    The perennial problem of the guru is understood by the adage: "Do as I say, not as I do."

    It comes at the cost of no longer identifying with all that is healthy, good, beautiful and pleasurable in life.Sirius

    I don't think this is true either.

    What is even more terrible is this spiritual tradition sets one up for a lifetime battle against oneself. It's a cult of self-overcoming, rooted in self-hatred, unrealistic goals and struck by a fear of relapse into all that enables one to identify with other human beings, i.e our innate weaknesses.Sirius

    You might as well be describing here the internal struggle of those suffering through Capitalistic striving for success or status. There is always a cult to deal with, either the one you enjoy, the one you're trapped in, or the one you're fleeing from.
  • Is reality possible without observance?
    A universe that is birthed, plays out and ends all the while no one was, is, nor ever will be there to be aware of it, seems, ultimately pointless.Benj96

    A universe full of observers also seems to be ultimately pointless, from my viewing point.

    Why can't the planet Pluto do its thing without anyone there to see that it is doing its thing.

    What level of quantifiable(?) observers would then justify the existence of any universe. If you had billions of planets of billions of just jellyfish level observers, would it be enough? Or are jellyfish counted as non-observers, comparable to dynamic self-reproducing minerals?
  • Winter projects

    I still don't understand your popcorn ceiling issue. It's all very mysterious. If it isn't on your walls, and you want to put things on your walls, what does that have to do with the ceiling? It looks like you have orange peel textured walls, same as I do, which I'd surmise is less challenging to deal with than popcorn texture.

    Slap some picture pins into it and tell it who's boss. Those adhesive velcro strips for picture hanging we've got in U.S. (possibly Scott's brand) also work very well on orange peel texture. They didn't want to come off when I took down an eraser board I had on the wall, taking a bit of orange peel with it, even when stretching the release tabs.
  • My thoughts about the people who I saw tonight in Edmonton
    You know what they say, give a prospective employer an apple and who knows what could happen. Give them a filled out job application and they may or may not call you back.

    But what about apple cations? Potassium is important for your health.
  • Winter projects
    For example, when I use pins, they end up broken because that bloody relieve makes them bend over.javi2541997

    The physics of popcorn walls in Spain sounds like it requires a post doc analysis.
  • Winter projects
    Do picture nails not work on popcorn stone walls? There is probably always a work around for attaching something to a wall. Though maybe filling the walls with holes is not an option.

    I've got giant tapestries of Hasui Kawase prints on my walls. Wonder how kitsch this is for someone who has a more sophisticated sense of decor. They aren't hung very professionally. I'd like to cycle them out with something new.


    This big one probably not Kawase though.

  • Was the moon landing faked?
    The conspiracy slope is a slippery slope. The more facts you'd convince yourself to doubt the steeper the slope becomes, until you can't get out of well you've slipped into. Paranoia is a strange illness (thinking you're being lied to in this case).

    I toured the Kennedy Space Center and got to see all that mammoth infrastructure for launching stuff into space. Why would the powers that be go through the trouble such an elaborate and expensive hoax.

    If we don't deny/doubt that we can launch satellites into space. Why is it so hard to believe we could launch humans into space?

    To start believing in dumb conspiracies would be horrible for my health. It would generate too much anxiety in me. For example, being convinced of solipsism to the point of paranoiac compulsive-obsession (this is truly awful).
  • How Real is the Problem of Bed Bugs and How May it be Tackled?
    Unlikely there are any bed bug experts on the forum but I heard you can buy a mattress bag and tape the opening shut. They should make one that comes with some kind of pesticide, or a bug bomb. If the suckers can't get out to eat you they'll eventually die, but that may take 20-400 days apparently and they are not only in your bed. People also use those hand held steamers for clothes/cleaning if you can make contact with the bugs. Run the steam knozzle along seams, corners, wherever they congregate to send them back to their maker. Establish a cleaning habit in your room: vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, wash, wash, wash.

    Or, if you can afford it, call in an expert. They have those giant heaters that raise a room to killing temperature for an allotted time.
  • Get Creative!

    Yes, now I remember two of those posted from a while back, the crucified animals and the animals approaching Trump. Love the animal line up of the cats and the eagle with all the same attack expression. Though it reminds me I'm gonna to have to move into an isolated cabin in the woods where I can't get any news if that guy somehow becomes president again. If only nature could speed up time, both contenders might become to decrepit to run.


    The fish with the hat and the pig with crown was a bit surreal.
  • Get Creative!
    @Praxis and @universeness

    Either of you guys paint ever paint anything dark, grotesque, eerie, or unsettling, or does such subject matter carry no personal appeal to ever manifest on a canvas.
  • Proposed new "law" of evolution
    Be wary about trying to form intuitions with regard to whatever Shannon information means outside of the technical context in which it is used.

    In daily life, information and knowledge are often used interchangeably as synonyms. However, in information science, they are used as antonyms: zero information means complete knowledge and thus zero ignorance while maximum information corresponds to minimum knowledge and thus maximum ignorance.Yunus A. Çengel

    Information here is a synonym for entropy.
  • Get Creative!

    Good guess, definitely beach in Hau'ula, Northshore Oahu, I'm sure of it, where piano guys also did their stunt. I've seen folks plein-air painting there. Just propagated some red tree mallow (Hau'ula) from Hau'ula (red tree mallow) a short way down the road from there. The point in Laie would also be a great place to paint the Koo'lau range and coast from that vantage point. Plenty of plen-airs in that spot too. Very cool.

    Though you couldn't get that perspective in your painting by plein-air as you'd probably be in the water.
  • Does Religion Perpetuate and Promote a Regressive Worldview?
    The world’s major religions all have a primitive way of know: i.e., they use scripture and authority to decide what is and is not true. In Christianity, if the Bible says it, especially if Jesus says it, then it must be true.Art48

    Religions maybe concerned with the conservation of a kind of being in the world over knowing truth (in a scientific sense) that constitutes a unique culture/perspective/ideology. Beliefs in this case would just be means toward that end, whether or not they are really true.

    We could imagine a religious culture as a species of being, or just a way of being in the world.

    Ideally, individuals should be able to pick and choose their religion/culture/job on the basis of education/exploration rather than indoctrination but maybe I've just been trained to say and believe this.

    I've been brainwashed by the cult I was born into.
  • Get Creative!

    That looks like Pounders beach, in Hau'ula. Did you paint that from a picture or were you there.

  • I’m 40 years old this year, and I still don’t know what to do, whether I should continue to live/die
    He can't see the cruelty he is about to inflict to his own existence, but he can see it through the life of a dog.L'éléphant

    In your scenario there is no reason for killing the dog because it is a random act, which makes it cruel and unnecessary.

    We would euthanize the dog without qualm if we knew the dog would be suffering until death. The question is whether or not the person who is seriously contemplating suicide can get outside of his/her own narrow perspective and initiate a transformation toward greater well being. Radical psychological change is possible. We should always consider trying to heal ourselves before ending it all.

    There was a guy I knew who lived next door who suffered some kind of progressive neurological disease coupled with a war injury to a nerve plexus in his back. He couldn't walk on his own, was stuck in a tilted chair and couldn't sleep. The burden on his wife to take care of him probably immense. I would of liked to hear whether he thought life was worth living at that point. He lived for quite a few years after the couple moved away. He should of had recourse to the option of euthanasia if he desired it.

    We're seldom privy to the details of one's suffering.
  • I’m 40 years old this year, and I still don’t know what to do, whether I should continue to live/die
    Antinatalists may fail to consider that because death is not an experience, in the same way being unconscious has no content/memory, that being and becoming someone/something is inevitable and eternal.

    There will always be something that it is like to be, because in sleep/unconsciousness/death time and space have no breadth or duration for a subject or non-subject.

    But this doesn't deny the value of annihilation in causing our troubles to cease, if we can't solve them by any other means. We are all headed for the wonderful drain, which will catapult the enigma of awareness of someone, somewhere, elsewhere.

    The tree of life will blossom and fruit its strangeness again (you, I and they). There will be no memory to permit us to say it happened again.

    You may become a creature who does not have the means (knowledge) to kill itself to end its own suffering. I don't want to become that turtle that got a straw stuck up its nose and have to live for years that way. That we believe that suicide is an option at all, is a strange privilege of radical self-determination. We should try to exercise that same self-determination in trying to untie the knots of our own personal suffering before we choose a final solution.
  • A great song that I would recommend every philosopher,scientist,mathematician and witches
    This thread opened a few rabbit holes in my local internet spacetime fabric.

    Never have I heard/seen Ningen Isu until this moment. But I'm not sure I ought to recommend them to anyone. Intellectuals have high-brow refined taste so they would unlikely stoop to enjoy satirical nihilistic metal.

    Ningen Isu is a Japanese metal band that formed in 1987. The name "Ningen Isu" (人間椅子) can be translated to "The Human Chair" in English. The band is known for its unique blend of heavy metal and hard rock with lyrics often inspired by Japanese folklore, horror, and supernatural themes. They have a dedicated following in Japan and have released numerous albums over the years, contributing to the Japanese metal music scene. The band's name, "Ningen Isu," reflects their distinct style and the dark and mysterious themes often present in their music and lyrics. — ChatGPT
  • I’m 40 years old this year, and I still don’t know what to do, whether I should continue to live/die
    So I don't really know how to answer this question for myself - why suicide or why not?rossii

    Why not explain the material and or psychological sources of your suffering.

    Maybe you have chronic gastritis and your stomach is digesting itself and as a result you also have chronic insomnia, which is not unrelated to your really bad sciatic pain. The world hasn't yet invented proton pump inhibitors, so you have to rely on calcium carbonate as an antacid remedy, which is contributing to the development of kidney stones. All this is happening while your mother has sudden onset dementia and she has gone missing. This is terrible because you really do love her, and found comfort through her after your significant other committed suicide. Of course you found it impossible to keep a job with all these other stressors going on and are now worried by losing your rented living space. Everything is falling apart.

    Burdened with this situation I might have committed suicide.

    How awful is your own life compared to the above scenario?
  • A great song that I would recommend every philosopher,scientist,mathematician and witches
    Meh, we resonate with whatever tickles our inner pickle. There are blue moons, when for whatever unintelligible reason, the brain attunes to a piece of music as if it were an intoxicating drug.

    But for the time in between those moments, one may wish and hope, to find something safe that tickles the inner pickle just a little bit.