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Favourite philosophers Gilles Deleuze, Slavoj Zizek, William Connolly, Giorgio Agamben, Hannah Arendt, Ludwig Wittgenstein
Favourite quotations "To think is to think otherwise. We think only otherwise"
- François Zourabichvili

"Thought is like a vampire: it has no image"
- Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

"Ce qui limite le vrai, ce n’est pas le faux, c’est l’insignifiant"
- René Thom

"Nature does not distinguish itself from itself"
- Reza Negarestani

"Singular existence remains the experimentum crucis of philosophy, which it cannot avoid and in which it unceasingly threatens to make shipwreck"
- Giorgio Agamben

"That which so disposes the human body that it can be affected in more ways, or which renders it capable of affecting external bodies in more ways, is advantageous to man, and proportionately more advantageous as the body is thereby rendered more capable of being affected in more ways and of affecting other bodies in more ways. On the other hand, that which renders the body less capable is harmful"
- Baruch Spinoza

"It is all the more clear what we have to accomplish at present: I am referring to ruthless criticism of all that exists, ruthless both in the sense of not being afraid of the results it arrives at and in the sense of being just as little afraid of conflict with the powers that be"
- Karl Marx