• Coronavirus

    Amen Sushi. Unfortunately the TDS is going to get worse before it gets better. (On both sides btw, I see TDS on both sides, constantly.)

    There is still so much mixed messaging about this virus, and this strange defiance of “freedom over life” and “id rather die than destroy the country by not working” is pretty infuriating. People are just so fucking stupid. There are hidden triggers people have so that even the most reasonably offered request will be dismissed because of some so and so news source or medical advice.
    Whats especially baffling to me is how over and over, and with the virus now as well, is how when we have very solid, very well known information on whats happened elsewhere (like with Covid and Italy for example) and yet we continue to play put the exact same procedures. Religion, politics and now with this virus, too many people just flat out refuse to learn from history or in the case of Covid 19 from actual, fresh current events.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    See it really seems like a blind spot for you, and Im not trying to be a prick. Im a Trumpist?! I imagine we mostly agree on what kind of character the man shows, had you bothered to ask. How could you know im fooling myself about his character when Ive expressed so very little about it? Sorry, but I think you are assuming alot about me just because I noticed that media, including CNN, have spread falsehoods about Trump.
    Honestly, Im not trying to be antagonistic but thats fairly well out of line to call me a Trumpist. You have no real basis for that claim, except that we apparently disagree the news has spread falsehoods about Trump. So ask yourself why you made these baseless assumptions, and how it might be a problem when discussing this topic.
    Anyway, I think my original point still stands.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    Non-sequitor, i was providing an example of news spreading falsehoods about Trump not a reference to Trumps character. Im not rejecting anything as rash speculation, nor suggesting anyone else do so. This was actually addressed above anyway, if you're following along.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    Right, and it was repeated and exaggerated. Thats an example of spreading falsehoods in my books.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Regardless, you failed to specify. You went straight from "it's not 100% accurate" to "it's a lie". Yet you complained that all of Trumps inaccurate statements are treated as lies. That seems like a double standard to me.Echarmion

    It only seems like a double standard because of your low reading comprehension. Ive already explained this failure on your part but evidently you didnt understand that either.

    It seems a very odd hill to choose to die on. Most media outlets have some political bias. Almost all of them have a significant economic bias. There are plenty stories that go unheard or are badly mangled by the media. When it comes to inaccuracies in major news outlets, Trump is the last thing I'd worry about. The misrepresentations about Trump are just incredibly minor compared to some of the other shit that goes on.Echarmion

    Its not a hill im dying on, not all opinions, comments or disagreements are hills to die upon. Get a grip.
    Anyway, last word is yours, we are done here.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Who called him an "admitted rapist"? Some opinion piece somewhere? Have a source for that?Echarmion

    Not offhand no, it was a story about how that audio was an admission of guilt for sexual assault and I saw it referenced elsewhere (re-reported). Sorry, cant recall exactly.

    Isn't it entirely possible it's mostly lies, and claiming it's anything else is "muddying the waters"? How could anyone possibly know with certainty which statements are intentional and which are accidental lies?Echarmion

    I dont know, and I didnt say anything about certainty did I? Im not someone who things many things can be certain.

    Wait. You just said how very important it is to distinguish between lies, repeating nonsense, hyperbole etc. And here you are, claiming all they do is lie. Why don't you apply your own standard to them and try to analyse each statement in detail?Echarmion

    I didnt say all they do is lie. Is that what you read in the part you quoted? I said “they lie”. If I say “they sleep” does that mean thats all they do? Lol
    I love how you started with”Wait”. Lol. Was that a big gotchya moment?
    And I do apply the same standard to them. I try to apply the same standards to everyone, where context permits of course.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    You claimed it was misrepresentative to only play a portion of the pussy-grabbing audio. I pointed out that I had heard the entire audio on CNN, so you are either misrepresting it yourself, or you are referring to some occasion in which only a portion was played. Notice that you object to playing only a portion of the audio out of context, while you wish to set aside the general context I brought up. Omitting that portion of the audio, on occasion, does not result in someone getting a false impression of his character. Shouldn't that be what's important?Relativist

    If at any time they didn't play that important part of the recording for context it was a falsehood. It gives the condemnable words context, and without them it sounds worse. Leaving it out so it sounds worse is spreading a falsehood.
    Anyway, I watch CNN too. I dont hate CNN. I realise now that I should have been more clear about how general I was being, its not CNN constantly spreading misinformation, its the media in general. (Of which CNN is part of and guilty on occasion.
    As far as general judgement of his character, that a lie reflects someones true character doesnt mean its not a lie. If a guy is a thief, its still not ok to lie about him stealing something. If someones a dirtbag, you still shouldn't lie to make them look like more of a dirtbag.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    I heard the entire audio on CNN, and it included everything you said. No one has ever suggested that this isolated clip shows he's a sexual predator, but it does add context to the looooong list of sexual misconduct : he's cheated on every wife he's ever had numerous times (including Melania shortly after giving birth); there are numerous allegations of unwelcome sexual advances; he felt entitled to visit the Miss Universe contestants while they were dressing....the list goes on. His behavior toward women is indefensible. If you don't accept that, then you're burying your head in the sand.Relativist

    You asked for an example of him being misrepresented in the news, which I provided. Whether it fits an overall narrative about Trump is another matter. Just because someone does something wrong doesn't mean that you can freely make up more instances of that something and claim they are true.

    Trump utters an enormous number of falsehoods.
    Some are downright lies (intentional untruths), some are repeating nonsense he's heard from idiots like Alex Jones, some is just pure stupidity, and yes- some is hyperbole, and much of that is inappropriate (e.g. telling police officers it's ok to rough up the people they arrest).Is it CNN's job to analyze each false utterance and discern which category they belong to? Discerning fact from fiction seems sufficient, and Trump could avoid the negative interpretations if he'd strive to make factual statements.

    Lol, yes! That is their job, not going “we hate this guy, lets just go with close enough”. Its actually very important to get it as accurate as possible, to recognise distinctions between lies, errors, ignorance etc.
    Those are important distinctions and again, not being accurate or open about those distinctions is costly for any kind of anti-trump agenda. It plays into his hands, it lets him accurately claim “fake news”, which obscures the truth and any lies Trump actually does tell. It allows Trump To muddy the waters.

    Nevertheless, I see the difference between opinion and facts. My steady diet of CNN has not impaired that. Contrast that with die-hard Trump supporters who are in denial of any negative reporting about Trump. I can respect a Trump supporter who likes his policies, if they are realistic about what sort if man he is. I have zero respect for someone who make excuses for everything he does.Relativist

    Well I didnt say you couldnt tell the difference between opinion and facts, nor suggested CNN impairs your judgement. It might, I dont really know.
    I said they lie about Trump, and mischaracterise Trump. To use your term, they spread falsehoods. Thats what I interjected to discuss.
    Your stance on Trump supporters is noted, but I am not a Trump supporter. I dont even live in the US.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    Give me some notable examples of CNN spreading falsehoods. I want to understand what you'rw talking about.Relativist

    A good example is “pussygate”. I felt like the incident was pretty thoroughly misreported on CNN and most other media. First, they left out what proceeded his actual pussy grabbing comment which was “...when youre a celebrity, they LET you do whatever you want” or something close to that. That part is always left out and clipped so it can be misrepresented as sexual predation. Within a week it went from suggesting it meant he thought it was fun to sexually assault women to calling him an admitted rapist.
    It seemed pretty dishonest to me, and was spreading a falsehood.
    Another common thing I see is the conflation of jokes or hyperbole as factual claims. They do it all the time, going with the worst possible interpretation of something Trump said. I mean, I get it, Trump will hide behind hyperbole or jokes or actually lie but thats exactly why its so important not to tell lies or misrepresent what he said. Once you do that, people can say the media is misrepresenting or lying and be totally correct. Then Trump can call it fake news, and be 100% right. This provides cover for the actual problematic things he says and does.
    I mean, you can pretty much say anything about Trump and no one questions it. Calling him a Nazi, a racist, a narcissistic sociopath...and no one questions it. If just one of those terms is inaccurate or has no evidential basis then I would call it a falsehood.
    Im not saying its only with Trump, news is such a click baiting wasteland its full of this kinda thing and an place like Fox will spread falsehoods in the opposite direction but to say that Trump isnt misrepresented or lied about by the media seems clearly untrue to me.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    To be fair, this is also true of Trumpist bubbles, but the frequency of those are almost negligible as far as I can tell.NOS4A2

    In my experience its about the same, the fringe on both sides unless you include the media and even then the anti-trump or pro trump media both equally remain mostly on the same message. (Though it seems to me the anti-trump/left media has a wider reach. Im just not sure too many people really care what mainstream media says anymore, they just act like people do. Also, I consider right news programs to be mainstream, mainstream on the right.).
    One problem is that to many anti-trump people think anyone who voted for Trump (or the vast majority) are the same people as the fringe who voted for Trump. They do not realise that a lot of people who voted for Trump are not all that much different than they are. Just ordinary people who voted for who they think is better, or stuck to voting for party over candidate. (And various other, normal reasons for voting for Trump). Thats why they will lose again, and Trump will be elected again. The deciding votes are these ghost people that anti-Trump people dont really believe exist so completely ignore them (or worse, specifically mischaracterise or alienate them as racist, bigoted etc etc).
    Anyway, bubbles. I think that at least a certain kind of bubble (a sub-bubble) is mirrored by both sides.
  • No Self makes No Sense
    Well I am getting a bit too old to go seeking these things out. Maybe an opportunity will present itself one day. I would still expect at MOST, a loss of the SENSE of self. I can't really wrap my head around what "loss of self" even means.ZhouBoTong

    I would describe it as sense of self sure. Thats why people call it an illusion, cuz the “self” is t really there. You recognise the mechanics at work (or think that you do), thst you normally think of as your “self” doing.

    And that is exactly what I am trying to tease out here. What EXACTLY is the difference?ZhouBoTong

    I think your right it makes more sense to call it loss of self. So the difference between that sense and memory is categorical, memory is something the self (or the illusion of self) has access too. Attention is something the self does (but I suppose its possible other parts of consciousness can pay attention to things as well).

    How do you know that is not what is happening during drugs or meditation?ZhouBoTong

    Because it feels different. The feeling/experience of loss of sense of self is not the same as accessing memory or losing/gaining/focusing Attention.
    This is why people call it experiencing “becoming one with the universe”. It sounds like some hippy nonsense but damned if Zi can figure out a better way to put it. Thats what its like.

    Based on definitions of words "I" exist. To claim otherwise is extreme, and I would demand stark evidence to entertain such a notion...just like I would for a supernatural entity. The only evidence I have against either is that I see no evidence of either. Honestly, I am not even sure what people mean...if you lose your "self" can I now destroy your body and this lost consciousness will exist elsewhere?ZhouBoTong

    Oh, ok god just in the sense that it sounds like a supernatural claim and dismissed for similar reasons?
  • No Self makes No Sense

    You dont need the self for that cohesion and unity. It happens without it. Thats why they call the self an illusion.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    I agree, I do not see much point in living in that state all the time, or much time at all. That doesnt mean it isnt useful at all though.
  • No Self makes No Sense
    Well I have experienced psychedelics. But no matter how far down the rabbit hole I go, there is always a nagging little "I' that never leaves. What the "I" is saying is "you are on drugs, don't get carried away here." I would think drugs would make it easier to identify a partial loss of self...the first step in losing the self would be forgetting you are on drugs. If I know I am on drugs, then "I' has not gone anywhere. If "I" am not on drugs, who or what is?

    To be fair, I have never it called DMT? I think that is the one that is supposed to be directly tied to the loss of self...maybe?

    Correct, DMT will have that result. Other psychedelics can in the right settings, but DMT is a very reliable means of producing this effect.

    Can't you have this experience just by drinking too much? You wake up the next day to find video of yourself dancing on a table that you don't remember? How were the machines operating if you don't remember operating them? Heck, even entirely sober, have you ever got in your car and backed out of your driveway, then paused and thought, how did I get here? Or any other thing that just happens on auto pilot while we are thinking about something else? Our brain can do a lot with minimal to no intention.ZhouBoTong

    Id call that loss of memory and attention, not self. Also, in the “auto pilot” example, you reference yourself as part of denying your “self” was present. “...while we are thinking of something else”. That implies the self is present but otherwise focused. So I would say its not the same thing we are talking about.

    I can't say you are wrong. But a loss of self seems to fail as the simplest explanation. It feels like claiming there is a god. A HUGE claim, with very limited evidence.ZhouBoTong

    Interesting, please elaborate.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    There might be some semantics to it ya. Its very difficult to explain to someone whose never experienced it. Imagine a room with a bunch of machines (turned on, active) in it, and your in the room watching. Then you leave the room but the machines still continue working. When you return to the room you can check the security cams to see what you missed and you will see what happened while you were away and you will notice you weren't there. Like that. So now imagine when youre in the room you are the one working the machines, and when you return after leaving, you are surprised to find on the security cams that the machines work fine without you and the machines being worked/controlled by you was an illusion.
    Its like that, if any of that makes sense.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    Well there is still something going on, an experience is happening but its not the “self” thats experiencing. When the “self” returns, it can access the experience via memory for reference. Its present before, and after just not during..
  • No Self makes No Sense

    The illusion of self is present, and once it dissolves you see that all the things “self” was doing are actually a collection of processes the “self” had no real presence or control to start with.
    Do remember the carnie rides as a kid, where a car goes around on a track? They have steering wheels and you’d grab it and turn it and it felt like you were the one driving, taking the turn etc but by the end of the ride you figured out you were never driving at all. Its like that.
    Now, some people might think of the ride itself to be the “self”, but it doesnt feel that way just like it doesnt feel that way once you let go of the wheel and just tide the ride.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    Nothing. Your self isnt experiencing itself, “self” just a thing that's present and in certain conditions it isnt.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    Nothing loses the sense of self, the sense of self dissolves and is no longer present. The “I” part of your consciousness goes away and “you” becomes removed from the experience of consciousness.
    Its difficult to explain, but this is where the “self is an illusion” comes from.
  • No Self makes No Sense

    Have you tried any psychedelics or achieved a deep mediative state? In other words, have you actually done anything that would result in the loss of your sense of self?
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    No, I do not remember that. Maybe you're confusing me with someone else. I don’t think we have interacted before.
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    What kinda of criticisms make sense about Trump? Any examples?
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)

    What criteria do you use to distinguish between TDS and legitimate criticism of Trump? How do you know when a person who has a negative even anti-trump perspective is motivated/caused by TDS?
  • Business Ethics and Coronavirus
    Some people would say they are not being unethical. They aren't breaking any rules.schopenhauer1

    Then they would be ignoring how you’ve framed the question wouldnt they? As I said, you have defined the act as unethical.
    You are essentially asking, as far as I can tell, whether its unethical For the company to do something unethical if they are still technically following the rules. The answer seems very obvious. Yes, the immoral act is immoral but abiding by the rules.
  • Business Ethics and Coronavirus

    Well, you didnt really include those parameters in the initial post. Sure, if it is unethical to get those people to come to work when they could work from home then yes the company is in ethical’ve defined it thar way.
    I dont understand the conundrum.
  • Business Ethics and Coronavirus

    Lol, come on that was funny.
    Anyway, arent you essentially asking if the guidelines that are in place are ethical? In your example the guidelines are all being followed, so its only if you think that those guidelines are ethically inadequate that there would be an ethical breech.
  • Business Ethics and Coronavirus

    Im confused, what does this have to do with Anti-natalism?
  • Moral Debt
    I don’t quite believe you think it’s that relative. If a society/group considers that donating a chewing gum makes up for murder, they would be plain wrong, wouldn’t they?Congau

    Different discussion. Im not asking about your own “objective” morality and how the societies morality is measured against it, im just referencing the societies standards. (Specifically so we dont have to dick around with an entirely different discussion about whats right and wrong). Im asking about how the measurement is done, not what its being measured against.

    If by morality you mean moral character, that’s right. And I think that’s what you are trying to measure with your scheme. Isn’t it? The issue is the moral worth of the person and I don’t know what that would mean other than character.Congau

    No, by morality I mean morality. Not a scheme, a simple moral question about how we settle on moral questions. Not moral worth, moral balance. This is entirely a straw-man...straw-men. I chose the framing for a reason, if you think im not using the best words for my meaning you’ll have to show me why first.

    Right. The action is still good, and the actor is neither good nor bad based on this action.
    Of course it’s difficult or impossible for us, the observers, to know his intention. That’s why we make shortcut judgments based on his actions, and that’s why your scheme might seem to work on the surface. We can’t look inside a person’s head, so we assess him based on the circumstantial evidence we have.
    That would be the way we actually judge character, but it’s highly inaccurate and often unjust. We look at the drunkard who neglects wife and kids for his booze, which of course is bad, but we don’t know what brought him there, what tragedies he may be fighting against. Therefore, we shouldn’t judge anyone, if we can refrain from it, and a system like yours is an invitation to superficial judgment.

    None of that answers the question.
  • Moral Debt
    ay of thinking has an absolute truth value (which makes it an ethical theory). Very good. Let’s test that.Congau

    No im not claiming absolute truth. Its relative to whatever standard of the society/group.

    I would say that a good person is one who is inclined to do good actions. He has a mental disposition that makes him do what is good when it’s time to act. This is what is called virtue. A person possesses a degree of virtue now at this moment - he is now a good or bad person.
    People can change. He may have been a terrible person in his youth, a murderer even, but now he has grown virtuous and that depends on the mental disposition and habits that he has now acquired. It doesn’t depend on what he has actually done, he may not have had the chance, or the change may have come over him relatively recently, but if something came up now, he would do the right thing.

    So your objection is essentially that morality isnt about taking moral measure of the past but only as the persons Moral disposition is currently? Is that right?

    So, how can we tell that he is now a good person? We can’t. We don’t know what is going on inside him. We can only judge from what we see from outside. We acknowledge his good acts, subtract his bad ones and guess his inner state based on that, but we may be wrong. An extremely good deed, curing cancer or creating peace in the middle east, doesn’t make him a good person unless he did it for the right reason, that is a desire to do good. (Maybe he did it to make money)Congau

    How do you separate the act from the intention? If a guy saves babies and cures cancer so he can pick up chicks easier, the act is clearly morally good and the intention not so much, but since the act is an act of good Im not sure it makes sense to say the actor is bad (or not good).

  • Coronavirus
    I went to my local supermarket and they were out of eggs and toilet paper, so no toilet paper omelettes for me this week.Hanover

  • Moral Debt

    Well I disagree with pretty much all of that. I think its precisely logical, and do not think its correct to call it inaccurate. I think you can take moral measure on more than an instinctive level. I think you are mistaking discomfort for illogical.
    Ok, so if a guy steals 20$, then feels bad so builds a few houses for homeless people, cures cancer and creates peace in the middle east to make up for it, you would say its illogical to A) forgive him and/or B) consider him a good person? And you think there is something inaccurate about saying his good deeds outweighs his bad deeds?
  • Can a creationist also be a Darwinian?
    Why is creationism mutually exclusive of theoretical sciences of the same field?LuckilyDefinitive

    Well creationism does actually include some evolution, they just call it something different. Where the two divide is on scale. Under creationism any kind of evolution must happen on a much smaller times scale, as the earth is only 6000 years old. It includes small changes over short time, such as dog breeding or getting a trait from a parent. Obviously, evolution accounts for changes over much greater time scales, and therefore contains more severe changes.
    So the timescale is where they become mutually exclusive, not necessarily because of evolutions premiss of biological change over time.
    Thats why evolution seems so preposterous to a creationists, because evolution of the darwinian kind IS preposterous on a 6000 year old earth.
  • Moral Debt
    So people are judged morally in any given society by adding and subtracting good and bad actions according to the standards of their society. So what?Congau

    So now we’re clear about how I framed this in the OP? This was all about clarifying on what basis I made my questions about moral debt.
    Now that you’ve agreed there is moral measuring going on, Im interested in your thoughts about how they balance out so id refer you the OP.

    Regardless of what those standards are, whether they are very strict or very lenient from our perspective, one would assume that the average member would have an average score, that is a balance between good and bad. It is pretty much a tautology: The standard of any society is determined by how the members generally behave, and how the members generally behave will be identical to the standard. Those who subscribe to the standard, the members in general and the average member, will naturally accept those who are like themselves, those who hit the balance. (They will condemn those below and praise those above.)Congau

    This is a tangent, and I fail to see the relevance. We may have gone into the weeds a bit, we’ve spent a lot of time sorting out the context of my question and not the question.
  • Divine Command Theory versus Skepticism About Moral Reality

    Yes, that is another valid criticism of DCT. Even if it were true, we have no reliable means of knowing. A DCT proponent would probably say we do, through divine revelation, but that puts them in the same boat as before with “A” imo. Divine revelation must be shown to be reliable first, and it hasnt.
  • Divine Command Theory versus Skepticism About Moral Reality
    If DCT means Divine Command Theory, then your objection of Aleph Numbers' not answering your proposition is false. Because all one needs to do to destroy your DCT is to not believe in the divine. Then the DCT falls apart immediately.god must be atheist

    That IS my objection to his argument, thats what I’ve been saying. DCT defines and then assumes a god as one of its premises. Thats why someone like Craig has to combine it with Kalams Cosmological argument.
    And again, its not MY DCT. Im just explaining it because Aleph doesnt get it (and therefore doesnt understand how his argument fails) and neither do you as evidenced by your next quote here:

    B. is that even the DCT is not objective. It was designed by someone, or thought up, or invented, to the faithful, by god. So it does not rest on some general, a priori unassailable logic or truth, it is arbitrary. Arbitrary, by god, for sure, (to the religious), but still arbitrary.god must be atheist

    DCT defines moral perfection as part of gods “essential nature”. Its not something god came up with its something that he is, perfectly good. Its not arbitrary because it never changes, it would be like saying a human having legs is arbitrary. Which isnt a problem really, as you so cleverly and originally pointed out in “A” above. It doesnt matter because there is no good reason to believe such a god exists.
  • Divine Command Theory versus Skepticism About Moral Reality

    Lol, i heard you the first time. We’re done here.
  • Moral Debt

    Ya, I wasnt intending to operate from a universal standard for ethics. Ive meant it to be about any given societies standard. All thats required is a standard by which people are morally judged, or their moral measure taken.
    So to your point about it not being about ethics anymore but law/politics. I think we both recognise that distinction, however Im not referencing laws here. Im still referencing the ethics of the group/community, whatever they may be. Law is about whats best for society, and morality is about whats best according to a moral standard.
    I agree that you could have unjust laws and imperfect ethics in a group, but thats not what Im asking about. Im asking about how the balance of moral/immoral works, regardless of what the individual standards that are in place may be. Its about how people are judged morally according to any given moral standard, not whether or not the standard is just or not. Thats a separate topic.
    I understand its not always clear where the overlap between law and ethics is, so examples Ive used might have been confusing, for that I apologise.
  • Divine Command Theory versus Skepticism About Moral Reality

    Why would I do that? So you can ignore what I said and restate your position?
    This is what I mean by not arguing in good faith. You aren’t engaging with what Im saying, Im not sure you’ve really answered anything Ive posed to you. This time, you ignored my post and instead posed a new line of argument. (By trying to use DCT, with you as the divine commander). Can you see how thats going to come across as disingenuous?
    I stated why I thought your argument falls flat, cuz it ignores a premiss of DCT, and you didnt respond to it. If you think Im wrong about that, then show me how, or why.
  • Divine Command Theory versus Skepticism About Moral Reality

    Lol, now youre getting it. The big hint is in the title of the theory: Divine Command Theory...not Divine Command if the Commands Seem Reasonable Theory.
    Like I said to Streetlight, its not MY theory. All Im saying is your argument is already accounted for in DCT, your criticism doesn't follow logically from the main DCT premiss. Thats why DCT is so widely respected (as with Craig, its main mouthpiece) among theistic apologists, they already firmly, desperately believe the premiss. Also why its do unimpressive to everyone else.