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Sunday is my favorite and most welcome day of the week, because it is a day off. And on the day off you can do whatever you want! Languish in bed until dinner, play on the computer, meet and go out with friends.

A whole day of freedom from classes and obligations. A day where you pay for my essay are completely on your own and your parents let you be lazy. They don't make you vacuum the carpet and take out the trash because it was all done yesterday. They condescend to see an unmade bed and a mess on the desk because they know I need my rest, too.

On the contrary, on Sunday, Mom and Dad themselves insist that we write papers for money have fun as a family. Go to a movie theater or entertainment center together, visit a museum, or go to a concert.

Well, if there is no family cultural program in sight, my friends are sure to save me from the boredom of the day. In autumn, when it rains outside, we will play board or computer games with them. On a sunny winter day - to go to the skating rink. And in the warm, fragrant spring - we'll walk around the city relentlessly.

Sunday evening is my favorite time. After a delicious dinner and having packed my school backpack for tomorrow, I write my capstone project for me go to the couch to read a book or watch a movie on TV with my parents. The room where we sit is warm and cozy. We talk softly to each other, enjoying these moments of quiet family happiness.

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