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    The stakes seem to me more a matter of identity and respect, as it were: an effort to see oneself - and be treated day-to-day as - a difference difference among differences, rather than a deviation from a standard.StreetlightX

    This is the crux. How can a standard be established in the realm of psychology? That would seem contradictory to the goal of the profession itself.
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    I suppose to distinguish it from post-traumatic stress that isn't long-term or serious enough to be considered a medical condition.Baden

    Why would medical conditions be called "disorders" as if to stigmatise the issue?
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    lifetime PTSDArguingWAristotleTiff

    Why in the hell is PTS called PTSD?
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    Unfortunately, we are early in the controlled studies here in the USA with our Veterans using Cannabis to treat PTS because this study suggests that not only can Cannabis be used in the treatment of PTS but it COULD keep the memory that caused the PTS from ever taking permanent hold of the mind.ArguingWAristotleTiff

    As I understand it THC and CBD has a multitude of roles in PTS. THC wipes away your dreams if you smoke it before bed at night. Thus, no bad dreams and nightmares (I think the most often occurrence of when PTS strikes). CBD has a role too, it quiets down the amygdala (center of emotional processing) that is on the fritz in PTS. It's obviously more complicated than how I portray the matter; but, as far as I know most veterans self-medicate successfully with cannabis and reap some benefits from it in terms of PTS.
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    Plato would say they need to learn more mathematics and tangent lines along with sinusoidal and cosinusoidal waves, asymptotic behavior, convergence, divergence, groups and sets, along with Riemann sums.
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    It's not that scary. I mean, homeostasis always wins in the end.

    Anyway, I don't really suffer from anxiety. I would say I suffer from a lack of healthy stimulation and seek out artificial methods of providing it. Hence, I am prone to addictive habits. Work has helped me tremendously when I don't think about wanting to go home and lay in bed all day. It's pretty complex shit with the brain and I understand your concern. I would just suggest exercising more, no safer method of improving blood circulation and balancing out excessive cortisol levels and such.
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    Hey, just let me know if something is too sensitive to be put out there and I'll shut up.

    But, really. The sex threads need to calm down a little.

    Ok, I'll shut up for now.
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    I can't say that it would take away your short term memory loss. I mean, if you already smoke herb, then the CBD will counter the detrimental efffects of THC on memory loss.

    If you're looking for a drug to help memory loss and such, you can read up on Bacopa monnieri or supplementing Acetylcholine levels along with some newer drugs like Modafinil, that are proven to enhance short-term memory. There's also piracetam if you've never heard of it before.
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    Well, typically, you don't get leaves that size unless it's some mutant plant. It's possible; but, only from some really heavy indicia or something.

    CBD is neuroprotective, antianxiety, antidepressive, and antipsychotic. THC is just all 'fun'. Combine the two and you mellow out the psychoactivity of THC and enjoy a more functional and healthy experience. Also, CBD counters the typical short term memory loss along with long term memory retardation induced by THC.

    You should read up on the effects of CBD over on Wiki.
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    Planning to grow some herb with high levels of CBD in it for therapeutic effects and less psychoactivity. Rather chill to something healthy that's neuroprotective and anti-amyloid along with cancer preventative properties than alcohol or booze.

    Gonna be a nice summer.
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    But, I've wallowed too long. And besides, I am well grounded. I work with plants and feed them and water them and they bring me joy.

    One of my most romantic experiences in life was having a mandarin tree next to my desk in my room. I fed it, watered it, kept it warm, and when the buds blossomed it was the most wonderful scent that filled up my rather dank and dark room, which made me very happy and jubilant. Then I helped pollinate her, as no bees or other stuff would do it, so I used a cotton swab. The fruits were so sour and pleasant to the taste.

    Sadly, she didn't bloom next year.
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    Oh, I do realize that. It also applies to my thread as well. I don't intend to post about such matters anymore as it is really a laughable matter to worry over.

    Anyway, thanks.
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    I have come to the realization that talk about sex and orgasms and such ought to be not so open around here. This is a sentiment I carry over from PF because after all kids might be philosophizing.

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    One word or name. Wittgenstein.

    Russell pretty much preempted what you quoted and saw the genius of philosophy in Wittgenstein. So-much-so that he had a hard time understanding his philosophy himself.
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    We're in agreement there so I suspect you're interpreting something in my text I didn't intend there. I think it's quite easy to compare countries in a variety of measures and the "haves" in the USA will deny they have any bearing on anything because whatever we have in Europe they can buy better. Which is true and simultaneously misses the point by about a mile.Benkei

    Well, you can use the HDI to always make some comparison. And if homogeneity is really a problem, then take a basket of EU countries prior 2004 to make a closer comparison between the US and Europe.
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    Should I move back to Europe and apply for citizenship in Germany or Scandanavia?
    — Question
    You can't. Their immigration laws are too strict. Irony much?

    Well, I am a Polish citizen, so that makes me able to live in any EU country (except the UK?) after establishing residency, which itself is supposedly kind of hard.

    Anyway, there really is no reason apart from sentimentality for me to stay in the states, as I am exhausted by materialism and consumerism. All, I want to do now is just complete my degree at my local uni to have some job prospects once I move out there. MBA or QA, possibly to further enhance my job prospects. Paradoxically, once I get those titles, it would be more 'rational' to stay in the states, however, I never subscribed to the notion of rationality dictated by materialistic needs and wants.
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    Bullshit. Northern Europe: the closest thing to paradise on earth. Unless you're an egotistical materialist consumer of course.Benkei

    This saddens me when I read this.

    I mean the EU is one of the greatest achievements ever achieved in the recent history of placing cooperation above individual gain.

    Should I move back to Europe and apply for citizenship in Germany or Scandanavia?
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    I do have to say that the content, and to a lesser, though significant extent quality (due to pretty much having the same members from PF be here also) has gone down considerably hereabouts, or at least I wasn't paying attention to the posts being made on similar topics over at PF.

    Meanwhile, Hanover is enjoying his life in his fortress. Perhaps he never held philosophy in high regards, maybe a love-hate relationship? Only to use when convenient, much like how one uses a condom.

    Apart from its utility in showing unsuspected possibilities, philosophy has a value—perhaps its chief value—through the greatness of the objects which it contemplates, and the freedom from narrow and personal aims resulting from this contemplation. The life of the instinctive man is shut up within the circle of his private interests: family and friends may be included, but the outer world is not regarded except as it may help or hinder what comes within the circle of instinctive wishes. In such a life there is something feverish and confined, in comparison with which the philosophic life is calm and free. The private world of instinctive interests is a small one, set in the midst of a great and powerful world which must, sooner or later, lay our private world in ruins. Unless we can so enlarge our interests as to include the whole outer world, we remain like a garrison in a beleagured fortress, knowing that the enemy prevents escape and that ultimate surrender is inevitable. In such a life there is no peace, but a constant strife between the insistence of desire and the powerlessness of will. In one way or another, if our life is to be great and free, we must escape this prison and this strife.
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    I laugh at people who think that Russia can have some influence over the US by favoring one candidate over the other. Puh-leeze, maybe in Ukraine or Belarus, but this is the U.S where we have checks and balances that Trump is finding harder and harder to ram through.
  • Wikileaks' Vault 7 CIA document release
    Freedom ain't free.

    That entails civil liberties as well.

    Hell, you had the director of the FBI coming out today and saying that there's no such thing as absolute privacy in America. I can understand why given how many people hate America for meddling with their affairs, which is something I hope decreases and not increases with these tools the CIA and other agencies use.