• A child, an adult and God

    What is "the atheistic problem of evil"?

    Christianity traditionally addresses evil with free will, by the way.
  • Zeno's paradox
    It's not that logic/math are wrong, it's that people are getting wrong--or they're getting confused about, mislead about, etc.--what logic/math are. Logic and math are a way of thinking about relations, thinking about them via maximum abstraction, and the vast majority of math/logic is a sort of game based on extrapolations of relations we experience, which means that logic/math is not at all the same as the relations we experience.

    Aside from that, the idea that space is anything like an independent substance that is infinitely divisible is wrong.
  • A child, an adult and God
    Do you mean that other minds have a better, more complete understanding of the matter?TheMadFool

    No. I'm just saying that if claims about a god's mind are solely based on what you're imagining, you're really just telling us about your own mind/your imagination.

    All I want to say is rationality may be wrong about the whole god issue.TheMadFool

    If it's concluding that any gods exist, then I'd say it's definitely wrong.
  • A child, an adult and God
    For a being that can create the universe I only have my imagination to understand.TheMadFool

    Isn't it clear that that only provides evidence for claims about your own mind then? You're telling us something about what you imagine. Not what any putative gods are like.
  • Political Spectrum Test
    I don't believe that you have a valid counterexample to anything that I've claimed.Sapientia

    Okay, but whether it's a valid counterexample has nothing to do with whether you believe that it is. Yelling "Fire" isn't causal to panic, say, because it's possible to yell "Fire" and not cause panic.

    That may not be how you're using the idea of causality, but it's how I use it, and it's the only sort of concept of causality that has any bearing on my ethical stances. Any other concept wouldn't be relevant to my ethical stances.
  • Political Spectrum Test

    One counterexample falsifies a causality claim.
  • A child, an adult and God

    It's a question. Conventionally you'd respond by answering it.
  • Buridan's Ass Paradox
    The idea that choices have to be rational to be choices is bizarre. They don't have to be rational. The ass would go to one pile or the other.

    This doesn't mean that there are not important issues similar to this in computer programming, but there are ways to avoid a program getting stuck between two options.
  • Do arguments matter?
    Arguments are important if you want to persuade other people that something is the case, and they can be helpful for (self-)clarifying just what you believe and why you believe it. They're largely irrelevant to what is the case or not.
  • Simulation theory is amazing to work with.
    I kinda like to think that if we, in the 3rd dimension can create 2 dimensional simulationsGrey

    A problem with this is that we can't actually create anything two-dimensional.
  • Simulation theory is amazing to work with.
    But I really like playing with the idea currently that the entire universe could cease to exist for years on end and we would never know. If you think about it, if reality is a simulation, the simulation could crash and everything would cease to be. But if the simulation has save points and is rebooted at the time it crashed we wouldn't notice anything. It's a fun idea to think about I guess.Grey

    The simulation would be part of the universe, no?
  • Simulation theory is amazing to work with.
    Of course, we don't know that purpose yet but all the evidence is there to make that assumption.Grey


    Just what evidence are you talking about?
  • A child, an adult and God
    Given the hard facts above wouldn't it be utter hubris and foolish to boot to claim one can understand god's mind?TheMadFool

    What would be the basis to even begin making any claims about a god's mind? Where are we getting any information about it from?
  • Political Spectrum Test
    Why are you attacking this straw man? My position has never been that causality is simple likelihood. I already clarified that for you.Sapientia

    . . . When you have examples of panic, say, not following someone yelling "Fire," you know that yelling "Fire" wasn't the cause of panic.
  • Eternal Musical Properties
    Do you understand the physics of consonance and harmony? This is when the wavelengths produce synchronized crests and troughs.Metaphysician Undercover

    Synchronized crests and troughs are not objectively preferred or better, though.
  • The death penalty Paradox
    The difference is that with the death penalty, we're intentionally cutting someone's life shorter than it would have been naturally.

    I'm not in favor of the death penalty, by the way. And I'd have a very different prison system if I were king. For one, I would bring back prison labor--though far more varied labor than we had historically, and part of the money made by prisoners' work would go to victims/victims' families.
  • QM: confusing mathematics with ontology?
    In my opinion this is a more widespread problem with the sciences in general, not just qm. It's rampant throughout physics, including fields like astrophysics.
  • A Correct Formulation of Sense-Datum Theory in First-Order Logic
    I'm a naive realist, by the way. What I always point out is that naive realists are not saying that perceptions are not perceptions. And we're not saying that external stuff is perceptions.
  • A Correct Formulation of Sense-Datum Theory in First-Order Logic

    Right. I don't believe there's anyone who says that the red of a dress, say, is literally, identically in anyone's head. Thinking that anyone would be saying that seems like a weird, Aspie-ish misunderstanding of language.
  • A Correct Formulation of Sense-Datum Theory in First-Order Logic
    Except we say that the dress really is blue and black even though I see it as white and gold . . .Michael

    What I thought Tom was getting at is that it doesn't have anything to do with sense/sensing/etc. until it gets to you.