• Synchronicity, Chance and Intention
    It appears chaotic to the observer.Nickolasgaspar

    So don't look! Really, this is a bit silly, isn't it? You reject what can be observed in favour of what we would observe if... according to the theory you are trying to demonstrate the truth of. Not very scientific or logical, I fear. But I have no problem anyway with noticing that the laws of physics do not impose any particular universal order, and are mainly statistical in nature - as witness the gas laws for instance. On the contrary, it is the laws of nature themselves that produce the conditions of stability of the wave at sea AND the chaotic dissipation of the wave energy at the shoreline.
  • Synchronicity, Chance and Intention
    The paradigm of chaos theory is the water wave. waves at sea propagate in a predictable and consistent manner, at a constant speed, and the movement of water molecules as the wave passes is consistent and roughly circular. But when the wave reaches the beach, it breaks and the movement becomes chaotic.

    One can see thus, how on one hand the chaotic movement of gas molecules gives rise to the order of constant pressure, and on the other, how the ordered movement of the wave produces the chaotic event of the breaker.

    It is a kind of foreshadowing of meeting the person I know in a premonitionary way.Jack Cummins

    Right, so one might understand it as a backward causation if such a thing were possible; the meeting in the future sets up an expectation in the mind in the past. Which would make sense if there were a spiritual aspect to consciousness that is beyond time. And since we already have no satisfactory physical theory of consciousness anyway, we need not rule it out a priori.

    That's about as far as I can go with it, except to suggest that such premonitions might well be proportional to the 'importance' in terms of communication, of the future meeting. This would explain why premonitions about horse races are fairly rare.
  • Synchronicity, Chance and Intention
    Often, what happens is that I am out and think I see someone and get close up and realise it is not them. A short while later, I really meet the person who I had mistaken a stranger for.Jack Cummins

    Ok. What does that mean? What makes it a meaningful coincidence rather than just a coincidence.
  • Synchronicity, Chance and Intention
    I am not convinced that anything to do with Will Smith is meaningful. And this is the difficulty; one is liable to be struck by coincidences even when they are not meaningful. So much stuff happens in the course of a normal day that accidental meaningless coincidences are to be expected. We see patterns because bla bla harmless false positives...

    So start again with much more strict criteria for meaning and you will be closer to what Jung intended, which was something more like a deep structure to human experience at the psycho-spiritual level.
  • Some remarks on Wittgenstein's private language argument (PLA)
    Speaking of tone, the antipodean intonation that turns every sentence into a question perhaps expresses in its origins the roots of the largely uneducated convicts in a strange land? Uncertain of almost anything? D'ya know what I mean?

    The latter question, which philosophers agonise over for centuries, is an expression more or less equivalent to "um," but occurs at the end of the speech more than the middle.
  • Some remarks on Wittgenstein's private language argument (PLA)
    When a doctor asks where the pain is they pay attention to the gesture that indicates the location; a flat hands indicates a surface pain, a finger a stabbing pain, a fist a deep ache, and so on. That these indicators are expressions rather than referrals is strongly suggested by the fact that most patients are unaware of their having any significance. Body language, except when learned by actors, is almost all expression, I would think.

    The 7-38-55 rule indicates that only 7% of all communication is done through verbal communication, whereas the nonverbal component of our daily communication, such as the tonality of our voice and body language, make up 38% and 55% respectively. — Google

    Philosophy is toneless and bodiless, and that is why it goes astray so often.

    *Gives long hard scanning silent stare to audience.*
  • An analysis of the shadows
    The motto of liberalism is nihil ultra ego - nothing beyond the self; challenge it at your peril.Wayfarer

    The religion that worships its chains! There is a persistent illusion that distorts my view of the world, that my pain and pleasure is more significant than yours, and my life more important than yours. The combination of this myopia and short arms means that I tend to myself and let you tend to to yourself most of the time. But when there is nothing beyond self, we cannot even communicate, let alone cooperate. Have some more tea.
  • On Death Toll Arguments
    Sure, but 122 people a year does sort of pale in comparison to the scope of the aforementioned atrocities, not that that isn't a serious social plight.thewonder

    How many years, one has to ask? I seem to remember the old 303 bolt action rifle was replaced by I forget which semi automatic because someone calculated that if the Chinese people were lined up to be shot, the job would never be finished. This is surely the crucial other half of the statistics - the replacement rate.

    Is this the sort of argument you want to have? Actually, I'm bored already, don't bother to reply.
  • On Death Toll Arguments
    Apparently, a woman is murdered by a man every 3 days in the UK. I blame the government.

    Apparently Churchill was responsible for the famine in India

    But i wonder if the conspiracy to undermine the science about smoking and lung cancer, and the similar one about asbestos and emphysema, are up there with the megadeath score?

    But what are these arguments you speak of? Is there a Megadeath competition or something? If you are wondering which are the goodies and which are the baddies, I can give you a hint - the angels are the goodies, and the humans are the baddies.
  • Your thoughts on Efilism?
    Moral nihilism has a bad reputation, but isn't that what we are espousing?Down The Rabbit Hole

    It's certainly not whatI'm espousing. I say that life is good and therefore death is good and pain is good, because these things are part of life. I do not have an argument, and if you disagree, there is nothing more to be said on my part.

    Well actually there is a great deal more to be said, but for the moment I will limit my pontification to this aphorism: suffering is the attempt to escape pain or capture pleasure.
  • Your thoughts on Efilism?
    Is it that there is no correct answer? Or we just can't prove it to each other?Down The Rabbit Hole

    The former.
    I prefer vanilla, you prefer strawberry.
    I prefer the pricking of my finger, you prefer the destruction of the world.
    De gustibus non Disputandum est.
  • Your thoughts on Efilism?
    'Tis not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger. Reason's only purpose is to help us to satisfy our desires. Reason is, and ought only to be, the slave of the passions. — Hume

    In other words, it's not worth arguing about.
  • Dream, Dream, Dream; Reality
    So it's your dreams that create all this trouble in the world? There had to be some reason for it I suppose.

    Any chance you can learn to dream nice dreams? Please?

    Have you read Ursula LeGuin, The Lathe of Heaven?
  • Are psychological models discovered or enforced?
    The physics of the mind?khaled

    The physics of the mind would be very abstract and rather empty seeming. I can make one vague suggestion: the physics would be 3 dimensional. There is a necessary (or perhaps unnecessary*) division of self-awareness between the self that is aware, and the self it is aware of. And to notice this requires a further division, producing the three dimensions. But further division is unnecessary, and simply repeats the previous ones. Thus every decent theory has 3 elements id, ego, superego, or child, adult, parent, or social, personal spiritual, Father Son and Holy Ghost, or whatever.

    *Of course "the sage is ruthless; he treats the people as dummies." But that is to say that when one has no division, one has no psychology.
  • Are psychological models discovered or enforced?
    Well they say that it’s because of people not fully committing to the model!khaled

    You have to laugh! It's not that the theory is wrong, it's that people aren't trying hard enough! Worthy of a politician. :rofl:
  • Are psychological models discovered or enforced?
    I heard the folk in the East have a nice model which supposedly eliminates all suffering and places you in a state of permanent bliss.khaled

    You heard wrong, unfortunately; there is heap plenty suffering in the East. But anyway, you don't get to choose your theory any more than you get to choose your form of insanity. You get educated/socialised according to the current psychological theory, and that produces the kind of person and the kind of insanity that you, or I then theorise and use to bring up the next generation. My generation was brought up on 'discipline' meaning physical punishment and threats. So the current theory is called 'trauma theory'. This seems to lead to a lot of complaining snowflakes who will probably neglect their children. Expect "abandonment theory", or some such, therefore.

    Of course I am probably entirely wrong about all this, because it is after all, a psychological theory. :death:
  • Are psychological models discovered or enforced?
    We have had various theories of matter, and the current theories seem to work better than the old theory of the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), for example. One of the things about matter that helps us here is that matter is constant in the sense that it does not adapt to the theory we have of it.

    Not so, humanity alas. We always have some view of human nature or other, and that view does much to colour our interactions with each other and with the environment. The effect of a psychological theory on behaviour is not something that the psychological theory in question can possibly take account of. Thus one comes up with - for example - a theory of sexual repression of women leading to hysterical symptoms (Freud), and by the time the ideas have percolated through society, everyone is talking about sex all day long, the repression no longer exists and poor old Freud looks like a nutcase.
  • The Shoutbox
    I decided to study the new values that were engulfing Portland State and so many other educational institutions — values that sound wonderful, like diversity, equity, and inclusion, but might actually be just the opposite. The more I read the primary source material produced by critical theorists, the more I suspected that their conclusions reflected the postulates of an ideology, not insights based on evidence. — ex-prof Bogoff

    Values based on evidence eh? I'm not sure that is a good idea...
  • Can an amateur learn how to enjoy "academical" philosophical discussions
    It is rare in the course of discussion to achieve a sudden new insight. What is difficult about the more abstract discussions though is to understand what is at stake. Sometimes nothing is at stake except the meaning of a word in a particular context, but sometimes the whole of civilisation is potentially transformed.
    The latter is unlikely to be the result of a discussion here, though.

    But while SEP is the dog's bollocks for serious depth, I recommend rather a quick crib-sheet that will allow you to spatter the big cheeses' names through your posts without actually have to read the buggers, and get a handle on some of the isms and other obscure terminology. Something like this:
  • What is your opinion of Transhumanism?
    It refers to the People's Temple cult who all drank poisoned Kool-Aid given them by their guru.T Clark

    And there was me thinking it referred to the Cool-Aid Acid Test.
  • The Decay of Science
    Edward Gibbon, in his classic work on the fall of the Roman Empire, describes the Roman era's declension as a place where "bizarreness masqueraded as creativity.” — Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

    You heard it there first.
  • Identity analysis on Youtube
    I'm very interested in identity, but I'm not too fond of video philosophy, so I headed off after a few minutes to find some text on Lionel Trilling.
  • Breaking manifesto pledges
    It's not so much inconsistency as lying that I mind.Tim3003

    You and me both. From the bridge to N. Ireland to the floating wall in the Channel to stop the migrants, the fantasies pour out with Trumpean brazenness. They'll be telling us next that Corbyn is a racist.
  • How Much Do We Really Know?
    I am sure that there are limitations of our current knowledge.Jack Cummins

    If that its your project, you have started poorly. Start with the idea that we really do know some things, and then see how far you can extend these things. I think I am quite certain that the world is not flat. Some people believe otherwise, but they are in error.
  • How Much Do We Really Know?
    So you can imagine a circumstance where what I have claimed we know, could be untrue. I might be a robot, for instance. Or you might be hallucinating this discussion, or...

    If "absolute and indubitable certainty" is what you mean by 'really know' then we know nothing, including whether or not there is a 'we'. But that is an abuse of language, because actually we use the word 'know' in a different way - I could be wrong about this, but as it happens I am not, so I know...
  • The Shoutbox
    Bricolage is the skill of using whatever is at hand and recombining them to create something new. — Claude Levi-Strauss
    The Savage Mind.
  • How Much Do We Really Know?

    1. You have written a post.
    2. In English.
    3. That appears superficially to make sense.
    4. We know how to read and write English.

    I wonder if there is a difference between 'what we know' and 'what we really know'? What work is the extra word doing?
  • The Shoutbox
    *Pig grows jubilant*Shawn
    Horse eats frog by mistake
    "Bird chirps joyfully*Noble Dust

    Poetry as bricolage.
  • The Shoutbox
    It's easy peasy
    Odd numbers are auspicious
    Lucky it's easy.

    The first line sets out
    what the next develops
    The last transforms all.
  • Covid denialism as a PR stunt
    But truth does have an annoying way of eventually coming out, which will either be when the vaccinated start having all sorts of mysterious symptoms or the when unvaccinated start dying.Hanover

    It won't annoy the dead, or the self-righteous living, but it annoys me now that I cannot trust what I am told, and but expect to be told "told you so" whenever I have been misinformed, which I suspect is all the time.
  • Covid denialism as a PR stunt
    if there is really a conspiracy, then there will be real traces of it. Nonexistent events don't leave them.ssu

    Sometimes the work of the invisible hand looks a bit like a conspiracy.

  • Breaking manifesto pledges
    A vote for Boris has never conceivably been a vote for consistency. We like the cut of his jib, without having the least clue what a jib is or how it should be cut.
  • Covid denialism as a PR stunt
    Belief systems tend to have high priests, and here are a couple for you.

    There is no way the charge of stupid can fit here. These are high-ish flyers, qualified doctors.

    On the other hand, the mass of the faithful are suffering from a generalised paranoia brought on quite justifiably by the habit of lying that prevails in commercial medicine and politics and the media and authorities in general. When you cannot believe what you are told, you are reduced to superstition and complete gullibility, such that negating the official line, and getting ejected from the establishment has become a mark of credibility. These are dangerous times. There is no one immune from this gullibility, because no one is even competent in most fields of knowledge, and even in those areas that they are expert in, they have learned their expertise from potentially dishonest sources.

    In these circumstances, there is no basis to make a reasonable decision. What is needed, and what is lacking, is trust. Trust is the liquidity of the knowledge economy, and of society in general.

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.
    — W.B.Yeats
  • patriarchy versus matriarchy
    If you consult The Golden Bough, or better yet, The White Goddess, you will hear of an ancient normality of matrilineal descent - there is no question of who the mother is, when the question of who the father is is not even considered. In such matrilineal societies, there would typically be a King, who would reign for a year and then be sacrificed. An excellent system that should be brought back asap for all politicians.

    At some point the king managed to survive and eventually managed transform the system to a patrilineal one. This involved of necessity, strict control of the female sexuality in order to ensure the patrilineal purity of the offspring.

    And that is the essence of patriarchy - the control of female sexuality. I have to say that this is not even controversial in anthropology, and it is rather sad that by page 4 it has not even been mentioned.
  • An ode to 'Narcissus'
    He strikes me as the person of other people's envy, and the envied person.baker

    The utter irrelevance of other people, envious or pitying is the essence of Narcissus. Self -concern and self-love, writ large, would be envied by those with equal self-concern, but without self-love. Self-harmers, anorexics, for examples - another form of addiction.
  • The Peter Principle in the Supernal Realms - A Novel Explanation for the Problem of Evil
    Why do you gain greater comfort in divine halfassery?Hanover

    Man created god in his own image?