• The Shoutbox should be abolished
    Let us not forget Mars Man and the Mayor.
    It took all of us....
    Incision, hyena, landlady and more that I can remember...
  • Moderation of Political threads
    Oh Hey! I was actually thinking of saying hello to you today. How you feelin'?skyblack

    Quick on the draw with my back in the corner behind what feels like enemy lines..
    You are very kind for asking :flower:
    Thank you for your sweet words about me.
  • Moderation of Political threads
    But feel free to go ahead with the ban if you feel it is needed.skyblack

    Welcome to The Philosophy Forum!
  • The Last Word
    I'm still doing OK dear lady. Been keeping mostly in the background for a while, but still trying to keep up with what is happening to everyone.Sir2u
    Ditto my friend :flower:

    I hope things are getting better for you.Sir2u
    I do appreciate your hopes.
    People who say "it is what it is" really get under my skin.
    I try to always respond with
    "It is what it is, until you make it what you want it."
    F* negativity
  • Women hate
    Yes! Better not actually. Let's just leave things as they are.Agent Smith

    And that is what you wanted the whole time once I called you out.
    Be careful out there, I am but one woman.
  • Women hate
    I want women to lead humanity, they're our best bet. First thing that needs to be done is for them to get their act together.Agent Smith
    Get our act together?
    Good day.
  • Women hate
    Look at thisAgent Smith

    Your point?

    It seems to me to be deflection which is nothing more than a distraction.

    What are you trying to say in posting that video?

    Why all of a sudden is it "Ma'am"?
  • Women hate
    the output is as you've read in my previous post: women are only less powerful than men, not weak.Agent Smith

    Thank you for repeating yourself, I appreciate the reminder.
    Agent Smith, you are a human which means you were born into this world, right?
    Has anyone ever tried to come at you while your Mom was around?
    Have you ever tried to get between a Mother Bear and one of her cubs?
    Either literally or metaphorically?
    I have. Both ends of it. I have encountered a Mother Bear and her cubs, right here in Arizona. I was never so thankful to be in an automobile but it would have been a shit ton safer if it wasn't a convertible.
    I have also released Mother Bear in protection of my own cubs.
    Please, understand this respectively, there is no hu(man) more powerful than a Momma Bear whose cubs are being threatened. The explosive release of that power is born into every female and can be brought out when demanded. If it is a Momma Bear? We know where that power is and we are not about wasting it because it can take you (us) to our death.
    Speaking of death: do you know who Momma Bear will go to battle for and die for?

    Having said that:
    I really would appreciate your addressing my questions as previously posted
    I think it is rather audacious to suggest for "Women, keep looking up?"
    What do you think we are going to be looking at if we did?
    Maybe it is just a word to you but there is something quite different between a female and a woman, yet you seem to use them interchangeably. What makes you use on or the other?
  • Women hate
    Don't get me wrong and please don't judge me. Given the current parameters of my CPU and the data at my disposal, which I analyzed as best as I could, the output is as you've read in my previous post: women are only less powerful than women, not weak.

    Would you like to update my system? I'd be more than happy to run your app, if one's on offer and if you like?

    Be gentle now...
    Agent Smith

    Let me start with your last comment first. Why would you need me to be gentle? Are you vulnerable right now?
    Because you are not asking for or requesting for gentility, you are instructing me to approach your thoughts as though they are delicate in nature. Why is that?
  • Women hate
    let's rethink the situation (as properly as we can).

    Men don't rule the roost and women aren't lowest on the totem pole as it were.

    The reality is women aren't weak and men strong, women are only less powerful than men. In other words, females are simply lower in the pecking order, they are henpecking nevertheless.

    Women, keep looking up!
    Agent Smith

    Let me ask you something: do you really believe that women are only less powerful than men?
    Do you really believe that females are lower in the pecking order?

    Maybe it is just a word to you but there is something quite different between a female and a woman, yet you seem to use them interchangeably. What makes you use on or the other?

    I think it is rather audacious to suggest for "Women, keep looking up?"
    What do you think we are going to be looking at if we did?
  • Women hate
    it also incorrectly identifies "being hit" as "being in a fight". It's only a fight once the person being hit, starts hitting back.Benkei

  • The Last Word
    everyone believes they are right.Sir2u

    Ain't that the truth.
    I hope this post finds you doing well dear friend~ :flower:
  • Wiser Words Have Never Been Spoken
    Self-confidence is about problem ownership, admitting mistakes and being prepared to let go of beliefs when they turn out to be wrong. There's no self-confidence in dogma, only a failure to think.
    Brilliantly articulated!
  • Women hate
    Self-confidence is about problem ownership, admitting mistakes and being prepared to let go of beliefs when they turn out to be wrong. There's no self-confidence in dogma, only a failure to think.Benkei

    Absolutely brilliantly articulated!
  • Women hate
    Of course he failed her. She risked health and life so that she could keep the relationship with him at all, and it wasn't enough.baker

    We are going to have to agree to disagree.
  • Women hate
    Thank you, you are very kind. Honestly I failed her, but yes, in the end it was her choice.Olivier5

    It pains me to read that you feel like you failed her. I don't want to try and change your mind, I just want you to know, that you do not have to carry this as a failure on your part.
  • Women hate
    Oooops, my brain just flipped :scream:Amity

    2.8k replies and it just now flipped? :rofl:
    You are a flipping Warrior! :sparkle:
  • Women hate
    An ex girlfriend of mine pumped a bullet in her head, making it clear she was doing it because I wouldn't come back to her. That still hurts, decades later. I'm crying writing this down now...Olivier5

    {{{{{Olivier}}}}}} I am so very sorry for what you have endured as the result of another's personal choice.
    I mean nothing more and nothing less than to let you know that my heart aches for you.
  • Women hate
    I take objectification to mean the fixation/fetishization of the parts of a person's body and the ignoring of the person to whom this body belongs. Objectifying women == perceiving her as meat to be fucked in whatever way._db

    Is someone teaching this to males??? If so, show me to your leader... :angry:
  • Women hate
    Personally, i have to beat them off with a stick; but I don't actually hate women at all. :cool:unenlightened

    My mentor, my sage, you are the essence of a gentleman. :flower:
  • Women hate
    @Tobias @Benkei

    Please....if I go to bat I will likely get tossed out of here. :shade:
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Maybe it's too expensive to send the bodies back? One thing Putin said that I sort of believe is that this was an exercise to give his military some real combat experience.frank
    All the combat experience gained by his military dies inside of the body, so it seems a little short sighted, no?
  • Ukraine Crisis
    That's the way out. Did Russian forces really lose 5-10 thousand troops or was that bullshit?frank

    They have mobile cremations. Scary shit that we may never know the extent of.
  • Last Thursdayism
    Welcome to The Philosophy Forum! :flower:
    Having said that :scream: to math/Algebra
  • Last Thursdayism
    I fail to see what difference "Last Thursdayism" makes.180 Proof

    It's better than if it was "Last Wednesdayism"
  • Ukraine Crisis
    Cue him stacking the premises in such a way until you agree that the only correct answer can be the US. Never mind history and facts!Benkei

    I really don't think we should get involved in this one directly. :chin:
    Now paint the best air defense we have, paint it NATO blue and end it before it goes nuclear. :fire:
  • Introducing myself ... and something else
    Welcome to The Philosophy Forum!
    We are glad you are here. :flower:

    No combination of lesser things can create a greater thing without something greater than the greater thing added to the lesser things.Joe Mello

    Why does this feel like circular reasoning?
    @Banno I'm lost again like a cat in a paper bag. You know the kind....
  • (why we shouldn't have) Android Spouses
    But I respect the man who realizes his limitations and builds himself his own special lady out of odds and ends around the garage.Hanover

    Yes, but don't inflatables already serve that purpose without the bulk?
    I mean how many android women can you get in closet?
  • (why we shouldn't have) Android Spouses
    It sure feels like a male thing to talk about.Hanover

    Not just a "male" thing to talk about but one that screams lacking game.
  • (why we shouldn't have) Android Spouses
    I wonder if women sit around and think about androids satisfying their basic emotional and sexual needs.Hanover
    No, we don't. :rofl:
  • What are you listening to right now?
    After the Thrill is Gone - The Eagles
  • Changing Sex
    Still overly concerned as to the contents of other folk's underwear, I see.


    It is odd. I'm not sure that is where the sexual identity for me lays. I do believe it is more in the mind than the contents of folk's underwear. But that is just my perspective.

    For me sexuality and its identity is on a continuum and throughout our lives we move from our starting point. Sometimes life and circumstances move us a little more in one direction from where we started, and life happens again, and we might move the other way.

    When I was exploring the idea of being with a woman, it was called just that, exploration.
    I didn't consider myself a homosexual, or a heterosexual with homosexual tendencies.
    For the duration of that time in my life I never wondered if I was a lesbian, I toyed with the label of being bi-sexual and landed on bi-curious. I only defined it as such, so when I was talking with people, they could kind of grasp what emotions I was encountering and where I felt most comfortable.

    I am sure there is another term for it now, but I am not familiar with it yet. Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable about the current definition can tell me.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    私の現在のギターヒーロー。Mayor of Simpleton
    My brother it's good to see you on the boards again :flower:
  • Donald Trump (All General Trump Conversations Here)
    omg @Bitter Crank
    Put that horror show under "reveal"! :monkey:
  • I'm really rich, what should I do?
    You are an amazing person, and your heart is freaking awesome!
    Thank you for speaking such realities. :heart:
  • Is Philosophy Sexist?
    That's beside the point. The point is that in any aggressively competitive game predominated by men, losing to a woman may have an extra bite to it, and if that's the case, an implicit bias could exist against women in these games. To be clear, I don't support such a bias, I'm just pointing out its existence.

    This forum takes on a kind of gladiatorial arena atmosphere from time to time, you must admit.

    Okay, I was just curious as to what sport, no offence intended.
    I absolutely agree with you in that the forum takes on that gladiatorial arena atmosphere from time to time. I have had to leave the arena, to nurse my wounds from battle on more than one occasion.
    It typically happens on the Political threads, and I will be an observer of the thread but someone pipes in with some bullshit and I jump in. Politics is a blood sport so you would think I would have learned my lesson but no such luck.
    As to your other point about losing to a female has an extra bite to it.
    I'd probably feel the same losing to a woman because there is that same inherent desire to win but society doesn't pressure women to one up another woman, so it wouldn't have the gender sting of what you seem to be expressing. In the same breath losing to a guy would almost seem implied or expected of a woman. So, if a woman doesn't feel the need to dominate another woman and we are expected to lose to a guy, who can we feel victorious over? Our selves, I guess.
    It's an interesting idea in pondering what you are saying because it kind of sounds like guys are getting all the pressure to not lose to a woman AND not lose to another guy?
    That feels like mental gymnastics to me...
    Am I completely off base or is what you are suggesting is happening that fucked up?
    Because if a guy is expected to be nothing short of victorious every time he steps on the mat, why would he ever try it?
  • Is Philosophy Sexist?
    The sport that I regularly engage is very physical, entirely unregulated, and dominated by men.praxis

    I am curious as to what sport you regularly engage in...
  • Ukraine Crisis
    It makes me uncomfortable to know that there are governments who don't truly know their people, their morals, their ethical compasses, their feelings about other people the world over, yet the governments behave as though they have our best interests at heart. How do they know what we think if they never ask?
    We as people have much more in common than our governments will ever admit. If they admitted that, negotiations would be a lot less visible, a lot more productive and with a lot less stress for everyone involved. Peace :heart:
  • Is Philosophy Sexist?
    There’s absolutely no doubt that this is a man-centric forum. Women are welcome, of course, but just like in every other patriarchal culture strong women (think TimeLine) are not welcome.praxis

    I am not sure you have met the other women of the forum, besides myself. But I think it fair to say that there are other "strong women" in addition to TimeLine that absolutely feel as welcome as any man might.
    Why such broad strokes?
  • Are philosophy people weird?
    This is done to the tiniest details to avoid inroads of criticism. You explain everything, like in a math proof, leaving nothing to guessworkgod must be atheist

    Which begs the question: what the % of Philosophers are "over thinkers"?
    My guess is quite high


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