About Mayor of Simpleton

About American (whatever that is)... living 'lost in translation' in Austria since 1993.

Dyslexic... somehow managed to make it to the 3rd year of university before discovering this, but has managed to control it yet not overcome it.

Has a B.S. in Philosophy/Religion (no kidding... a B.S.), continued in grad school, also pursued a M.F.A. in Dance/Choreography and a M.A. in Sports Physiology, but figured life was too short to bother with this academic crap.

The keeper of cats.

Has become an unwilling expert in injury management/comebacks.
* (torn meniscus both knees 40% removal left - 75% removal right, torn left quad, torn left calf, completely torn left Achilles tendon, bursectomy of the right elbow, cervical radiculopathy C4, C5, C6, C7... pituitary macroadenoma, Pseudoaneurysm facial artery... and that's just the last 8 years)

Trainer of cyclists

Plays baseball (pitcher and 3rd base)

Former comedian.

Former artist.

Former choreographer.

Former actor.

Former music critic.

Former waiter.

Former member of PF.

Enjoys finding new experiences and sushi... lots of sushi.

Concludes there can never be anything with too much chocolate.

Is rarely bored...

Location Vienna, Austria
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Favourite philosophers My cats, Andy Partridge (xtc), 'E' (eels), Paul Heaton (The Beautiful South), Ambros Bierce, H. L. Mencken, Mark Twain, probably Camus (but I have never read any Camus as I'm told I'm sort of similar), Dr. Who... lots of pop music (especially that from the 80's and early 90's)
Favourite quotations "You are taking your sense of wonder, combining it with your inability to conceive of certain things, and demanding from everyone else that they remain as ignorant. That's not good." - Kwalish Kid

"Pointlessness allows a great freedom to actual live rather than just be alive; to experience rather than just fulfill; to investigate rather than just to be told to know; to adapt rather than just stagnate" - MoS