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About As a recreational but nonetheless substantive exercise, I oftentimes interact with matters of either a philosophical or metaphysical nature. I have a pronounced affinity for intellectual conclusions that are drawn from the confluences of existentialism and utilitarianism; while I am a politically minded acolyte of neither, it has always been my interest to rationalize moral and transcendental values through them. Conversely, I share a disinclination to collectivistic sentiments defined merely by virtue of their popularity.
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Favourite philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche | Jean-Paul Sartre | Kierkegaard | Kant
Favourite quotations 'A man's maturity is to have rediscovered the seriousness he possessed as a child at play' - Friedrich Nietzsche

'The tyrant dies and his rule his over; the martyr dies, and his rule commences' - Soren Kierkegaard