• Bannings
    Oompa loompa doompety doo
    I’ve got an obvious puzzle for you
    Oompa loompa doompety dee
    If you aren't dumb you’ll listen to me

    What do you get when you split semantic twine
    Batting strands about like a hair-brained feline
    What are you at, it's misogyny you idiot
    Why do you think you should bring it up, that

    I don’t like the look of it

    Oompa loompa doompety da
    If you’re not pedantic you will go far
    You will live without misogyny too
    Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do
  • Bannings

    What if he rises again in three days? Has it been three days yet? :chin:
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    I gotta stop reading right to left...
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    If I sign out and google search "philosophy forum" it's the first result. :chin:
  • Music and Mind

    I agree people hear different things in music, and not even just musicians vs. non-musicians. If you take an album like Laughing Stock by Talk Talk, as a musician, I still hear something new each time I listen to it (that has more to do with the endless layers than anything, I guess). Another interesting thing I've noticed is that I sort of log songs I hear casually into "like" or "dislike" categories, but subliminally. I'll hear a song in a store or something and either immediately be like "ah what is that, I like that song", or the opposite. When I realize what it is, I might be sort of embarrassed at myself, if it's, for instance, a Katy Perry song I was enjoying. This is apparently based on the social acceptability of certain music within certain circles, which goes into another topic, but the point is that apparently I don't even always hear the same song the same way; i.e., I may not realize I instinctively like a song or piece until I hear it in a new context.
  • Holiday Short Story Competition Discussion
    The wheels have begun to turn.
  • Get Creative!

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • Get Creative!
    My new ambient record, Pink Logos, is out now on Aught/Void Records. Recorded in April 2020 while quarantined at home with Covid symptoms. Dark, weird, but with a light at the end of the tunnel. Levels Of Compression is the must-listen track, although it's not for everyone.
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    I've messed around with alot of shit, but brain...bro...
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    I reckon having it spread out as you have is probably better than the single bite I had which turned my brain into jelly.
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    Maybe. We had several courses with caviar. My cherry was popped for caviar, uni, and waygu, though, to be honest. It was a night.
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    Somehow refreshing at the same time? idk
  • Holiday Short Story Competition Discussion

    Yeah I agree; I'm more interested in a higher voter turnout than a system that allows the TPF faithful to vote with more nuance while isolating any potential casual voters. I don't understand the desire for more nuance. I may not even contribute a story this time around.
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    The thing about omokase is that we literally ate 18 different pieces of sushi, so as much as I'm trying to remember everything, it all blurs together. I was smart though, and took a pic of the menu. One of the highlights was the 2nd to last piece: A5 Waygu Beef w/Uni and Fois Gras :rofl:
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    But yes, I'm also a garbage disposal, so I was very happy to indiscriminately eat whatever was placed in front of me.
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    So it's sushi but you eat what the chef decides?jamalrob

    Essentially, yeah. We went to Sushi by M, which is an omokase spot that's supposed to be a little more approachable and affordable, which it was. You choose one of two menus and that's it. Super simple. Some of the most saline, refreshing food I've had. Also essentially my first "post-pandemic" high-end meal, so that helped. I'm still thinking about it.
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    Just came back from my first omokase experience. Amazing.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    One of the best things I've heard in a long time (this is just the intro):

  • Holiday Short Story Competition Discussion

    An excellent start already. That drama directed towards a story concept is already golden.
  • Holiday Short Story Competition Discussion
    This time around I'm hoping to read stories from @Wayfarer, @Bitter Crank, and @Shawn, to name a few...
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    Immune but still spreading :chin:
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    Today I learned that a yellow bell pepper has 568% daily value of Vitamin C. I used half of one in my salad today, so I’m running at at least 284% currently, not including the kale and cherry tomatoes.
  • Holiday Short Story Competition Discussion
    I don't have strong opinions on a voting system, other than that if it's too complicated or requires too many steps, less people will probably vote (edit: i.e. if someone casually finds the contest and sees several hoops to jump through to vote, they might not). Such a small percentage of people voted last time (if I remember correctly) that it would seem more important to me to get more people involved in reading and voting. Just a thought.
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    In reverse as in starting with the most recent and going back to your first post on the forum? Or beginning with the last word of each post and reading to the first? Or phonetically reading in reverse beginning with the last letter of each post?
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    But have you listened to Jimi in reverse; that's the question.
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    Is that an Uno card?
  • Philosphical Poems

    Thanks, glad you liked it. It's also supposed to begin in relative "silence", one word, and grow and grow, as a way to emphasize the ideas in the poem.

    I like the Carl Dennis above; I like the style. From that poem I get the theme of what I would describe as "social taboo" or something, or uncomfortable realities that no one wants to admit; I've never come up with the right phrase. Lines like this:

    The strollers out on the street today
    Don’t have to believe all men are created equal,
    All endowed by their creator with certain rights,
    As long as they behave as if they do,
    T Clark
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    Anyone ever accidentally read the shoutbox in reverse?
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  • Philosphical Poems
    Here's one of mine from a few years ago:

    The silence
    Of no applause
    For the subway singer
    Speaks louder than feigned
    Appreciation, than fetishized fawning:
    The standing ovation of the deaf sheep herd.
    Maybe true feeling is only met with silence, the silence
    Of no return to the question of why the silence brings a silent feeling.
    Like when the inner flame of thought is quelled by the outer frame of discursive judgment; the embarrassing lisp of the inner infinite first feeling; the apologetic laugh, crafted to avert the penetration of an eye; coital fumbling blocked by the self-preservation of an unknown inner kingdom -
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    A fun team to watch in the playoffs this year, although I couldn't truly root for them since they beat Cleveland in '95. I was rooting for Rosario though.
  • What is the singer of Coldplay singing about?

    Both tracks are very similar. Music copyright law is very weird. I think the Coldplay track counted as being a copyright violation, even though I guarantee you Chris Martin from Coldplay never listened to Joe Satriani in his life, so in that sense, Coldplay kind of got fucked.

    Edit: the idea being that they both wrote similar melodies independently from one another totally at random.
  • Is personal Gnosis legitimate wisdom?
    Rip it out and put it in a bottle, then it's of no interest, unless you're a pathologistWayfarer

    We're sifting through a sea of pathologists here.
  • Is personal Gnosis legitimate wisdom?

    Any insight is personal by nature; the only question is to what extent a personal insight is perceived as having value at a universal level versus at a personal level. This is true across all disciplines, whether hardcore philosophy or Gnosticism. The only difference seems to be the acknowledgement of mysticism (including Gnosticism) of this fact, versus the inability to realize this fact in traditional philosophy.
  • You don't need to read philosophy to be a philosopher
    It is not necessary that you leave the house. Remain at your table and listen. Do not even listen, only wait. Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking, it can do no other, in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.
    — T Clark

    Of course this is Kafka's original thought not T Clark's. I wonder why Kafka thought that. Was he recommending avoidance of literature? Seeing is one thing; if you want to be good at communicating what you see, then obviously some familiarity with the ways other's have expressed their seeing will no doubt be helpful

    I think you're overthinking the Kafka quote. I read it as a description of a sort of meditation. I've certainly had moments in life where the world was writhing in ecstasy at my feet. Today, in fact. I went to Chinatown in Manhattan and ate a pork chop over rice and some wontons doused in hot chili oil. It was almost dusk, and I was sitting outside on a closed off street, watching the sun slowly set over the tenement buildings. I call that philosophy.