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    Break time from philosophy. Cheers.
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    ↪Posty McPostface Any news? Dang it! I just read your update in the shoutbox
    {{{{{PostyMcPostface}}}} <<<< online hugg

    Thanks, I got bummed over it today, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, now we're going to family court, see what comes up, and then onto the division of joint assets.

    Shit will hit the fan for the family court.

    Haven't felt so alive in a while.
  • Welcome to The Philosophy Forum - an introduction thread
    Not a pagan, myself, but more a Stoic who sees, like John Lachs, a connection between that ancient philosophical school and Deweyian pragmatism.Ciceronianus the White

    How so? An interesting point to make in general.
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    Looks like we lost the case to enforce the restraining order.

    Goes back to wallowing.
  • Welcome to The Philosophy Forum - an introduction thread

    I'm still waiting for it to happen. In five hours I should know the result.

    Can't sleep; but, not feeling too hot about it.
  • Welcome to The Philosophy Forum - an introduction thread
    I'm a wannabe Stoic, but in reality a Cynic.

    Oh, the drama!
  • What is the difference between the fact that grass is green and the green grass?
    None of this ambiguity would apply in a formal language like mathematics; but, this isn't the case informally, why is that?
  • What is the difference between the fact that grass is green and the green grass?
    What is the difference between the fact that grass is green and the green grass?

    Nothing. They are truth functionally equivalent.

    That's not the question here. The question is whether the content they convey is different from each other? Namely, is the statement that the fact the grass is green, observer-independent as opposed to the observer-dependent statement of green grass?
  • What is the difference between the fact that grass is green and the green grass?
    My take on the matter is deflationary. There is some implicit metaphysics being pushed by stating 'the fact the grass is green' from 'the grass is green'.

    In other words, the fact that the grass is green alludes to a certain set of conditions that are universal in nature to determine that the grass is green, where the green grass is just a statement based on individual experience that is much like the beetle in Wittgenstein's box.
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    Cat's sure have a good life, given a willing and able provider. Heh.
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    My cat is getting fatter. That good, I want her to be fat.
  • The world needs more teachers
    Have you been in a school classroom recently? Most kids do not have much interest in learning.
    "Why do I need to know this? If I ever need this information I can find it on the internet" is something I hear every single day.

    Perhaps you address a different target audience. But, in general, people are inquisitive and interested in new things or at least if it serves their goals (college setting). Is this an issue with how education is presented or the framework of the settings in which the information is presented?
  • You are only as good as your utility
    If the economy is a sticky gum that surrounds and traps one's whole life affairs, and that cannot be escaped, there is no need to put more people into such a state of affairs where they are burdened with dealing with maintaining their material existence. It is necessary once born, but not necessary to be burdened with in the first place. Now, you will hear slogans of all stripes which don't deal with the issue. That is to say, a new person is burdened with the economic situation, but since the very problem of dealing with an economic situation is not dealt with, there can only be trying to adjust for this and that once born. Instead of the bigger problem, it is trying to make due.schopenhauer1

    Again, if there's no real alternative to the current state of affairs, then your post is reduced to a type of value judgment or some emotive, *I don't like this*. Provide some alternative, and the case can be made successfully that the current predicament is undesirable and ought to be changed. I think Marxism has already been tried to no avail. Maybe in the future, we'll all have AI know us better than we know what we want ourselves and the market could be run successfully by an adequately competent enough central manager.
  • You are only as good as your utility

    I just think you're being unreasonable in your claims to know about human nature in an economy. At the very least, if you live in a democracy, you have some say in the matter about where resources should be diverted. Possible allusion to more social spending and less neo-Keynsian leveraging the economy for persistent growth by making the cogs less thrifty and more docile.
  • You are only as good as your utility

    Well, you can't say in advance that they won't be happy, or use you as a measuring stick for what others should or ought to think.
  • You are only as good as your utility
    You really are a part of an inescapable superstructure that is not ideal.schopenhauer1

    It would be an undue burden to claim that what we have ought to be ideal, otherwise we shouldn't participate in the superstructure, as you call it.

    It is what it is, and that's all that it is.
  • You are only as good as your utility
    That's always what we're doing though. We constantly adjust ideal conditions to shittier ones and plaster this over with being a "realist". Don't be fooled by pragmatic-sounding slogans. None of them mean anything because the people saying them, don't even know why they do such and such. They are following the rituals handed to them to survive, instrumentally. The way of rebellion is simply not allowing others to deal with the burdens that are not necessary to deal with in the first place.schopenhauer1

    I find it hard to equate the professed attitude here, and the actual state of affairs. Isn't this all just an issue with perception or attitude towards a situation and not the problem of the situation or set of circumstances itself.
  • You are only as good as your utility
    You want a home? You need a job. You have a job? You need transportation. You want transportation? You need this, that, and the other. It's all a cycle that we cannot escape except through slow death by starvation and exposure or some hermit monk type thing which is usually unsustainable.schopenhauer1

    This must have been what Adam complained to God after being banished from Eden. Yeah, we do live in a world of scarce resources, and decisions have to be made about what best to spent (disposable income) on. If you're perpetually behind payments, then you still have the option to default on your debt. So, yeah, we're kinda screwed. Best to make the best out of it?
  • You are only as good as your utility
    The good thing about not being materialistic in a materialistic society is that you can spend more time to yourself by not satisfying the never-ending ebb of want's and perceived needs that the economy facilitates. Leaves room for self-edification and more time to do education in the meantime. It's tricky to get there though. You know, truth not being a guided path and all. That's the part that people find most troublesome. We tend to learn from a teacher; but, when you are your own teacher, there's nobody to point out your mistakes. Quite a conundrum.