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About I'm a serious thinker always on the look out for other serious thinkers. I am against privilege. If a thinker has intelligence it's not because he's special or better than other people, but because he was lucky! In this sense intellectuals cannot boast, they have nothing to boast about. The more social benefits they have gained from society the more responsible they are to society. If I had to classify myself I would call myself a Revolutionary Humanist.
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Favourite quotations "To be born in imbecility, in the midst of pain and crisis; to be the plaything of ignorance, error, need, sickness, wickedness, and passions; to return step by step to imbecility, from the time of lisping to that of doting; to live among knaves and charlatans of all kinds; to die between one man who takes your pulse and another who troubles your head; never to know where you come from, why you come and where you are going! That is what is called the most important gift of our parents and nature. Life." Denis Diderot