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Favourite philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer, John Locke, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Bertrand Rusell, Ralph Cudworth, Noam Chomsky, Galen Strawson, Raymond Tallis, Bryan Magee
Favourite quotations "It's always night or we wouldn't need light."

- Thelonious Monk

"It has become standard practice in recent years to describe the problems of consciousness as "the hard problem," others being within our grasp, now or down the road. I think there are reasons for some skepticism particularly when we recognize how sharply understanding becomes beyond the simplest systems of nature."

- Noam Chomsky

"You may reasonably expect a man to walk a tightrope safely for ten minutes; it would be unreasonable to do so without accident for two hundred years."

- Bertrand Russell

"We found, to be sure, that although we had in mind to build a tower that was to reach to heaven, yet our supply of materials sufficed only for a dwelling just spacious enough for the tasks we perform at the level of experience, and just high enough for us to survey these tasks."

- Immanuel Kant

"Enchanted by its rigour, humanity forgets over and again that it is a rigour of chess masters, not of angels."

- Jorge Luis Borges

"...From all which it is evident, that the extent of our knowledge comes not only short of the reality of things, but even of the extent of our own ideas. Though our knowledge be limited to our ideas, and cannot exceed them either in extent or perfection; and though these be very narrow bounds... and far short of what we may justly imagine to be in some even created understandings, not tied down to the dull and narrow information that is to be received from some few, and not very acute, ways of perception, such as are our senses; yet it would be well with us if our knowledge were but as large as our ideas, and there were not many doubts and inquiries concerning the ideas we have, whereof we are not, nor I believe ever shall be in this world resolved."

- John Locke

"In short there are two principles, which I cannot render consistent; nor is it in my power to renounce either of them, viz., that all our distinct perceptions are distinct existences, and that the mind never perceives any real connexion among distinct existences. Did our perceptions either inhere in something simple and individual, or did the mind perceive some real connexion among them, there wou’d be no difficulty in the case. For my part, I must plead the privilege of a sceptic, and confess, that this difficulty is too hard for my understanding."

- David Hume

"Submission ends it all..."

- The Stone Roses

"But, concerning what you think to be the truth of the thing, or the ultimate nature of honey, this is what I ardently desire to know, and what remains still hidden from me..."

- Pierre Gassendi

"The essences of light and colours (said Scaliger) are as dark to the understanding, as they themselves are open to the sight.” Nay, undoubtedly so long as we consider these things no otherwise than sense represents them, that is, as really existing in the objects without us, they are and must needs be eternally unintelligible. Now when all men naturally inquire what these things are, what is light, and what are colours, the meaning hereof is nothing else but this, that men would fain know or comprehend them by something of their own which is native and domestic, not foreign to them, some active exertion or anticipation of their own minds…"

- Ralph Cudworth

"All you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be."

- Pink Floyd