• The unexplainable
    Since philosophy is abour truth, it looks like it has no links to science and explanations.Agent Smith

    Who needs a proof when one has found a truth?

    Not that science can't confirm to satisfy our curiosity for a proof.
  • The unexplainable
    it can't explain EverythingTate

    That which is by necessity causeless and eternal has no alternative but to be; no option; no opposite.
  • The Ultimate Question of Metaphysics
    I then conclude that ‘something’ has always existed and has done so eternally.

    Case closed ?

    Yes, for there is no "come from" for the Eternal.

    One can go on to conclude that the temporaries produced by the Permanent Eternal have to be its rearrangements, such as the elementary 'particles' that are directly the quanta of fields.
  • Arguments for free will?
    We can't tell the universe what to do, the universe tells us what to do, and it gets us to do what it wants by making us think it is our "freewill". What we call "freewill" is really the will of the universe itself, and even the universe itself doesn't have freewill it's just "will".punos

    Good post.

    Since outputs always have inputs, so true,
    Then what, we wonder, should we try to do?
    It’s the other way around, oh, brain stew,
    For cause, time, and the universe do you!
  • Arguments for free will?
    I found the link:


    We must then make a distinction between events which generate a constant statistical distribution of outcomes, whose causal future is at least on a statistical level, a consequence of their causal past, and those which are not governed by any evolution law, deterministic or stochastic. We will call the first kind, precedented or habitual events; the latter unprecedented or “free” events.

    How does the universe choose the outcomes of preparations which have no or few precedents? We propose that the novel states or events are the physical correlates of conscious events. At these moments, the universe has perhaps some degree of freedom to choose what happens next. It is these moments of freedom which make up conscious experience.

    Those unprecedented moments are presumably common near the universe's origin, and spread throughout the universe. As the universe ages, it takes a higher degree of complexity for a state to be unprecedented. But we can wonder whether complex biomolecules might serve as a reservoir of novel states. Might the biosphere and the brain have evolved, to make use of the special properties of novel states, including the freedom present at those moments to choose a small part of the future. It is not difficult to see that this access to novel states might give an animal a selective advantage.

    Consciousness is connected with - in fact, created by - the resolution of indefinite states. This ties qualia tightly to quantum theory – especially when that is looked at with the perspective of a world created by an active time. This implies a heightened sensitivity to novelties. The ability to detect novelty is not a peripheral or optional feature of the mind/brain-it is its main function. Qualia, we conjecture are signals of the recognition of novel situations. We and other creatures have evolved the ability to do so through evolution - as a creature that can resolve ambiguities quickly will, all things being equal, survive better.
  • Arguments for free will?
    Are there any strong arguments for free will?TiredThinker

    Lee Smolin thinks that what is novel/unique requires consciousness to resolve it (somehow free will?), whereas what has happened before goes on auto pilot, or something like that. I can't find his write-up.
  • Can there be a proof of God?
    The 5D quantum vacuum itself has no direction in time.Hillary

    Why 5D?
  • Can there be a proof of God?
    Which raises the question, what caused the acausality lying beneath all phenomena?Hillary

    This is getting near to doomed notion that something can come out of a true lack of anything or 'Nothing'. If something pops out out, then was there was still something behind it, which is the capability for it and so that would be the something that is eternal.

    Every notion ever gets down to an eternal something that is unmakeable and unbreakable, such as quantum fields are close to being. All further temporary forms, then, are but arrangements of the eternal something, as they would have to be, again such as 'particles' are directly the quanta of fields, not some new substance.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    I already said my view, which you had previously quoted, that the seeming temporal change from "nothing" to "something" is like an artifact imposed by our minds. That is, "that the human mind can view the switching between the two different words, or ways of visualizing "the lack of all", as a temporal change from "was" to "now".Roger

    So, the mind makes a false artifact, thinking that a lack of anything can have being. This leaves The Existent to have no opposite and no alternative. Parmenides said that 'Nothing' cannot even be meant.

    The weave of the quantum fields as strokes writes
    The letters of the elemental bytes—
    The alphabet of the standard model,
    Atoms then forming the stars’ words whose mights

    Merge to form molecules, as the phrases,
    On to proteins/cells, as verse sentences,
    In to organisms ‘stanza paragraphs,
    And to the poem stories of the species.

    Of this concordance of literature,
    We’re the Cosmos’ poetic adventure,
    Sentient poems being unified-verses,
    As both the contained and the container.

    We are both essence and form, as poems versed,
    Ever unveiling this life’s deeper thirsts,
    As new riches, through strokes, letters, phonemes,
    Words, phrases, and sentences—uni versed.

    We have rhythm, reason, rhyme, meter, sense,
    Metric, melody, and beauty’s true pense,
    Revealed through life’s participation,
    From the latent whence into us hence.

    Oh, those imaginings of what can’t be!
    Such as Nought, Stillness, and Block’s decree,
    As well as Apart, Beginning, and End,
    Responsibility, Free Will, and Theity.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    I'm not a big fan of Sean Carroll's because his final answer to the question "Why is there something rather than nothing?" is that it's a brute fact.Roger

    What would make it such that The Existent has no alternative? There can't be a sequence in time from 'Nothing' that has no time nor has anything.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    That's great! If quantum fields are "the basis of all that is possible" and "the fundamental strokes", who am I to argue with great literature?! I withdraw my previous criticism of physicists' nothing! :smile:
    If you wrote that, nice writing!

    You are adaptable, a good sign.

    Everything is now physically known about our everyday lives:
  • The Predicate of Existence
    When you hear physicists talk about something coming from nothing, the nothing they're talking about still contains the laws of quantum physics, quantum fields, abstract concepts like the laws of logic or mathematical constructs.Roger

    What’s continuous means a field that waves,
    Naught else; ‘Stillness’ is impossible.
    A field has a changing value everywhere,
    Since the ‘vacuum’ e’er has to fluctuate.

    The fields overlap and some interact;
    So, there is one overall field as All,
    As the basis of all that is possible—
    Of energy’s base motion default.

    From the field points ever fluctuating,
    Quantum field waverings have to result
    From points e’er dragging on one another.
    Points are bits that may form letter strokes.

    As sums of harmonic oscillators,
    Fields can only form their elementaries
    At stable quanta energy levels;
    Other excitation levels are virtuals.

    Since the quantum fields are everywhere,
    The elementaries, like ‘kinks’, can move
    To anyplace in the realms of the fields.
    As in a rope, only the quanta move.

    At each level of organization
    Of temporaries in the universe,
    New capabilities become available,
    And so they take on a life of their own
    In addition to what gives rise to them.

    The great needle plays, stitches, winds, and paves
    As the strands of quantum fields’ webs of waves
    That weave the warp, weft, and woof, uni-versed,
    Into being’s fabric of Earth’s living braids.

    Quantum fields are the fundamental strokes
    Whose excitations at harmonics cloaks
    The field quanta with stability
    To persist and obtain mobility.

    As letters of the Cosmic alphabet,
    The elementary particles beget,
    Combining in words to write the story
    Of the stars, atoms, cells, and life’s glory.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    1. The words "was" (i.e., "was nothing") and "then"/"now" (i.e., "then something") in the first paragraph imply a temporal change, but time would not exist until there was "something", so I don't use these words in a time sense.Roger

    Good one! I would stick with that.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    If the particles are spread out in space then they obviously have a spatial structure.litewave

    Yes, which are the directly structure of the quantum field. That elementary particles go through two slits shows that they are field quanta, that is that they have a wave nature, which is also. in short, why there are stable rungs of quanta. We are getting close to the One, for a wave is continuous, having no parts. An electron given energy make quantum jumps in an atom, for its wave cannot just be cut at any old place but must become a multiple for it to remain intact.

    I can see why some may still see quantum fields as a system, since there are 25 of them; however, the quantum vacuum that isn't a vacuum contains them all.
  • The Predicate of Existence
    So I think that even elementary particles have a structure although it may be physically inaccessible for us, or even physically inaccessible in general if laws of physics prevent the probing of such structure (for example, laws of physics seem to prevent probing of spatial distances smaller than so-called Planck length).litewave

    Elementary 'particles' are directly quantum field quanta; there is no further structure. These field lumps of field excitations are conveniently called 'elementary particles', but they are not pinpoints and are spread out; an electron has a volume.

    As for consciousness, see
  • The Predicate of Existence
    state of being for the cosmos and quantum fluctuations is its default energetic stateNickolasgaspar

    You are heading the question of the thread in a good direction, that of matching the physics to the philosophy for confirmation.

    We note that the candidate for the base existent cannot be composite, for then it couldn't be fundamental since its parts would have to be more fundamental. This suggests that it has to be partless as well as of the least size. The quantum 'vacuum' fits the bill or is close to it. The base existent is therefore unbreakable, unmakeable, and thus eternal.

    What’s Fundamental has to be partless,
    Permanent, and e’er remain as itself;
    Thus, it can only form temporaries
    Onward as rearrangements of itself.

    The Simplest can’t be made; it has no parts;
    Likewise, it can’t break; ne’er ‘Nothing’ starts;
    Thus, Necessity, without alternative,
    Makes the Big Bang and our transient hearts.

    All the temporary complexities
    From the Eterne will someday fade away,
    Even the universe with its grandness
    Will disperse its greatness into blandness.

    In between, the Basis sets a story
    That gets lived by the mutable within,
    As life and all the stars, moons, and planets—
    In a book from the Babel Library.

    What’s Fundamental has to be partless,
    Lest its parts be more-so and it be less;
    It’s ever, ne’er still, else naught could happen;
    The quantum ‘vacuum’ weaves the universe’s dress.

    The elementaries of a type are
    The same, being woven by the same weave,
    Only at the stable rungs of quanta;
    They’re well anchored, but they’re secondary.

    Are the fields spooky as non physical?
    Since the elementaries are physical,
    And because they are outright field quanta,
    The quantum fields are purely physical.

    Change, change, change… constant change, as fast as it
    Can happen—the speed of light being foremost
    The speed of causality—o’er 13 billion years now,
    From the simple on up to the more complex.

    The ‘vacuum’ has to e’er jitter and sing,
    This Base Existent forced as something,
    Due to the nonexistence of ‘Nothing’;
    If it ‘tries’ to be zero, it cannot.

    At the indefinite quantum level,
    Zero must be fuzzy, not definite;
    So it can’t be zero, but has to be
    As that which is ever up to something.

    (Perhaps more another time…)
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    theoretically & statistically probableGnomon

    From quantum non-locality entanglement,
    We know that information’s primary
    Over distance, that objects don’t have to
    Be near each other to have relation.

    Everything connected to everything
    Would seem to be a ‘perception’ as an
    All-at-onceness, so a particle
    Might ‘know’ something about what to do.

    Informationally derived meanings
    Unify in non-reductive gleanings,
    In a relational reality,
    Through the semantical life happenings.

    This is a realm of happenings, not things,
    For ‘things’ don’t remain the same on time’s wings.
    What remains through time are processes—
    Relations between different systems.

    Syntactical information exchange,
    Without breaking of the holistic range,
    Reveals the epic whole of nature’s poetics,
    Within her requisite of ongoing change.

    So there’s form before gloried substance,
    Relationality before the chance
    Of material impressions rising,
    Traced in our world from the gestalt’s dance.

    All lives in the multi–dimensional spaces
    Of basic superpositional traces
    Of Possibility, as like the whirl’s
    Probable clouds of distributed paces.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    "The past and the future are quantum potentials, and conscious beings are continually creating the most likely futures and the most likely, consistent pasts. Meaning arises as a result of the decoherence of these potential states."Gnomon

    So, we have that 'potentials' can be treated as being real, from your other sources; thus, the wave-function and the quantum fields are real, not just math tools/descriptions; They are sculpted by the All.

    I still doubt that the All would have a brain and a will, although when we look at ourselves this would seem to give us a clue as to the nature of the All. There is an unbiased fairness to my wandering wonderings. Perhaps entanglement and the holistic nature of the All grants some rudimentary will due to its all-at-onceness connection.

    Thus both our consciousness and the holistic universe, each having a singular nature, could be a clue. Maybe they are of the same basis of fundamental consciousness, but separate as two manifestations, each controlling a different realm, such as internal and external, our internal consciousness giving us ‘future’, and the external consciousness granting ‘future’ to the universe. Lee Smolin has it that qualia are intrinsic, as fundamental, and Chalmers has it that information is fundamental and can express itself in two ways, in consciousness and in matter.

    Giorbran would also have all the superposed balances tracing forward to the ultimate balance at the End.

    Or, or in conjunction, of all the possible superposed paths those paths that go the furthest come to dominate the wave function of the All, they becoming the paths that get actualized.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    the human Will could convert ideal Potential into real Actual.Gnomon

    A "homeodynamic" process spontaneously reduces a system's constraints to their minimum, as exemplified by the increase in entropy described by the second law of thermodynamics. Although a large number of objects interacting in a system exert efficient causality on one another, an increase in entropy arises from the statistical form of the system as a whole, in which disordered macro-states far outnumber ordered states; in that sense the homeodynamic process exhibits formal causality.

    I have been getting these quotes from reviews of Deacon on Goodreads.

    So now I have as much free will as there can be. Hurray!

    Thus oppositions are necessary for the creation of difference and for the "endless forms most beautiful" that Darwin extolled. In my thesis, I call that pushing & pulling creative force : EnFormAction.Gnomon

    The All keeps the number of protons and electrons equal, another balance of opposites; the universe is electrically neutral, else some possible disaster befall, perhaps.

    The All has to provide the curious symmetry in free space of there being only one main stable positively charged matter particle—the proton, one negatively charged matter particle—the electron, and one stable energy particle—the electron, with no uncharged matter particles and no charged energy particle.

    The positive kinetic energy of stuff will be paid for by the debit of the potential negative energy of gravity, another balance.

    The inevitable future of equilibrium symmetry carefully designs/forces the stable particles with properties that will produce the periodic table, molecules, even DNA.

    Along the road from grouping order to symmetry order that causes diversity, we will invariably observe galaxies which reflects the widest range of configurations, plus ranges of solar systems, planets, moons, asteroids. We will observe the whole range of geography, the whole range of possible chemistry, the whole range of other lifeforms, the whole range of personalities.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    However, a similar concept has been proposed by biologist & neuroscientist, Terrence Deacon, in his book Incomplete Nature. There, he introduces the notion of Constructive or Constitutive Absence, as a "state of things not yet realized". He suggests that is a "defining attribute of life and mind" as well as of "ententional' phenomena, such as functions, thoughts, adaptations, purposes, and subjective experiences". Deacon's Absence also seems to be similar to Aristotle's Potential.Gnomon

    Defined as constraint, form refers in a way to what isn't physically present, and yet what has definite causal consequences. Final causality is the ability of a synergistic system of forms to become its own cause by perpetuating itself.

    Mind isn't a ghostly immaterial entity existing beyond causality, but neither is it causally epiphenomenal (inconsequential). It is a dynamic process that evolved because of its function in sustaining and coordinating bodily activity in a very subtle way, through the perpetuation of constraint. Since mechanistic models only consider the extrinsic force exerted on one part by another in a deterministic system, they overlook the spontaneous propagation and self-persistence of constraints that organize our world while leaving it open to further organization.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    Heraclitus, also anticipated the Eastern notion of Yin-Yang in his concept of "unity of opposites". This is a way of reconciling all dichotomies by merging antithetical polar opposites into a synthesis of Unity (the One). For example, Hegel, lecturing on Heraclitus explained his notion of Unified Identity : "Subjectivity is the opposite of Objectivity, and since each is the 'other' of the 'other". He went on to assert that "thought itself is the true Being". And in the 21st century, we could substitute shape-shifting "Enformation" (energy / matter + life / mind) as a modern version of ancient Logos and Tao. Like abstract Energy, we don't know what BEING is, only what it does : cause beings & things to exist, and to desist.

    Since "Absolute BEING" encompasses all possibilities, including Positive & Negative, Freedom & Determinism, the Yin-Yang notion of Freedom within Determinism could suggest a solution to the "free quandary" in a cause & effect world. Randomness explores all possibilities, but Selection chooses what becomes Actual.

    We see that the All had to employ the opposites of matter and anti-matter, which in addition to being mirror opposites have opposite electrical charge; so now we know that the All couldn't have done it with just one type of matter. We can surmise that other opposites were also of necessity, such as positive kinetic energy and negative potential energy.

    The All also had to induce matter-antimatter asymmetry or else naught would matter. There are something like 10 billion photons for every proton, indicating 10**9 annihilations early on.

    … ?

    We are left with forms that matter, and still humongous amounts of it, which means that it was easy to come by… Why?

    We are profiling the All in order to figure out how it works…

    The All has to make sure that time moves forward.

    Kevin Giorbran had an idea, in ‘Everything Forever’, but he killed himself, so I can’t get any more out of him…

    The beginning of the universe with separated matter and anti-matter, though seemingly improbable, is indeed necessity since that’s what happened, the why being that this is the most complete grouping order, for only then will there be the overall pull toward symmetry, which is the featureless blend at the end of the universe as the ultimate symmetry order.

    With the All having to be as everything in a great all-at-once superposition of potentials / probabilities, all the possibilities of all the imbalances must trace back and actualize to the one and only state of the necessary beginning of all, the separation of matter and anti-matter, the greatest imbalance of all.

    A divergence ensues unto a convergence: top-down from the end of the universe drives the bottom-up events from the beginning, the future ever affecting the present. So to speak, the flat whiteness of the Omega End brings forth the diversified prismatic colors from the Alpha Start.

    There would be an Enfoldment/Unfoldment: electrons, protons, seem ‘bottom-up’ only, but are ‘enfolded’ in the top-down whole, as with Bohm’s implicit order guiding the blooming, unfolding, explicit order.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    Why Free Will Is Real :Gnomon

    I argue that agency, choice, and control are emergent, higher-level phenomena,

    Hope so!

    I just moved my coffee so I can't knock it over.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    Free won't is the result of the brain categorizing domains of avoidance, building coherent value structures within those cognitive domains, and protecting their place in that domain through reinforced mechanisms of valuation as outlined in neuroeconomics. Free will IS free won't. The Will is the full expression of the brain and the thoughts and behavior that emerge, or do not emerge from it.Garrett Travers

    Well said.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    This pathetic hope-against-all-hope is one of the "absurd human passions" that Hume referred to as inappropriate for a perfect deity. Carter must be aware that neither the world, nor its reasoning creatures, are perfect. Yet, his working definition of "FreeWill" seems to require a perfect & omniscient being. Hence, his project -- of proving that Determinism is not absolute -- is bound to fail. However, if he could accept a less-than-perfect definition of freedom, his desire for a world in which Reason is not ridiculous might prove to be reasonable.Gnomon

    OK 'God' is not, but the Eternal Basis may have a way of coming up with something workable although not ideal, which we have to figure out, which may help out with the 'free' quandary of free will.

    Would a non determined spontaneous will choice count as free?

    See here:
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    2. Negative free will: Defiance of one's wills (free won't).Agent Smith

    'Free won't' is just the usual subconscious neural 'voting' that comes from another part of the brain will than did the initial proposal.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    Holism ; Holon :
    Philosophically, a whole system is a collection of parts (holons) that possesses novel properties not found in the parts. That something extra is an Emergent quality that was latent (unmanifest) in the parts. For example, when atoms of hydrogen & oxygen gases combine in a specific ratio, the molecule has properties of water, such as wetness, that are not found in the gases. A Holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part — A system of entangled things that has a function in a hierarchy of systems.

    A real example strong emergence is needed, if there is one. The liquidity is because the tiny hydrogen atoms roll around and also roam between (as ions) the much larger oxygen atoms.
  • Free Will and Other Popular Delusions, or not?
    The Single Simple Question that Challenges All Convictions.Gnomon

    We’ll have to pick at some of the clues to see what might come out of them although not seeing anything about free will or not at the outset.

    Then one more foray into the counter-intuitive alternative reality of Quantum theory, found a tiny glimmer of freedom in the non-local features of Entanglement.9 He hoped the “spooky action at a distance” might break the chain of causation, because “entangled particles transcend space & time”. Yet, he still couldn’t see how ghostly particles of matter could add-up to human freedom from the constraints of causation.

    That entangled particles correlate non-locally over great distances means that objects don’t have to be near each other to have relation, that the relational information is more primary than distance, even perhaps that two particles are as to us bit two looks of the same system in some higher dimensional realm. So, something holistic would be going on, the same system being a whole.

    (Or it is that the relation is as one long ‘rod’ of connected quantum fields such that when we see one end rotating clockwise face on then the other end has to be seen rotating counter-clockwise face on.)

    Big Bang Cosmology indicates that many particles may be entangled with some others, having have been all together at the start although probably not everything is entangled with everything.

    What would this say about its ‘will’ before and after the Bang and how would that work?

    Probably too soon to say, so we’ll have to pick at other clues.

    The Eternal Basis (Potential Enform Action), being the Mandatory Causeless, cannot have any input and so this may indicate that its bedrock is randomness, but, nevertheless, it is all there at once and so it could also somehow be the potential of all possible paths of action at once in a superposition—a Whole.

    What would tip it to form a universe the way it did, with elementary matter and anti-matter having asymmetry?

    Perhaps too soon to answer.
  • Immaterialism
    Potential EnFormActionGnomon

    Your Award for finding the needle in the haystack:


    The great needle plays, stitches, winds, and paves
    As the strands of quantum fields’ webs of waves
    That weave the warp, weft, and woof, uni-versed,
    Into being’s fabric of Earth’s living braids.
  • Immaterialism

    And they breathe fire into the equations.
  • Immaterialism
    Photons will be all that's left!Dijkgraf

    Given that photons have no mass and no time, Roger Penrose thinks that since no mass will be left at the end of the universe then there is no distance because there is no mass or something like that … and so a new universe can begin since the spread-out photons will be as if they are near each other. Sorry, I don't remember where I saw that, but photons already seem to get emitted and absorbed without traveling in between.
  • Immaterialism
    Imagine a single lonely electron looking for a lonely single proton in a vast inflating space... Reaching out in vain...Dijkgraf

    From time’s shores toward oblivion’s worlds,
    The quantum ‘vacuum’ fields send forth their whirls,
    The sea parting into base discrete swirls,
    Unto stars and life—ephemerals pearled.

    When the universe ends—sparse photons left,
    All splendor, life, and objects will have gone
    The way that all temporaries must go,
    To oblivion—oh, grand complexities!

    Only the Eternal Basis stays put
    As potential for all possible books
    In Everything’s Babel Repository
    To author another universe’s story.
  • Immaterialism
    Well sure, I’d consider thatWayfarer

    On Consciousness

    What the meaning to this play we’re befit,
    From dirt to dust within the script that’s writ?
    The wise in search have thrown themselves to waste;
    Experience alone is the benefit.

    Physics describes but the extrinsic causes,
    While consciousness exists just for itself,
    As the intrinsic, compositional,
    Informational, whole, and exclusive—

    As the distinctions toward survival, 
    Though causing nothing except in itself,
    As in ne’er doing but only as being,
    Leaving intelligence for the doing.

    The posterior cortex holds correlates,
    For this is the only brain region that
    Can’t be removed for one to still retain
    Consciousness, it having feedback in it;

    Thusly, it forms an irreducible Whole,
    And this Whole forms consciousness directly,
    A process fundamental in nature,
    Or’s the brain’s private symbolic language.

    The Whole can also be well spoken of 
    To communicate with others, as well as
    Globally informing other brain states,
    Via qualia, about what’s been made.
  • Immaterialism
    At the most fundamental level, massless charges feel so attracted by each other that they only can exist in massive triplets, which can have color and electric charge.Dijkgraf

    Good write-up!


    The quarks, those constituents of the orgy
    Playfully bound within the nucleons’ chamber
    Are named up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top,
    The last two once being called beauty and truth;

    However, when just one of a type was contained
    It became referred to, say, as a naked beauty,
    And thus nude tops & bottoms their charms revealed—
    To ever be in closeness binding, and bonding,

    So they even tried just u, d, s, c, b, and t
    To prevent some ultimate collapse of physics,
    But the truth of the flavors beneath the veils
    Remained as the sheerest vision preferred.

    So we have these vibrant dancing ladies:
    The naked heavyweight top, charming up,
    Down, the strange beauty of the raw truth,
    And a bare bottom just around and behind.

    They gyrate, spinning their charms, twirling
    In the universal dance of stunning motion,
    The polarity sometimes reversed,
    Whirling, their bottoms up and tops down.

    And then there are Eden’s many colors,
    In this flower garden filled with flavors,
    Such as red bottom beauties, blue tops,
    And magenta undulations unstopped.

    Gluons are the bees of the flower beds,
    Carrying pollen back and forth to bond
    The many relationships that make
    This loved world go ‘round as reality.

    Eyed in views that probe the fundamental,
    Quarks strangely swirl in and out of sight,
    Pulsing, throbbing with elemental delight,
    Back and forth—the love-made life of eternity.

    These attractions in the altogether denuded
    In the buff became the strong force manifest
    That these mother-nature-naked terms exposed
    To denote the stark beauty of truth uncovered.


    They were all dancing within love’s treasure vault
    Within the framework of the broadening thought,
    The lights pulsing and the waves reverberating,
    Where the good times had become everlasting.

    Tribal primal field currents were raging
    From speakers of the energy matrix pounding;
    They whirled and twirled as loving gestalts
    Of sentient consciousness knowing no halt.

    There were rhythms of constant contraction
    And expansions of bosom-energy projections
    Converted to scalar waves of blinking attraction,
    As fission and fusion beckoned the connections…

    Ever forming in this Omni-sound emporium,
    Where tone waves vibrated in waves of creation.


    Naked quarks would really love to go wild and dance,
    But there’s only a finite amount of energy and chance;
    So they would spiral out of control,
    Having quite a blast!

    Such they’ve been confined within the proton—
    To last.

    They’re made bottoms-up;
    Can we see them tops-down, a go-go?

    No, for the quantum censor protects the charm show,
    Their strange beauty and flavor bound up and down,
    For the proton is much immune to disturbance around.


    A new kind of microscope
    That works via gravitational waves
    Has revealed the actual interior
    Of a quark for the first time.

    The charming beauty
    Of the ultimate truth
    Is that ladies are
    In charge of the universe!


    The strong family unit, as the three quarks,
    Is bonded by the power of its grouping,
    But, loses identity if the home breaks—
    Other pairs soon forming after divorcing.

    Or comes the prison of solitude,
    Chained to isolation with fortitude,
    Floating, lost, without effects of affects,
    Losing the identity conferred by others.

    Within the proton, gentleness becomes strength,
    For the members are free to explore at length,
    Never smothering, but building unity,
    The unit’s direction adding to the one.

    The strong force grows weaker near the quarks,
    And so we may observe them someday,
    Shining in their primordial glory—
    The beginning of all things composite.

    Identity is not lost in the co-joining—
    True loves don’t crowd the hearts of the others,
    But, rather, look outward, in the same direction,
    Close, joined, but don’t block the others’ section.

    It is a seeming arithmetic violation,
    That in summation we become greater;
    We don’t merge, having supported freedom,
    Yet still share the same good vibrations.

    Love matures when partners let it flow beyond,
    Free to wend its way to places dear and fond.
    Love’s butterfly prospers when winds blow free;
    Unconditional love never binds—it bonds.
  • Immaterialism
    Yes. They are fundamentalGnomon

    The Quantum Field Theory on Which the Everyday World Supervenes:

    Sean Carroll on QFT:
  • Immaterialism
    It is not at all clear what electromagnetic fields are, nor if there are fields of other kindsWayfarer

    How about a fundamental consciousness field, per David Chalmers?
  • Immaterialism
    Particles move in spacetime, don't they?Dijkgraf

    'Particles' are directly field quanta, so they move along the fields like kinks in a rope.
  • Immaterialism
    This is because quantum fields are not in spacetimeGnomon

    Because quantum fields are Fundamental.
  • Immaterialism
    (Now, what about qualia....?)Wayfarer

    Of course, all the wonders of life and consciousness evolved over a very long time after the cosmic evolution that was also over a very long time, thus both evolutions appearing to be completely natural with no other guidance. So mind-numbingly slow!

    Qualia have to be constructed from the neural correlates.
  • Immaterialism
    I've never heard of "mind atoms" before.Gnomon

    More accurately, the universe is made of quanta; that definition covers more than atoms. So, anyway, all that forms is of quanta.
  • Immaterialism
    Whereas materialists of all stripes believe that the objects of perception have intrinsic reality - the kind of reality that persists independently of any perception, sensation or judgement. The difficulty with that view is that, even though it seems to accord perfectly with common sense, we can obviously never say of the reality of anything that it persists independently of perception, sensation and judgement, because in order to assess its reality, we have to perceive or sense it. We can presume with sound reason that the object persists in the absence of any perception of it, and act as if to all intents and purposes that this is true, but this is still a presumption, not a demonstrated certainty.Wayfarer

    I think it's a stretch to think that all that goes on is a hoax, such that the senses don't take anything in, that it is a story in a 4D movie in which everything matches perfectly with reality as if it were real. This is describing the block universe, and if it is then I think it all still had to have happened at some point—all at once, I suppose, and then it plays out.

    The block universe would be merely the implementation—the messenger, but the message is still the same. It would be that a difference in implementation that makes no difference to the message is truly no difference.