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About Hello, my name is Thomas Clark and I am many years old. I was born in Sydney, where I live until now. I have many friends and acquaintances with whom I spend most of my free time.

I love that there is such a forum on the Internet as a philosophical forum. During my studies I loved philosophy, and I like to philosophize in life. And here I can meet people who also like it. Isn't that wonderful?

I work in the gaming industry and dedicate a lot of my time to it. But when I'm free, I like to read my favorite adventure books and go out with my friends. My friends and family say I have a very good ear for music, after which I started taking piano lessons, but now I play the guitar. My friends like it when I play. Now I'm also involved in sports, I play table tennis. But I also like to play basketball, volleyball, tennis and soccer.
Location North Sydney, NSW, AU
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Favourite philosophers Immanuel Kant
Favourite quotations If I can't fix something, there's nothing to worry about!