• Life Sucks: (General Anti-Life Discussion)

    and where can it be done?

    also why not suicide? and what is the way to live for an atheist, if not hedonism?

    or can I be suicidal and not depressed? just seeing world as what it is and choosing suicide as a rational response?
  • Life Sucks: (General Anti-Life Discussion)

    hmm do I understand correctly? If I find life meaningless and futile and there’s really nothing wrong with the person (physically or mentally), they should kill themselves because there’s nothing to live for….

    Or is it mental disorder making people suicidal and thinking about so called meaninglessless of life, but really there is no problem with that, but instead you are either suffering from mental disorder or just your life sucks (maybe because some of your needs are not met)?
  • Life Sucks: (General Anti-Life Discussion)
    I don’t think I ever considered myself anti-life, but lately I don’t know… How do I find meaning in meaningless universe?

    How to answer question to be or not to be? Problem with suicide for me is that you can’t change your mind after… but now I’m overwhelmed with feelings and thoughts that there is no reason to go on (although I’m no entirely convinced by one option or another…)
  • Life Sucks: (General Anti-Life Discussion)

    Well, I would say that I have quite a lot of things I enjoy, but at the end of the day I still question myself whether it´s all worth it. I love my family, friends, have an interesting job, enough money, love long walks, driving, cooking, coffee….but still there’s something at the back of my head saying - is it enough?

    Also I do think that preferring “nothingness” is a stupid concept, because for me there’s nothing after death, no “you” to “enjoy” the preferred nothingness :roll: . For now suicide seems irrational.

    So therefore the question why go on or better yet how to go on, what to strive for? (I mean it still could be just symptoms of depression, but who knows :confused: )
  • Life Sucks: (General Anti-Life Discussion)
    Well I’m in my early thirties, and i’m really looking for a compelling reason/argument to live (and how to live) that would at least work for me. Suicide has been on my mind for a quite some time, but I really don’t want to cause suffering to people around me. That’s why the search for a reason to live or argument why not suicide.
  • Do you cling to life? What's the point in living if you eventually die?
    but let's say until my death life will be filled with nothing but joy and good times... then I still die, so what was the point :/?
    I can take medication to make me feel good, to make me stop thinking about these things, then also die.

    So what's the rational reason to go on living?
  • Do you cling to life? What's the point in living if you eventually die?
    I'm really confused what to do..don't want to seem desperate, but I don't see a reason (now) why I should go on. It just makes sense - life will end in death so let's get it over with. Please provide your opinions why this is/isn't true for you.

    From what I have read I do feel that suicide is irrational in most cases, just I'm not convinced.

    I think that for me the reason why I don't want to go through it is family and friends, don't want to cause them suffering.
    Just don't know how to battle my thoughts.

    Any input is greatly appreciated and I know that this is probably not the place to post this, just I'm in need of help.
  • Do you cling to life? What's the point in living if you eventually die?
    so is suicide thing to do,rational? (because life ends in death) or should I seek treatment for suicidal ideations and wait for death to come by itself? I really need a reason to see what to do :/
  • Purpose of life! But why do we choose to continue it?
    Past three days I've been feeling more suicidal than ever. The irony is, that because I stared feeling better I decided to finally go on vacation and enjoy it. Now I'm four days on vacation, should be enjoying free time and fun, and I'm feeling worst feelings I have ever felt.

    I keep reminding myself in my head that suicide is irrational thing to do, but somehow I just don't believe it (even though I want to). How can I convince myself that I should go on? How can I finally start thinking with my own head and not become more depressed everytime I read through threads here that deal with topic of suicide (especially ones that try to convince you that life is meaningless, you're going to die anyway so why wait just kill yourself and be over with it).

    I feel like I need to resolve this internal conflict that is inside me - I enjoy many things in life, find them satisfying - on the other hand these threads here convince me it is meaningless and it is not enough to continue my life.
  • Do you cling to life? What's the point in living if you eventually die?
    These are exactly threads that make me confused. I deal with thoughts of Why go on living? and everytime I decide there's no point not to go on, here comes along thread that makes me insecure and again gets me in endless cycle of thinking about rationality/irrationality of continuing my life... Seems like I don't believe myself or just need a definite reason what to do and just can't find one.
  • Purpose of life! But why do we choose to continue it?
    I have been dealing with thought like why life? why continue? why not suicide? for a long time, and that's when I discovered the old PF forum and then this new one. I know that my problems are probably not philosophical, but I found many threads dealing with these issues on these forums.

    I read through many posts and read so much advice what to do.

    I was suicidal and really didn't know what to do.

    I started seeing a psychiatrist and now I'm on medication, because I felt I needed some help. Also I visit a psychologist every week and deal with these issues in talk therapy. Maybe since March I started feeling better even back to my normal self.

    But past two weeks, again I started feeling even worse. It started I guess when Chester Bennington committed suicide. I was questiong myself Why would he do it? He had wife, kids, money career etc., and still he did. Then I was like why should then I go on?

    Last week close member of my family got diagnosed with cancer. In my head I was confused, I guess depressed and started feeling suicidal again.

    That's when I came back here to read through some of the advice I got. I see that there are many threads here that deal with somewhat the same things that I go trough now. People dealing wiht similiar ideas and reasons why to go on. Of course I had to go through those threads and found myself confused even more.

    I feel like I'm in a dream and can't wake up.

    Deep down I don't want to hurt myself, because I don't want hurt anyone around me, but don't know how to battle these thoughts.

    As for my regular day, I still go out, meet friends, play sports, have a great job and people around me. It feels like it just isn't enough. I guess some of you are getting really tired of posts like this, maybe giving the same advice over and over again.

    If you think maybe there's some more advice you can give, I'll be glad. I guess that's why I post here. Maybe to talk to someone who went through something similiar or to read what to do.

    My long term goal is to achieve mindstate that goes something like - Well I was born, I am alive, so I should live and wait for the death to come by itself.

    To really see suicide as something irrational and out of the question. To maybe have some motivation to do something while I'm here, because right know in my head I believe the opposite. This internal conflict of what to do is just bothering my while I do any activity through the day.

    Anyways any more advice is greatly appreciated.
  • Embracing depression.
    There's no "why" to going on living. You go on living because you are alive, simple. That's not a reason for it, simply how things are.Agustino

    but how can I achieve this mindstate? I want to believe this. What I really want is to be able to accept that I am here and just live life. Deep inside I don't want to hurt myself, my family and friends, but also I am extremely suicidal and don't know what to do.
  • Embracing depression.
    but why go on living? what is the rational reason? I just don't see one. Why isn't suicide rational response? If life is full of suffering why continue? I am afraid I won't escape these feelings of anxiety, panic, depression abd suicidal ideation. I don't see what could happen for it to change. The proble is life, not the problems in it. My mind somehow isn't capable of accepting statements that philosophical pessimism offers.
  • Embracing depression.
    Ok so I tried to do something about my feelings, after consulting my psychiatrist, I stopped taking medication I was prescribed after assessing that it didn’t help and he suggested that I should try different one plus I visit my psychologist every week. I’m now four weeks on no medication, going to see my psychiatrist next week.
    Past month was again, one week feeling well, next week feeling like shit, obsessed with suicidal thoughts. Days i feel the worst are the ones that my head tries to resolve my internal conflict - i want to live and enjoy many things, but this feeling is constantly opposed in my head with philosophical pessimism (how can you enjoy life when it is hell? etc.)
    Is it depression thats causing suicidal thoughts or I just can’t cope with living?
    Or is it just really depression and treating depression right way will make me feel better?
    Since it’s been over 2 year of feeling this way, I really don’t know if it can really get better.
  • Embracing depression.
    Cause and effect could be hard to discern here, were you stuck with a certain inkling which made you turn to philosophy and was it the philosophy which made a possible natural inclination worse?Gooseone

    Well, I was never really into philosophy, I was researching something completely different and found out about pessimism and antinatalism. After reading more about these things I became extremely depressed, suicidal - these theories were the opposite of my view of life. I wouldn't say that I was a optimist back then, but I viewed life as something worth living, I enjoyed many aspects of it (in fact I still do enjoy many things, but thoughts of pessimism just ruin it for me). Pessimists consider everyone else deluded about life, because their view is the most accurate. Life is suffering. So am I deluded about life, that I don't view it this way? I myself don't subscribe to philosophical pessimism, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is the truth.

    Also I don't see the logic between saying life is suffering and continuing to live. If there's so much suffering in the world, why go on? Or is it just the depression talking?

    Been living with this in my head for two years now and don't know what to do.

    Maybe it is all just the depression talking, but some days are really unbearable and only thing I want to do is sleep.
    You seem to be of the opinion that life is bad and not worth continuing and that the aid you are getting now does not alleviate your view on thingsGooseone

    I didn't consider life good or bad. I just accepted it and tried to enjoy it as much as possible. According to pessimists life is bad, ugly place not worth continuing. This is what I deal in my head all day, this conflict what I feel about life and what pessimist say about life.
  • Embracing depression.
    About depression... I have some questions.
    For the past 2 years I just don't feel good, and it started when I started philosophy.
    Learning about philosophical pessimism made me seriously depressed. I just don't know if I just continue living or just end it all. I see psychologist and psychiatrist, but none of it seems to help. If life is so bad, why continue living?
    So the question is, am I experiencing clinical depression or am I depressed about nature of life and just can't deal with it? My mood elevates day to day, one day I feel good, next day suicidal. Not sure what to do next.