• Life is a competition. There are winners, and there are losers. That's a scary & depressing reality.
    Thank you for all the comments. I really appreciate them all.

    Sometimes I wonder too, what if it's true that some people are just born to lose? What if it's true that it's just their 'fate' or 'destiny' (or whatever it is) to be a failure/loser? What if it's true that some people are just not meant for this world? But then, why born? Well, because Life is random, isn't it? Even if there is some type of "god" or something like that, I'm afraid it's probably just the bad/evil one, playing & toying & experimenting around, at least with some of its creations. Or again, everything is random, & pointless, meaningless. Anything can happen, including any type of bad things unthinkable. Yes, even the random stupid shits, like me & my life for example. Things happened. Shits happened. That's life. For the winners, of course they're happy. But for the losers like me, it's seriously making me severely/heavily depressed & suicidal.
  • Life's purpose is to create Artificial General Intelligence
    I'm from Indonesia. I completely agree.

    Human beings is very limited.
    So it's time to evolve further (just like in some science-fictions).

    A.I (Artificial Intelligence), AGI, V.R (Virtual Reality), Transhumanism, Post-humanism,
    these are all the true/real "meaning of life"
    To evolve (evolution)
    To transcend (transcendence)
  • What evidence of an afterlife would satisfy most skeptics?
    Simple. Something that I can see with my own eyes and physical senses. And also something that makes sense logically/rationally, instead of 'hopeful/beautiful' emotional delusions/illusions unfortunately too common nowadays.
  • Regarding Entropy and The Meaning of Life
    What if nothing eventually can win against entropy? Does it then make everything meaningless?
  • Transhumanism with Guest Speaker David Pearce
    I'm from Indonesia, and I have been really interested on Transhumanism especially after a lot of observations, readings, & thinking.

    Everything seems to come into the final conclusion that human species/humanity is not perfect, and in fact, have also made a lot of failures & slow progress in everything. That's why I'm thinking that the next evolution should, or even must be Transhumanism, to break away from all the disappointing limitations of reality.

    My question is simple but very urgent/important one:
    How can I, as just an ordinary person, can contribute to quicken the progress of Transhumanism?
    Also, do you think Transhumanism will have any possibility to finally become mainstream in public?
    How can we really make sure that Transhumanism will really work, instead of failing or eventually got diminished & slowly disappearing as if it never exists, considering how short attention span of our human species/humanity/mankind?

    Thank you, and looking forward to your responses.
  • I just noticed that it's all about money, the new standard of the universe
    yes, sadly true, nowadays it's all about money
    Capitalism gets way out of control
    it's a depressing reality
  • On Antinatalism
    Please help sign this petition. People need to know about this word.
  • On Antinatalism

    I can tell you my partners thoughts for wanting to "non-consensually cause all risk of harm to another person", are essentially along the lines of, "I love you, lets have a baby", "I want to have your baby/child", "lets make a family together". She does not think in terms of potential people, consent, harm, agendas (for the child to go through). But I think it's more complex than just a selfish desire to have a baby, considering the pain/burden of pregnancy/childbirth, and then all the work that is looking after a baby and raising it into a child and then adult. If anything it's more selfless than selfish. Not sure what to make of this. — Inyenzi

    You've said it yourself in the beginning, that it's basically for a selfish (& ignorant, short-term, simple-minded) reasons that most people (including women/female) 'decided' (if having sex could be considered as even a 'serious, thoughtful' decision at all) to have a baby/kid/children.

    What you've said at the end, about "all the work that is looking after a baby and raising it into a child and then adult", it's basically just the consequences. There is nothing 'selfless' about it. As a parents, people basically are just eventually forced to do all those things. Not because of some noble selflessness. That's just another beautiful delusions/illusions people would like to believe.