• Is it no longer moral to have kids?
    You guys I’m an only child and I have 1 child (no more). If everyone was this responsible then we could reduce population. Catholics are enemies of earth! I don’t understand why people can’t see that HIV and COVID fit into a plan to reduce population?!?! Not only does it reduce population (help climate), it also selectively reduces old people (which are economic burden) and changes the political landscape towards more progressive (young people)! The elite don’t want overpopulation anymore than you and me. It’s plain as day.
  • The Reason America’s Falling
    All I’m saying is that America is divided and historically that shows weakness. Either America will become a second rate empire (like Rome) or someone with that type of magic will find a way to unite us for a cause. Yes I admit white supremacy was not the best reason - but magic is magic, good or bad. Read a little about what Pagans consider magic (it’s not making objects disappear)
  • The Reason America’s Falling
    All I’m saying is hitler had some magic. He got people proud of something. He had allmost 100% employment. We got lazy asses turning down work.
  • The Reason America’s Falling
    But it’s very important that we learn from ALL of HISTORY!!! Magic can be used for good or bad! Hitler is part of history, u can’t erase. He had some awesome magic. When you’re a pagan you have to come to grips with both sides of nature
  • 'War' - what is the good of war ?
    The intelligent people must WAR against the LESS INTELLIGENT!!!!! There’s no way democracy will save us. The majority (ignorant) will drive us in the dirt
  • Ethics explained to smooth out all wrinkles in current debates -- Neo-Darwinist approach
    Y’all are struggling with complexity here!

    GOOD: That which decreases pain and suffering (which we all inately recognize pain in others from instinct), both in magnitude and numbers (number of individuals).

    EVIL: Vice versus.

    Ex: Catholic no birth control policy - increases poverty (suffering) and decreases the value of each individual. EVIL

    Now that wasn’t so hard was it?
  • Greatest Power: The State, The Church, or The Corporation?
    Over hundreds of years the CHURCH has held the most power (stole ancient traditions and forced conversion). At this moment, Business has the most power. People are getting weaker on rebellion! What we need is a good REVOLUTION! I call up the Gods of War! Empower us ye powers of fire and bravery and CHANGE! May the intelligent defeat the dumbasses and turn ye from sheep to wolf!
  • Arguments for livable minimum wage.
    I think we should have a minimum wage, but not enough to support multiple children. You should work your way up the ladder BEFORE having kids - not have kids based on “what I should make”. Also, school kids that work part time don’t need to be making what adults with families do.
  • Why the ECP isn’t a good critique of socialism
    Capitalism works ok as long it has some rules. Healthcare is something we all should pool our resources for. There should be a living minimum wage.
  • Life is getting easier with less money.
    I have faith in young people! They are figuring out that keeping up with the Jones was just a carrot on a stick that the extreme capitalists dangled in front of you. The only way common people can beat the game is to participate in the game as LITTLE as Possible! And some of them are beating the game completely (living off grid).
  • (Close to) No one truly believes in Utilitarian ethics
    @god - and even the elite/illuminate or whatever they Believe This! We need no more than 1 Billion so we can live reasonably with environment! The Catholic Church (no birth control) must be destroyed. The people who don’t believe in birth control should be the First to GO.
  • Incest vs homosexuality
    This is such a touchy topic that another site banned me for talking about but, but here goes: I don’t feel incest is bad in this age where sex very rarely ends in reproduction (birth control). We gotta abandon the Abrahamic Dogma that makes hedonism “SIN”. Homosexuality doesn’t create babies - hell we don’t need more babies!! We just need to enjoy sex. Now be clear - I view forced sex as assault. And the age of consent is another bag of worms! At what age can a person CONSENT?!
  • Do we need a Postmodern philosophy?
    If you want humans to progress/evolve to the next level of evolution (like primates evolved/changed) then YES we need POSTHUMAN philosophy
  • Is global democracy inevitable?
    I don’t think democracy will dominate. Simple reason - democracy is WEAK and SLOW! Imagine if a football team had to have a VOTE by every player before each play(attack). Also: democracy allows the majority (lower intelligence) decide things that the smartest people have to accept (even if high IQ people can see its flaws). The only way I would accept democracy is if there were an IQ requirement to vote!
  • Thoughts on defining evil
    Evil is always ingrained in your mind by what your religion/culture has taught you. I try to define evil in a completely Non-Biblical way (since we all were not raised in the church or like me abandoned Abrahamic Religions). I call Evil “That Which Increases Suffering” and Good as “That Which Increases Quality and Enjoyment of Life”. To ex: the Catholic Church forbids birth control which causes overpopulation and poverty! So, in my definition that makes the Catholic Church EVIL!!! Even though I’m not Christian - I see the Protestant Christians as “Less Evil”.
  • What is 'evil', and does it exist objectively? The metaphysics of good and evil.
    I was unaware of Jack thread. I think the reason people harbor harmful intentions is because they are Trying to get back at God for putting them in a shitty world with stupid people. I quiet frankly feel that way sometimes
  • What Is Evil
    Thanks for joining my rhetoric! Yes, we need to analyze good and evil totally aside from any religious reference.
  • What Is Evil
    So, if my dog (who I love and is not very intelligent) FEELS like running the neighborhood free is moral, then I should allow that even though he may get hit by a car or kill my neighbor s cat, etc.??
  • What Is Evil
    On stupid people voting - wouldn’t it be better to take away these dumb peoples rights if it meant less suffering overall?! I mean that would be the higher moral. Ex: my dog run run all over the neighborhood if he had HIS Choice - but he would probably get hit by a car if I didn’t be authoritarian and keep him in the fence
  • What Is Evil
    So, morality would be RELATIVE to each person’s culture. BUT... can we (as open philosophers) come with a “Universal/Non-Biblical/independent”definition of Evil?!
  • What Is Evil
    Joe Rogan thinks the Catholic Church is evil. He said it on his show
  • What Is Evil
    Have someone read your text - it’s a very haphazard and difficult way of saying stuff. Anyway, you don’t like “definitions”. Sorry bud, that’s part of life - you have to have definitions or language is meaningless!
    The whole point your missing is that Abrahamic Religion is not the definition of good and evil to everyone. I’m reaching for a totally independent definition (not in the Bible). What would an alien see as evil?
  • What Is Evil
    So, yes sometimes I do feel a quick death is better than life here on earth with these talking monkeys. BUT, aside from death - how do you define evil?
  • What Is Evil
    PS - in my definition of Evil, ignorance would be considered Evil. Some ignorant religious zealots resist genetic alterations that can make us live better and longer. That witholds something that reduces suffering. Letting people with low IQ vote is Evil. Teaching people to be withering unworthy sheep- evil.
  • Israel killing Civilians in Gaza and the West Bank
    Supporting Israel is denying reality and justifying conquest on the grounds of religion! The supporting evidence that Israel has a right to take that land is Biblical. No real logical justification at all. Being Non-Abrahamic it scares me
  • Depression and Individualism
    Every emotion had a purpose in our evolution. Christian society tries to deny nature.
  • Depression and Individualism
    I’ve suffered from bouts of depression 30+ years. I think it’s at least part chemical and part spiritual. I am a devout pagan and my faith helps. Christians are very difficult and closed minded. I avoid Christians for the most part because they are dogmatic which makes me depressed. Abrahamic religion is very “ anti everything natural! I refuse to have kids in this monkey ass society
  • Is Racism a Natural Response?
    My opinion - racism is natural because of tribalism (I’m not saying it’s good). I also think people want to breed with people that look similar. I’m white, and I do regret that this beautiful race is eventually going extinct. But I don’t hate other races or wish them harm. I simply wish we could preserve our races (but eventually, whites will disappear). I don’t really care though because I will be dead by then and I have no children
  • The “loony Left” and the psychology of Socialism/Leftism
    There’s more than 2 sides (right and left). There s a THIRD AXIS!! The 3rd believes that we have some obligation to take care of fellow countrymen (especially medically). But, we don’t necessarily believe extreme socialism advances a society or makes it more productive. 3rd axis believes that some people are more motivated than average - they deserve a reasonable compensation! But, unlike the right - we believe in a totally SECULAR Government - there should be no biblical references in our laws, etc. the 3rd axis is fine with CHANGE.
    We are PROCHOICE, be there should be a maximum time limit (make up your mind before it’s basically a viable human - approx 1st trimester)
    The 3rd axis agrees that without a border, you don’t have a country
  • Leftist praxis: Would social democracy lead to a pacified working class?
    I think democracy is very SLOW and INEFFICIENT!
  • Is Big Pharma Ethical in Effectively Controlling Medication Affordability by a Nation's Populace?
    Medical care, pharmaceutical research, etc should never be capitalized! It’s unethical. It’s more unethical than cutting welfare (at least you won’t die if you get less welfare)
  • What is Law?
    Law is only what’s popular at a certain time.
  • Best attributes for human civilization - in your opinion
    The question was what’s your idea utopia, not how will you reach it
  • Best attributes for human civilization - in your opinion
    How many people did Christianity (Islam) kill? What are u saying Christianity isn’t war like?! Come on dude. I’m open to non-violence. Maybe some remote area could be claimed for this society. Whatever - the end result is same
  • Best attributes for human civilization - in your opinion
    Since there’s no uncharted/unclaimed frontiers to go claim, this would unfortunately be accomplished thru WAR (it’s no big deal relative to history).

    As far as enforcement of this doctrine: well, individuals who fight for this new society would have a lot invested and probably would want to keep it. But they would be totally free to leave the society anytime
  • Best attributes for human civilization - in your opinion
    My ideal civilization:

    1. Limited Population!!!!!

    2. Everyone invests part of their income to health care.

    3. A nature based Religion (Non-Abrahamic!)
    >>. I personally don’t feel we can function with everyone worshipping different gods (total secularism is better but tuff).

    4. Everyone invests in RESEARCH (Science).

    5. Limits on how much people can economically exploit others (Capitalism with reigns).

    6. Euthanasia!! We are intelligent enough to die gracefully.. wink wink, nudge - Abrahamics would have someone suffer indefinitely because taking your own life puts you in Hell!! And Christians don’t understand how scary it is to live under Christian laws)

  • How Do We Think About the Bible From a Philosophical Point of View?
    Good topic Jack man!

    I am totally dumbfounded that pagan Europe fell for this Semetic text (Semetic = middle eastern)! Now you got total knuckle draggers Believen that people of European decent are SONS Of ABRAHAM!! This is the biggest shim sham in the universe.. ancient Europeans acknowledged duality and natural forces. Pagans were not ASHAMED of their sexuality (a gift of nature) and realized man must live WITH NATURE (not “King of it”). Abrahamic religion teaches you to feel GUILTY because you have inborn urges.
    I can go on and on. But, in order for humans to make the next big leap in evolution, humans must shed these fake clothes and look at TRUE HISTORY. How can you know your future if you don’t know your (True) past!!!!
  • Nietzsche's condemnation of the virtues of kindness, Pity and compassion
    Yes, I totally agree that Abrahamic Religion is not good for humanity (especially the future of humanity)! This man made law blatantly clashes with natural law. I think posthumanism will still be theistic.