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About I was born.
I went to school.
I went to more school.
Now I am teaching school.

OK! Here are some more details. I studied Mathematics at the undergraduate and masters' level and then pursued and achieved a PhD in Physics. I've examined non-linear differential equations especially symmetry methods, fundamentals of quantum mechanics, general relativity, group theory, Lie algebras, foundations of mathematics and of science. My interests are broad including science, religion, politics, and other general subjects of philosophy. I am a "Man-made global warming is gonna kill us all, and soon" denier, while acknowledging that I am among the "97%" who agree that humans have had a significant (i.e. measurable above noise) effect on our climate.
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Favourite philosophers John Locke, Siddhārtha Gautama, Ayn Rand, Jordan Peterson, Mark Twain, Epicurious
Favourite quotations "Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about!" --Ralph Waldo Emerson
“There’s nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats.” --Water Rat (Kenneth Grahme: "The Wind in the Willows")