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About Member of Mensa, and a lapsed member of The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, which is a club for people in the 99.9th percentile of population by IQ. ISPE removed me from membership and are not letting me back in due to personal misconduct. I swore at officials without cause.
Location Dislocated from Hungary
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Favourite philosophers Socrates, Panatragoras, Argonthagoron, Dmitri Kostas, Aristoteles (Aristotle), Beethoven, Marx, Engels
Favourite quotations "I want to be loved by everyone. Not physically, though." -- Barry Manilow, in the mind of the Monty Python Troupe.
"Philosophy... is a walk on a slippery rock, religion... is a smile on a dog. Philosophy... is a talk on a cereal box, religion... is a light in a fog." -- Edie Brickell, musician, singer and lyricist.

god must be atheist

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