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About I am a synechism scholar, with life experience and studies in the fields of early childhood brain development, living systems and their habitats and cultures, language and semiotics, philosophy, history, psychology, the physical sciences, world religions, artistic expression, and all of the effects of these on individual and collective identities, and I enjoy exploring them from unique and thought provoking angles.
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Favourite philosophers Charles S. Peirce, Heraclitus, Baruch Spinoza, Johanne Wolfgang von Goethe, Gregory Bateson, Mikhail Bakhtin, Alfred N. Whitehead, David Bohm, Carl Jung, Ilya Prigogine, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. ... Held in high regard: Henry Stubbe, David Hume.
Favourite quotations “Let us not pretend to doubt in philosophy what we do not doubt in our hearts.”
― Charles Sanders Peirce