• How do you deal with the pointlessness of existence?
    Art, especially music can distract from the pointlessness of existence. But then, even they become pointless in the end.

    Maybe death is the only way for total distraction from the the pointlessness of existence.
    Life is presupposed with the pointlessness of existence. It is fundamental fate of life. Life cannot exist without the pointlessness of existence.
  • Philosophical Aphorisms, Quotes and Links et al
    Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, play along by Corvus.

  • Why does time move forward?
    Why nit? Can't I jump in the Mississippi twice?Hillary

    I think he meant that the river you jumped 2nd time was not the same river as the one you jumped first time.
  • Why does time move forward?

    It has been said well before Plato time, by Heraclitus "You cannot enter the same river twice." By the way, I have never met Plato in real life, but just intuiting the time of his living from what I read on some of the books.
  • Why does time move forward?
    Yeah, if it worked that way, then guitar playing would be impossible. I struck a chord to play the Eagles song, but it goes backwards and the sound die out, and so on ... it never happens fortunately, logically and rightly in the real world. :) So, guitar playing is possible.

    But cause and effect you mentioned, and the topic had been much discussed by Hume. I think he said that causality doesn't exist. It is, just like time, an intuited entity from your habit, of seeing some event(s) and what follows immediately after the event. You keep seeing them and happening the same result every time the event happens first, and you get the idea of causality. Would it be correct to say that it is just the way how time works? :)
  • Why does time move forward?
    We could have felt it the other way round. Effects preceding causes.Hillary

    Any real life examples for effects preceding causes? :)
  • Why does time move forward?
    Precisely! But don't they perceive time then?Hillary

    They feel time, but it is different from visual or audible perceptions.
    It is kind of intuition, or feeling rather than sensory perception.
  • Why does time move forward?
    What humans perceive are just physical entities and their motions and changes. They also intuited time from their perception of the motions and changes? So I feel that time is an intuited entity. It is not physical existence, which can be turn back or forward like the scenes of youtube videos. :)
  • Why does time move forward?
    I would count sheep. 3600 sheep an hour, 72 000 twenty hours, etc. In sleep that's difficult though. But one thing would be sure. It will be later than when I went in!Hillary

    What we have is just present moments, and every single moment becomes past in our memories. Future is just imagination stemmed from present awareness and memories of the past. When one dies, the whole thing and the world disappears to the dead, to nothing and everlasting darkness and silence, which is eternal non awareness. Only the living ones keep playing the guitars and hear the sound. The dead ones cannot hear anything, feels nothing and doesn't know what time is. Time is just perception. :)
  • Why does time move forward?
    It's the question we would survive, but I guarantee you that time would move like a snail, and we probably be bored to death. I read that they once put rats in an empty cage from birth. To compare with a rich surrounding. (speaking of torture...). It may come as no surprise their brain, the connections between neurons, and their size, was less. I could have told them that from the start! You would now no clock, of course not. Time, on the other hand... Just throw a guitar in the box and time flies! :smile:

    I like the tones of these standing waves (getting lower when you lay your finger closer to the box hole).

    If you insisted, time exits, and we somehow agreed upon it does, then it must be mental existence, rather than anything physical. OK, there are motions, changes and historical events, but they are all your perception. Without the perception, they don't exist. I think that is what Kant must have meant, time and space is human intuition, not physical entity. :D
  • Why does time move forward?
    Sounds reasonable! I wished I could see it like that. Indeed, when all life has gone, time and space are gone. Only black silence... And then... what's that sound...? Is it a guitar...? What lovely sounds! Aaahh! It Corvus, on the eternal guitar! Great thing not, the guitar! Timeless! :smile:

    I wanna buy an electric one. It looks so easy, playing on them. With a headset for the neighbors and going fully fledged in the weekend. On Sunday morning...

    OK, for example, let say not everyone is dead, but let's say that you were put into a box, and buried under the ground with no clocks or watches or phones or anything - you had years of supply of water and food and the air to breath. You are in total darkness and no sounds or lights on your own for a few months. Would your be able to know how much of time has passed when you tried to guess?

    Or more extreme example, if you were put in the box since your birth up to now, would you know what time it is now? Would you be able to tell how long since you have been in the box? Would you even know what time is?

    Yeah, guitars can sound pretty good. When you are playing guitars and enjoying yourself, you hear the guitar, but you don't realise time passing. Because time doesn't exist. :)
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    Corvus practicing electric guitar

  • Why does time move forward?
    How's the guitar play? :smile:Hillary

    It is good fun. I like practicing it because it is a discipline that I can absorb my mind into it, and aim to improve. I like the tone of the guitars - guitars can have all sort of different voices depending on what genre of music you like to play to, and there is a universe in guitar finger boards - countless combination of melodies, riffs and chords that make up tunes in the little board with the frets.

    I will try to put some of my guitar practice video links in the lounge forum. :)
  • Why does time move forward?
    Yes. The clock to capture time with, is a human invention. But time itself, the irreversible natural processes flow from less to more global entropy (with local reduction as on Earth). Aint processes flowing? The question is though, why not from future to past?Hillary

    Why not from future to past? Because it doesn't exist. Time is just illusion. All there is, is just human memory. If every human died today, then tomorrow there would be no time. Just silence and nothing. I
    think it is what Kant said too - about time.

    Space and time is nothing but a form of human intuition according to Kant. I think he is correct.
  • Why does time move forward?
    So COVID had it's good sides as well! :smile:

    I'm not sure why you think time doesn't exist so can't move either. Doesn't the Sun shine longer in the summer (in the northern hemisphere) than in winter? Doesn't the clock show, say, 8 hours in winter and 16 in summer (with or without clouds)?

    Yeah, every cloud has sliver lining as they say. :)

    The Sun shines longer in the summer than in winter, because of the the angle of the Earth changing on its rotation to the Sun. That is not time itself. That is just a phenomenon resulted from the physical structure of the planet Earth's motion and the Sun light.

    Human perception notices it, and postulated time from the phenomenon. They even contracted lets say 1 year is the Earth's rotation around the Sun to the exact spot, and they went on diving a year into 12 months, and month to 28 - 31 days, and a day to 24 hours etc. Time is a human invention. It is just a contract on durations and intervals.
  • I'd like some help with approaching the statement "It is better to live than to never exist."

    To make that statement, one must be already living. Because one is living, the part of the statement saying "to never exist" becomes just a supposition or wishful thinking. The living is reality, and non existence is a supposition. Is reality better or more meaningful than the emotional supposition?
  • Why does time move forward?
    Thank you for remembering me :) These days I have been in the house for working, reading and practice guitar playing etc. So it is now a lot more flexible time thanks to COVID.

    I feel the motion of planets around the Sun, and Sun rise and sets are just means to postulate time, but they are not time themselves. Their motions are just intervals - intervals which are regular, hence human perception can rely on it for measuring duration of all other things. But time itself, I feel is an illusion, which does not exist, and it certainly has no direction, therefore no movement at all.
  • Why does time move forward?
    I dont think time is flowing. The hands of the clock move though. So motion is time. Periodic motion is the clock, irreversible motion what it measures and quantifies.Hillary

    I don't think time is flowing either, and it is not motion. Motion is not time. Motion is just motion.
  • Why does time move forward?
    But how then can particles move towards each other or repulse each other. If there is no time they can't move.Hillary

    I don't see any logical connection between time and particles or whatever moving. What is your basis for the postulation on the two? Things used to move without your imagination or postulation of time when you were a child, do you recall that? Now you are postulating time for the movement, because you have read something on time, and imagining that it is flowing or moving forward.
  • Why does time move forward?
    Time doesn't exist. It is just human psychological awareness of intervals on durations and moments in memories. No humans, no time.
  • Logic of Omnipotence and Suicide
    Omnipotence means all powerful. There's no dispute about that.Bartricks

    Omnipotence means the quality of having unlimited or very great power. No problem with very great power, but "unlimited power" is associated with God usually, and creates all sorts of paradoxes when used under the definition.
  • Logic of Omnipotence and Suicide

    Or could it be that the word "omnipotence" is an invented terminology from human imagination?
  • Logic of Omnipotence and Suicide
    My simple answer is: An omnipotent being could just as easily reside in paradoxical states as it can reside in coherent states. The problem here is that human logic is applied. For an omnipotent being, it makes no difference whether something is possible or impossible - in fact it would be the very thing that decides over such things.Hermeticus

    Outwith human logic is the world of imagination, fantasies and conjectures. One can then write poetry, novels, and shoot movies.
  • Does reality require an observer?
    All you’re logically entitled to say, in this particular case, is....the thing in front of you is a monitor. Anything else is superfluous, or wrong. Wrong here meaning claims for which the justifications are suspect.Mww

    I feel what Kant wanted was to draw limitation on our capacity of knowing. What we see and know is perfectly doable for our daily life. But to go deeper asking what is behind in the external world, we hit the walls of TII.

  • Does reality require an observer?
    It doesn’t, truth being nothing but a human epistemological cognition a priori, whereas the thing as it is in itself, is merely a necessary ontological condition of that thing, a posteriori.Mww

    Not that difficult, really: for any representation of a thing met with in experience, there is that very same thing-in-itself that isn’t. If not, then representation itself is sufficient empirical causality for things, which is catastrophically absurd.Mww

    I was under impression that the Neo Kantians and Phenomenologists had rejected TII (Thing-in-Itself) and the necessary ontological condition saying, we don't need all that abstract shells. When I see the monitor in front of me, it is a monitor itself, and that is all I need to know nothing more or less. Everything perceived is the reality itself. There is no need adding for TII or ontological condition etc in reality.
  • Does reality require an observer?
    I wouldn’t agree he had to postulate it; it falls out necessarily from a logical/representational cognitive system, under the assumption, of course, that the human system is that.Mww

    Not sure if thing-in-itself was from a logical cognitive system at all, because when you say "logical", it implies a system dealing with / related to truth and falsity.

    It seems hard to imagine, Thing-in-Itself can have anything to do with truth or falsity at all. It is not a logical system, nor something fell out of logical cognitive system, but rather - something that is, mystical and unknowable in nature.

    If something is unknowable, how could it fall out from logical system, and what significance representational cognitive system has for understanding what it is?
  • What is 'Belief'?

    In my teens I had been a pupil in the American High School in Jakarta Indonesia, when my father used to work in Indonesia.  It was a really good time and experience for me at the time.  Although my English capability was almost zero the first year when I got in there, then I was able to catch up pretty quickly, and do well.  I think that school is still existent in Jakarta.  It used to be called Joint Embassy School of Jakarta, or just JES.  Now maybe the name seems to have been changed to something else.

    I recall my English class studying for Dickens and Shakespeare on my 9th grade classes, and the teacher Mrs Murphy. I understood almost nothing what was going on in the class.
    And the Physics teacher (forgot his name), and a few Math teachers who were absolute great, and a Dutch teacher who taught us Special English to non English mother tongue pupils such as Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and Polish pupils.  

    I think the kindness and brilliance of teachings of those American teachers made me to love America and everything about the country at the time.

    And the PE class was always about playing baseball, or softball, and sometimes soccer games.
    Many pupils there were from different countries, but the majority of pupils were from USA mainland whose parents were working in the oil companies or for the government, and the education system and majority of teachers were the Americans from the USA schools. 

    After the USA pupils, the next majority pupils in the school were the Australians because Australia is very near from Indonesia, and they seem to had been a lot of business between the two countries, and many of them were living in Jakarta.

    Since that time, I was really fond of American culture, people and the education system, and really everything.  I used to have some really good American friends at the time.

    I used to believe and imagine the USA would be a great place to work and live.  And many of my relatives immigrated to the USA too. I really believed that I would be living there too, but with the unexpected world events and recent pandemic times, and the media report, my belief in the USA has changed a lot, to a more negative, remote and just possible world.

    I don't know much about the USA politics, so I cannot comment on it. But I do hope that things will improve and get better for the USA and the whole world in the future.
  • What is 'Belief'?

    USA to me now is a possible world, i.e. a world of my imagination, beliefs and possibilities. It is no longer a world of reality. :D
  • Does reality require an observer?
    Yeah......sorta like that thread asking, “how does a fact establish itself as knowledge”.


    I kind of can understand why Kant had to postulate Thing-in-Itself.
  • What is 'Belief'?

    I applied for an US citizenship to live and work in there on 2001, end of August. The 911 erupted in less than 2 weeks of my application. Due to the tragic event, my application process by the US immigration dept. had been delayed and delayed, and it got through on 2009. By this time I was busy working in Europe and also Korea, and well settled. So my emigration plan to USA was just out of question at the time.

    I left the citizenship process, which involved going for interviews and filling some forms via the lawyers to expire as I was no longer interested in working and living in USA.

    If there were no 911, then I would have been living in somewhere in USA (very likely in the state of Florida where my relatives reside), as your fellow citizen. :)

    A typical case of world events affect individual's life and fate.